Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Celebrate with Me

Well, it's been another 365 days
and another orbit around the sun.

Look who I was able to celebrate my
birthday with.  Quite the gang.
Each year is a reason to  celebrate

So I'd like to celebrate with you too.
Just leave a comment
sharing your favorite birthday dessert.
Being a summer birthday mine is Fruit Pizza.
Sorry no photo.  It was eaten before I
got the camera!

Next Wednesday, July 3,
Running Man will draw three names
in order.

This year, I'm afraid I won't be able 
to mail to international addresses.
I hope you'll understand.

Take the time to leave a comment,
even if you've never done it before,
make sure if you are a "no reply blogger"
that you include your email,
and maybe you'll be celebrating too.

Thanks, as always, for being such
dear blogging friends.


Wanted to include an update on
my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt top.

There she is, blowing in the wind.
It turned out just like I was hoping.
I've been a sewing maniac.

Until Next Wednesday,


  1. Happy Birthday. Its obvious you are loved and an important person to these little people. Thank you for the kind gesture. Raise a glass to another year of quilting, friends and family.


  2. Happy Birthday! Mine was on Saturday the 22nd...we must be birthday buddies! I had a Carvel ice cream cake. My husband says it's my birthday cake of choice, but it's really his...his birthday falls during Lent and he gives up ice cream every year, so I always get one for my birthday! Good thing I like it too and just play along! LOL Your quilt is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Carolyn I tried to email you, but it was returned.

  3. Happy Birthday, my favourite is just about any chocolate cake .It is the best way to celebrate with kids and grandkids mine live in california so if i am lucky enough to win a prize i will send it to them And they will be coming for a visit to celebrate the grands 6th birthday in Aug. enjoy another year(and many more) of quilting and family. hjrogers@sympatico.ca

  4. Happy Birthday!! Love the picture of you and your precious grandchildren!! My favorite birthday dessert is peach pie made from fresh peaches -- perfect for an August birthday! Your quilt turned out so beautiful!! How fun to give gifts for your birthday!! Here's to another year filled with family, health, happiness, and quilts!! Ironlftr10@yahoo.com

  5. Lot's of love on your birthday with those beautiful grandkids. I've never had fruit pizza. It sounds delicious. My birthday is in October. Not sure if this is a dessert, but my Mom would make my favorite Zucchini Bread for my birthday. Hugs

  6. Happy birthday Kyle ! Your family is beautiful !!
    It doesn't matter for the international mail... my favorite dessert is Tiramisù !!
    Your top is gorgeous !

  7. Oh my goodness - such a fun filled post - sending Happy Birthday wishes across the miles...looks like you are holding the best gifts ever too!! When did you come up for air Kyle - the Burgoyne Surrounded looks fabulous and absolutely spot on in your indigo/white combo. Hmmm...my favorite birthday dessert would have to be Tiramisu.

  8. A very Happy Birthday to you Kyle! What gorgeous grandkids and you look so happy. What a wonderful giveaway!
    I'm so happy that you blog regularly and I enjoy each and every post.
    Your BS quilt is absolutely incredible and wow - you must have sewed like a maniac I can't believe it is FINISHED! good on you!!

  9. Happy Birthday to you! Are you sure that you used two different blues in that quilt? It is impossible to tell from this distance. I adore it!! Your grandchildren are absolutely adorable! What a great way to spend your birthday. Thanks for being a great Blogger. And my favorite dessert is pumpkin custard. Even though my birthday is in the summer, my Nana would make me a special pumpkin pie. Love the taste and the memories!

  10. Happy birthday! What a beautiful crew you had to help you celebrate! My favorite birthday treat is homemade angel food cake with white mountain frosting. Yum!
    Love your quilt top!

