Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Celebrate with Me

Well, it's been another 365 days
and another orbit around the sun.

Look who I was able to celebrate my
birthday with.  Quite the gang.
Each year is a reason to  celebrate

So I'd like to celebrate with you too.
Just leave a comment
sharing your favorite birthday dessert.
Being a summer birthday mine is Fruit Pizza.
Sorry no photo.  It was eaten before I
got the camera!

Next Wednesday, July 3,
Running Man will draw three names
in order.

This year, I'm afraid I won't be able 
to mail to international addresses.
I hope you'll understand.

Take the time to leave a comment,
even if you've never done it before,
make sure if you are a "no reply blogger"
that you include your email,
and maybe you'll be celebrating too.

Thanks, as always, for being such
dear blogging friends.


Wanted to include an update on
my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt top.

There she is, blowing in the wind.
It turned out just like I was hoping.
I've been a sewing maniac.

Until Next Wednesday,

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

No Better Time than the Present

I'm sure each of us have a quilt book
or two that is special for one reason or another.

This is one of mine.
I've enjoyed this book since it was
published in 1991.

That means it's been 28 years
that I've been admiring and wanting to make
the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt that
is on the cover.
It's one of those classic two color 
quilt patterns that speaks to my heart.

In fact, I purchased this fabric almost
that long ago. 

I'ts a Documentaries made by
Benartex, I believe.  I have the same design
in tan.

Why wait any longer.
I decided this was the week to dive in 
and start sewing.

Got out my long loved fabric and 
quickly realized I was two yards short.
How could this be????
I tried to think.


It really is a mystery to me.
My only thought is that over the 
last 20+ years I used 2 yards for something else?
Although, I have no recollection of using
my treasured fabric.

So moving on.
I cut and scrimped
and used every last inch of my original fabric,
adapting the cutting directions in the pattern
for the 5 yards I had rather than the 7 it called for.
Still didn't work.

I lucked out on a trip to the LQS 
and found a navy fabric designed by Betsy Chutchian

Evelyn's Homestead

The color was a good match 
and the design, although different,
seems to have worked very well once it was cut.

I think it will all work out okay.

I've been having a great time
stitching the small parts
together to make bigger parts.
This week should be fun
trying to get the top finished.

I thought I'd also share 3 of the other quilts
I've made from this book.

The first one was another classic
blue and white quilt.

Checkers and Rails

Patterned from an 1870's quilt

Hand quilted

The second one was a
Christmas Irish Chain


Patterned from an 1880's quilt.

machine quilted

#3 was Sawtooth Stars


Patterned after an 1850's sawtooth star quilt

machine quilted

Are there still more ideas and patterns 
in this book?

Of course!
It still is a favorite.
Until Next Time-

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spain and Portugal

Hola, Amigas!

I just got back from an incredible trip

Toledo, Spain
in both southern Portugal and Spain.
If you haven't included this area on
your bucket list,
write it down now!

The places we visited were

Seville Cathedral                       

 beautiful,charming, and  friendly

Ancient Roman Theatre in Medrida, Spain.   15 BC

with layers and layers of history.

We learned about Portugal's 
"Period of Great Discovery",

Monument of the Discoveries, Lisbon

and the Moor's influence in Spain,

The Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

How about standing in the middle of a bullring,

Ronda, Spain    

tasting sherry at the House of Sanderman

Jerez, Spain     

or enjoying a flamenco show

where "someone" was asked to join in.

Stopped by the Royal Palace,
the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family,

Madrid, Spain     
enjoyed sunny days on the Mediterranean, 

Marbella, Spain
and seeing the "Rock".

Gilbraltar, a British Oversees Territory

Did I mention the delicious food?


sweet Pastel de Nata

delicious Jamo'n Ibe'rico

a yummy treat for an afternoon pick me up,
Chocolate and Churros.

I could go on and on, 
but I've made myself hungry.

Needless to say,
Running Man and I had a marvelous tour
through the travel company, Tauck.

Seville, Spain
It was an experience extraordinary!

I hope you have the opportunity 
to discover more of this incredible world soon.

Until Next Time-

PS.  I never had the chance to even pick up the sewing I brought.  Time to get back to 'Normal"!