Wednesday, June 19, 2019

No Better Time than the Present

I'm sure each of us have a quilt book
or two that is special for one reason or another.

This is one of mine.
I've enjoyed this book since it was
published in 1991.

That means it's been 28 years
that I've been admiring and wanting to make
the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt that
is on the cover.
It's one of those classic two color 
quilt patterns that speaks to my heart.

In fact, I purchased this fabric almost
that long ago. 

I'ts a Documentaries made by
Benartex, I believe.  I have the same design
in tan.

Why wait any longer.
I decided this was the week to dive in 
and start sewing.

Got out my long loved fabric and 
quickly realized I was two yards short.
How could this be????
I tried to think.


It really is a mystery to me.
My only thought is that over the 
last 20+ years I used 2 yards for something else?
Although, I have no recollection of using
my treasured fabric.

So moving on.
I cut and scrimped
and used every last inch of my original fabric,
adapting the cutting directions in the pattern
for the 5 yards I had rather than the 7 it called for.
Still didn't work.

I lucked out on a trip to the LQS 
and found a navy fabric designed by Betsy Chutchian

Evelyn's Homestead

The color was a good match 
and the design, although different,
seems to have worked very well once it was cut.

I think it will all work out okay.

I've been having a great time
stitching the small parts
together to make bigger parts.
This week should be fun
trying to get the top finished.

I thought I'd also share 3 of the other quilts
I've made from this book.

The first one was another classic
blue and white quilt.

Checkers and Rails

Patterned from an 1870's quilt

Hand quilted

The second one was a
Christmas Irish Chain


Patterned from an 1880's quilt.

machine quilted

#3 was Sawtooth Stars


Patterned after an 1850's sawtooth star quilt

machine quilted

Are there still more ideas and patterns 
in this book?

Of course!
It still is a favorite.
Until Next Time-


  1. I love that book as well. And, I am sure I had that blue fabric at one time but not enough to have helped you out. I actually like it better with the mix. Now it has a great story to go along with it. Have fun with this one. It is gorgeous.

  2. I have that book too! What a shame about the fabric, but you seem to have found a good alternative. Both those fabrics will give it a totally different look. Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  3. So many treasures in one book! I love those old books, they are still very good to work with.

  4. Great choice of an additional fabric. I've got a scrappy Burgoyne Surrounded in the works. Love all your projects. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. Hugs

  5. That new fabric was sure a lucky find, it works so well with the old. I like your earlier blue-and-white quilt, looking forward to seeing this new one when completed.

  6. Your new fabric works very well with your older, favorite fabric. You made some really beautiful quilts from the book. I'd say you certainly got your money's worth from it alreay.

  7. It is amazing how one book captures your heart and you can make multiple quilts from it. But yet I have others that I love, but not made a single project from and never will! Love blue and white quilts, look forward to seeing this one come together.

  8. Clearly it's a wonderful quilt book! I'm so glad you found such a good match for your long loved fabric. It's going to be a lovely quilt! Are you making it in batches like the the Temecula Christmas Sewalong? Your other quilts from the book are great to see too - especially love the sawtooth stars :0)

  9. You have certainly made good use of that book. I like everything you have made from it, but especially the Checkerboard Rails.
    I used to have some of that fabric, as well, but I don't remember if it was the blue, or another colorway. That was such a lucky find on the Betsy Chutchian fabric being a good color match. When I am looking to match a color from years ago, it seems the shade of the colors have always changed over the years and nothing matches anymore. :)

  10. this looks like a book that I would love. Particularly the one you have just embarked on. The fabric matchup is great. Keep up posted on progress.

  11. Classic book, classic quilts and you have definitely created wonderful results over the last 28 years and now this lovely indigo Burgoyne Surrounded...well done on finding a companion for your Documentaries yardage - they play well together!!

  12. I am sorry sweet friend, but you trying to remember what you used two yards of fabric on over 20 years ago, hit me funny. If it had been a year ago, I would probably not remember, LOL.
    I love all of your quilts; your work is incredible. If I picked a favorite it would be Checkers and Rails. It is gorgeous:)
    Happy Quilting!!!
    Connie :)

  13. Sorry about your fabric loss, but you found a terrific substitute! I would dare to say that if you don't point out the difference, no one else will even notice! All of those other quilts are beautiful! Wish I had that book! ---"Love"

  14. I agree. Great book a must have for any serious quilter. I only made 1 Burgoyne Surrounded many years ago and it was a challenge for me. It is such a classic and blue and white is lovely.
    Happy Stitching and keep us up to date!

  15. Love how you jump right in and Burgoyne Surrounded is going to be fabulous! Great fabric match. I know how you feel having a favorite book and this one has certainly served you well. Such classic quilts to fall in love with and yours are beautiful :)

  16. These old books (that we pour over and always seem to find something new) - are such treasures. I love the classic blue and white. I don't have that book but I believe I'd seen it when visiting my Grandma. Have fun making your Burgoyne - I think it's all the better with the second blue added!

  17. I think we all have a book like this. One that we've spent hours pouring over and dreaming.:) Good for you starting in on one of the quilts that calls out to you!:)

  18. One of my favorites too. Although I never made anything from it, it is one I often have a look at. The old books are wonderful, I often go to my quilt library and grab a few of the very old ones, just to have a look at. I have the Jinny Beyers too from when they were first published and some lovely old English picture books of quilts too. All of my fav quilt books are old ones, but some of the Quiltmania books are favs as well. Enjoy your stitching, the Betsy fabric is great, love the her fabrics.

  19. I wondered when you would start your Burgoyne Surrounded quilt. I'm happy to see you've taken the leap! And your unplanned fabric substitute worked out perfectly. That's one of my favorite quilting books too, although I'm not sure I've made as many quilts from it as you have!

  20. I just put my blue and white quilt on the bed :)

  21. This is one classic book I've not yet had the opportunity to check out. It's obviously a favorite and you've made some delightful quilts from all that inspiration. Your new navy fabric blends so beautifully with the older print, it's barely noticeable. Love when that happens!

  22. What a great book! Your quilts from it are beautiful and I'm sure your Burgoyne Surround will be just as great!

  23. I remember that book and I admired the quilt on the cover many times. I no longer have the book in my stash but will enjoy watching your progress.