  11. Wow, you have finished this gorgeous quilt so fast! Your stitching fingers and your machine must both be ready for a rest :) Congratulations on having your sweeties there to help you celebrate another year . . . Happy Birthday.
    These prizes are amazing, as your give-a-ways always are. I think that you should eliminate my name from the drawing, because I was a winner once before. Spread the love to someone else, there are so many lovely blogging sisters that would be thrilled to win, just as I was a couple years ago:) Oh, I make this yellow cake that is three layers, with raspberry filling between the layers and then frosted with 7 minute frosting and then cover in this huge shredded coconut that I find at our local health food stove. I don't make it very often (every few years) but I would have to say that it is my favorite.
    Have a sweet week and have fun with those beautiful children . . . again Happy Birthday!

  12. You must have had a FUN birthday party with those kids in attendance :0) I love your Blue and white Burgoyne Surrounded quilt! It's so wonderful and I hope you are thrilled with it. You are such a speedy stitcher to get it together so fast. Your 2 blues go together amazingly well. My birthday is near Christmas and I love a nice warm blueberry peach cobbler with icecream to celebrate. (I know I'm international but I wanted to comment about your beautiful new top)

  13. First of all Congratulations. The best way to celebrate with hugs from the grandkids.
    I hardly ever eat dessert but I do love ice Cream so that would be my choice.
    Have wonderful year Kyle!

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  15. I smile to see your photo with grandkids Kyle. Happy Birthday.
    With a November birthday, Pumpkin Pie has always been my favorite. My grandmother used to make me my very own pie in a 6" plate.
    Your Burgoyne Surrounded is just right!
    from your old friend, Michelle Bellows

  16. Happy birthday Kyle! Your quilt is just stunning and such a nice navy blue.

  17. Brownies. With frosting.

    Happy birthday, Kyle!

  18. It's been a long time since I had a birthday cake, but something chocolate is always nice! My son's birthday is the day after mine and he doesn't like cake so I usually make Monkey Bread for him. Hope your birthday is fantastic! Thanks.

  19. Kyle feliz cumpleaños, Preciosa foto
    Mi pastel favorito Tarta de manzana, pero puedo tomar de fresa, chocolate, todo lo dulce
    Soy golosa.
    No tienes que preocuparte, Desde España te envío Abrazos

  20. That smiling crowd around you is the perfect way to celebrate another year, happy birthday! Burgoyne Surrounded is looking fabulous. You had me stumped with a favorite birthday dessert, but I guess if I had to choose it would be cheesecake with fresh berries surrounding it. Love cheesecake!

  21. Happiest of birthdays to you friend! You have quite the adorable fan club in the photo. The quilt is beautiful and I know you are thrilled to have it put together. Persistence pays off!

  22. Happy Birthday.....aren't the little ones great!!! they love celebration.
    Wow the quilt is beautiful....love that pattern.

  23. Your blue/white Burgoyne Surrounded is so striking. Makes me want to make one, however I'd be a maniac to think I could right now. But I just loves yours so much!
    Congrats on your birthday--looks like you know how to have a good time. Thanks for inviting us to your giveaway party! Very sweet. :)

  24. Happy Birthday Kyle! I'm international;).... but for me it's all about the chocolate cake. Lovely photo of you with the cutie pies. And... WOW the Burgoyne is stunning!!!! Love it.

  25. Congratulations! And what a beautiful quilt, congratulations on that too, I admire your stamina.
    I am an international follower, but still, always nice to share: I have 2 fav desserts, both French.... one is creme brulee (if by nothing else the creme brulee will tell you the quality of a restaurant) and if it is a very special occasion - and always when it is on the menu - crepes suzette, made at the table of course.

  26. Happy birthday, Kyle! What a lovely little gang to celebrate your birthday with! I have a birthday coming up next week and, given the season, my favourite birthday cake is strawberry shortcake (tho when I was a child all I really wanted was a chocolate layer cake :) ). I'm not eligible for your draw but wanted to send along my best wishes for another great year. And by the way, you must have been sewing like a madwoman to get that Burgoyne Surrounded finished. Seems to me it was just at the fabric selection phase a week ago. Bravo! It is beautiful, and so much like your inspiration piece.

