Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spain and Portugal

Hola, Amigas!

I just got back from an incredible trip

Toledo, Spain
in both southern Portugal and Spain.
If you haven't included this area on
your bucket list,
write it down now!

The places we visited were

Seville Cathedral                       

 beautiful,charming, and  friendly

Ancient Roman Theatre in Medrida, Spain.   15 BC

with layers and layers of history.

We learned about Portugal's 
"Period of Great Discovery",

Monument of the Discoveries, Lisbon

and the Moor's influence in Spain,

The Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

How about standing in the middle of a bullring,

Ronda, Spain    

tasting sherry at the House of Sanderman

Jerez, Spain     

or enjoying a flamenco show

where "someone" was asked to join in.

Stopped by the Royal Palace,
the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family,

Madrid, Spain     
enjoyed sunny days on the Mediterranean, 

Marbella, Spain
and seeing the "Rock".

Gilbraltar, a British Oversees Territory

Did I mention the delicious food?


sweet Pastel de Nata

delicious Jamo'n Ibe'rico

a yummy treat for an afternoon pick me up,
Chocolate and Churros.

I could go on and on, 
but I've made myself hungry.

Needless to say,
Running Man and I had a marvelous tour
through the travel company, Tauck.

Seville, Spain
It was an experience extraordinary!

I hope you have the opportunity 
to discover more of this incredible world soon.

Until Next Time-

PS.  I never had the chance to even pick up the sewing I brought.  Time to get back to 'Normal"!


  1. WOW! What amazing sights you saw, just gorgeous and so historic. Interesting foods too! (I would have doubled up on the chocolate and skipped the octopus, ha ha.) Looks like you had beautiful sunshine as well.

  2. We have all been waiting to see your photos and they are stunning - what a gorgeous area and it looks like you both immersed yourselves very well! Now your Running Man can add Flamenco Dancer to his resume! Not so sure about the octopus but everything else looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing your travels.

  3. What great pictures! Looks like a fabulous trip. I've been tempted to go on one of the Tauck trips.
    I thought they only did rivers??
    you were probably so busy that you just didn't have time to sew... small price to pay!

  4. When I was young, I went in Spain with my parents for the summer holidays ! Close to France, that's a beautiful (but hot !!) country !! :))

  5. Sounds and looks like a wonderful trip! We are tentatively planning on Portugal for next spring.

  6. Oh what wonderful fun! My father's family is from the Azores and I have always had that on my list. I may now have to extend it to Portugal and Spain! Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  7. Oh Kyle! I've been anxious to see pics of your trip and you didn't disappoint - love the Sandeman shot. You are just reconfirming our decision to go. Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing beautiful pictures of places I'd never get to see otherwise. ---"Love"

  9. Your pictures are wonderful! It looks like and sounds like you had an amazing trip. I love those flamenco costumes. I don't think I could eat the octopus but it sure looks cool. Too busy to sew!? You must have been having fun :0)

  10. Wow looks like a fantastic holiday with beautiful weather.

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  12. Kyle me alegra que tu viaje fue fantástico.
    Hiciste un gran y variado recorrido por mi país.
    Tus fotos son muy buenas,
    Portugal y España tienen lugares maravillosos,
    están llenos de historia y grandes restos de las diversas culturas.
    Gracias por compartir tu experiencia

  13. Perdon algo salio mal al publicar

  14. Hola Amiga! What a wonderful trip you have made!
    I lived close to Marbella for a few year's so I can imagine the wonderful views you had and the good food you tasted. So much memories to take home with you.......

  15. What beautiful travel photos. Seems like your trip had everything; food, architecture and history! Love it all. I have only been to Barcelona, but I would love to travel all of spain and now I have to add Portugal.
    Did you go with a tour group or do your own thing?
    MMMmmmm the food looks delicious! Welcome back from what looks like an amazing trip.

  16. Wow, Kyle, looks like you had a wonderful trip! The top you are wearing blends right in! Enjoyed your photos!

  17. How amazingly wonderful . . . I am so happy that you were able to make this joyful trip. You both look like you were having a tremendous time. Thanks for sharing:)

  18. It looks as though you had an amazing trip!

  19. Your trip looks so wonderful and amazing! I'm not surprised that you didn't get a chance to do your stitching--so many adventures and places to explore!

  20. Spectacular views. Had you ever eaten octopus before this trip? I think I could safely pass on trying it.