Monday, July 8, 2019

Just a Quick Check-In

The 4th of July holiday weekend 
is over here in the states.

We had great time 
celebrating with the family.

Hope you did too.

I also wanted to thank everyone
for your birthday wishes and 
for leaving comments for 
my birthday giveaway last week.

Running Man wanted to choose everyone,
but we limited it to 3 and those
blogging friends  have been notified.

Michelle B.
Angie H.
Cathy B.

Thanks again, everyone.
I'm looking forward to a
wonderful year.

My maniac sewing resulted
in my finished top for
my blue and white version
of a Burgoyne Surrounded.

But right after I posted my photo
my eye immediately saw this

I felt bad for a few moments
until I remembered that the original
quilt made in 1880 had an oops too.

Am I going to change it?
Nope, it's going to stay.


We've had some violent thunderstorms
rolling through the last couple of evenings.
The yard and garden got pretty beat up 
with the hail.

I just wanted to show you
a photo of these clouds
I took from the backyard.

Mammatus Clouds 

They can be seen before, after or during
a thunderstorm.
They are pouches 
formed by sinking air.
Cool, huh!


My upcoming week is
going to register high on the fun meter.

Running Man and I are going tent camping
with our daughter and her family. 

Should be fun!
I'm even going to bring along
a little stitching.
It's always good to think positively.

Until Next Time-


  1. Well, your Bourgoyne Surrounded is lovely ..... even with the oopsie. Have fun camping and bring extra padding for sleeping. Your bones will thank you.

  2. I love your quilt. I wouldn't have noticed your oops if you hadn't highlighted it. I love camping but I' not sure how well I'd do tenting it. I don't think I could get off the We have a travel trailer. Thanks again for the your birthday giveaway. Hugs

  3. Would never have been aware - such a tiny little glitch in this wonderful quilt. My tent camping memories go back to Girl Scout days up to 1972 - then into a 14 foot Shasta camper (the kind with the little silver wings on each side of the back) we aged the campers got bigger; now enjoying a 34 foot 5th wheel. Would not do well in a tent anymore but respect that approach - it is true camping!! Have a grand adventure.

  4. I'm sorry about your garden :0( Hail can be so discouraging - I hope your plants recover soon. I went tent camping with my youngest daughter this weekend - I hadn't done that for a long while. Rose Marie has good advice - bring extra padding! I hope you make some wonderful memories together.

  5. Beautiful family and beautiful quilt. Have fun on your camping trip. Oh, I am so sorry for your tomatoes; how disappointing. If you lived closer I would invite you over to pick from my garden, whenever it gets ripe. All weather has been cooler this summer than most years, so the tomatoes are taking their time :)
    Congratulations to your winners!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful, I am glad you left it as quilted. The quilt now has character!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sorry about the oops in your quilt....tho it is less noticeable than the original oops! :-)

  8. Wow I didn't even notice the character in your quilt! It is beautiful! And this way if it gets lost among other quilt twins, you will know which one is yours!

  9. Well, I for one am happy that you're not going to repair a flaw that I never did spot! Your Burgoyne Surrounded top is beautiful just the way it is - perfect! Sorry about your tomatoes, we've had some hard rains but thankfully no hail. This is one strange year for sure. Have fun camping!

  10. What cute cute kids!
    Your BS quilt is just fabulous and I personally love that it isn't PERFECT. We always love the antique quilts with their quirks, but seldom allow them in ours.
    tent camping? Have fun!
    congrats to the Birthday Winners and I'm so happy that you are blogging for us all to enjoy your work and activities.

  11. I love the "oops"! And, I did not spot it in the first photo. What a glorious quilt! have loads of fun camping with those adorable little ones!

  12. Love your quilt just the way it is--absolutely fantastic! I've never seen storm clouds like those before! Sorry about all the damage to your tomato plants. You are going to have so much fun camping!

  13. Your lovely grandkids look like they enjoyed your independence celebration. How fun to go camping with the family, taking something to stitch is positieve thinking indeed. But better safe than sorry! You never know when you will find the time.....
    I like your little 'mistake' in your quilt. Every quilt needs one!

  14. Love the Burgoyne and I think the little blip adds charm. Hidden charm because... who is really going to notice that? Your grandkids are adorable. Hope you have fun tent camping. Love the storm clouds. One of my favorite TED talks is about the Cloud Appreciation Society. It's an actual thing!

  15. What cuties with their flags.
    Oh, I am glad you are leaving the OOPS in the quilt. After all, if the original one had such a thing, why not? It is such a pretty quilt, and we didn't spot it when you shared it the first time.
    Poor tomatoes!
    I am fascinated by those clouds. My Dad was a navigator in WWII and was always pointing out cloud formations and constellations to us--things he knew well.
    What a beautiful family--camping with them sounds like great "fun"! It is funny that we have to specify tent camping now. That used to be all it meant, but now glamping is what some people consider camping, and they haven't a clue what it means to really camp. We will be tent camping with extended family the end of the month for a family reunion--where some family members bring their long trailers and really rough it (not) and the rest of us are in our tents. :)

  16. Oooooh, you are a better person that I - tent camping just can't seem to get very high on my list of things to do. Good for you for being positive! As for that little glitch in your fabulous quilt - apparently the Amish believe that there should be a glitch in every quilt, so maybe you're just Amish... I wouldn't touch it either.

  17. Didn't notice your "oops" in Burgoyne Surrounded, but I know from experience - it's easy to do! I was thinking of you yesterday as I stitched a new BS block...
    Thanks again for the new fabrics. I have them sitting on my ironing board so I can pat them frequently!
    Hope you have (had?) a lovely camping trip!

  18. Can't wait to hear about the camping. I hope it's fun for all! And your quilt doesn't have an oops it has personality! I'm glad you are leaving it as is. It's gorgeous!

  19. I'm so sorry I totally missed your birthday--hope it was great! I guess I've been spending too much time perusing IG and neglected checking out my favorite blogs. Your Borgoyne Surrounded is wonderful. I didn't even notice the second blue fabric until you pointed it out (or the oopsy) but that just makes it more interesting, IMO. I had every intention of making a blue Borgoyne this year too, but it's not looking promising--lol!

  20. Your quilt is beautiful, and, had you not pointed it out, I would never have seen it. I guess it is your humility block. ;)