  27. I am so happy for you...Happy happy birthday!! Your Burgoyne surrounded is on my bucket list, in reds...if I can find one that does not run red dye, that is! Your babies are so dear.

  28. Replies
    1. Hi Priscilla I had no way to respond to your comment.

  29. Strawberry Cake from Edgar's Bakery! Hands down!

  30. Happy birthday! For the summer, I like jello cake for cool refreshment, it is a white cake with jello poked in, and is eaten cold. Your quilt is truly striking - definitely one on my to-make list.

  31. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate and your grandkids are the cutest! I can't believe how fast you finished that Burgoyne Surrounded top! It's stunning! Did you ever sleep??? I have to admit I never eat dessert but if I could it would be a hot fudge sundae :)

  32. My favorite summer dessert is rhubarb crisp with fresh rhubarb from my back yard.

  33. Oh my goodness, you've been a sewing fiend! Wow! So much work and it looks beautiful. Love the blue background. I think it was probably tedious to sew up? but you kept after it and now have a wonderful top. Congrats on your blogiversary! Always a wonderful stop here in the quilt blogging world.:)

  34. Happiest of birthdays, Kyle! How wonderful to share your celebration with such a great gang! My favorite birthday dessert is carrot cake (and somehow my mom still makes sure I get some - even if it's not my birthday!) Burgoyne is looking gorgeous - I'm almost tempted to try a two color version myself!

  35. This is a strange request, but I was looking at your beautiful quilts and came across the one from the Higdon Camp 1924 book called "Camp Reveille". I have been trying to find this pattern for a long time now. It's not available anywhere. Anyway, if you still have the book, I would love to pay you for a copy of that particular quilt. If I could purchase it from the authors, I would, but I cannot find it in print anywhere. I just thought I would try here. Thanks for listening to my rant.-Mary Crow. My email address is crowfeet2@hotmail.com

  36. my birthday is late summer, tiny sweet blueberry harvesting season in maine so years ago i gave up cake for mom's homemade blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream....wise and delicious choise! and a blue/white burgoyne surrounded...beautiful! happy birthday!

  37. Your quilts and your family are beautiful. Me? I'm a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting kind of girl. Hope it was great.

  38. Happy Birthday! My favorite dessert is rhubarb pie. Your Burgoyne Surrounded is amazing! I have never seen one with a dark background, but one just went on my bucket list.

  39. Happy birthday, and wishes for many more with your beautiful grands! Mine is just days away, and a gf cherry pie is my pick. The tiny print in your background fabric really makes this quilt pop. Simple and stunning!

  40. Love your burgoyne quilt!! Happy birthday, I am a May girl, and love chocolate cake on my birthday!!(and any day !!)

  41. Happy Birthday Kyle..I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday...with the grans..perfect..
    Best wishes to you today and always..

  42. I found you through Quilty Folk, and had to see the sewing maniac. I can be one, also. Yet, with those adorable grands, you look pretty tame. They are so handsome. Since this is my first visit, I didn't know the history of your Burgoyne Surrounded. It is truly lovely. Blue and White quilts are so appealing. Thank you for the generous giveaway. What a nice gesture. My birthday was last week and I chose a pear upside down chocolate cake from the Rustic Dessert Cookbook. Yum! Happy Birthday to you, Kyle.

  43. I just came over from Quilty Folk because I had to see your Burgoyne Surrounded quilt and it is gorgeous!! I've been wanting to make one for myself and I love blue and white together. Happy Birthday!

  44. We love rhubarb bread and it is hard to find rhubarb since we moved to Florida. Rhubarb needs a hard freeze to really be healthy. We planted some after we moved here but it isn't doing well at all. It grows like a weed if you live in the North. Anyway, it is wonderful for bread and we enjoy every bite!