Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Christmas In July

The other day I was walking
through Hobby Lobby and 
there were the Christmas decorations. 
Thinking of "Christmas in July"
has become a popular summer tradition
or a winter one for those of you below the equator.

Granted I'm not quite ready
to shop or decorate for the holidays,
but I did recently finish 
my quilt, "Christmas or Not",
 which I had started 
in January, 2018.

"Christmas or Not"
68" x 84"

It is hand appliqued 
and hand quilted.

I had paced myself over the year and half,
completing the applique blocks in 9 months,

but the quilting
has been an ongoing project.

The background is filled

with diagonal lines and


The border is double straight lines.

It is a simple applique design
with simple quilting and 
will be the perfect quilt
to enjoy when the Christmas holiday
actually does arrives.

Until Next Time-


  1. Stunning, Kyle. Love a red and green quilt! Even better, it is all by hand. My hat is off to you.

  2. wow. WOW!!! It is terrific...just lovely...perfect! WOW!!

  3. Oh my ..... what a treasure you now have! Beautiful!

  4. This is one of my all time favorites. It's beautiful. Hugs

  5. Oh wow Kyle! This is SO beautiful!! Such pretty applique together with your lovely handquilting makes such a marvellous quilt. I love the snowflakes in the quilting and the borders with red binding. It will be a delight to bring this out for Christmas decorating but such a classic you could use it year round.

  6. Kyle es maravilloso!! me encanta estos colores , en todo el tiempo.

  7. Your applique and quilting is just beautiful, Kyle! It's going to be a family treasure for sure! I hate seeing Christmas items out in the stores so early. I noticed Joann's had started filling a couple aisles last week--way too soon for me!

  8. Beautiful Kyle, and well ahead of the season so that you will be able to bring it out when it suits. We are in the midst of a heat wave so it is hard to imagine Christmas, but it will be here before you know it and you will be enjoying your latest work of art.

  9. A beautiful classic quilt in design and colours, that will be a family treasure for sure.

  10. I admire your beautiful quiltwork!
    Glad it is not Christmas yet, I am not ready for summer to end......🌞

  11. Beautiful finish, Kyle! Perfect border treatment to set off your lovely applique blocks. Love the snowflake quilting, too :)

  12. So crisp and beautiful. I applaud you for your consistent work and "quick" finish. I never finish hand quilting anything in less than a few years, let alone doing applique!!

  13. You are a brave soul to have used solids for the applique. Harder to hide the stitches with those. Very pretty, Kyle.

  14. Christmas in July is a good time to finish a Christmas quilt. It looks lovely and represents the season perfectly.

  15. I love absolutely everything about this quilt! Your hand quilting is perfect and so is the design you chose. This is my favorite style of quilt! Oh you must be so so please and happy with it.
    The red binding is zippy and super fun.
    perfect ending to a perfect quilt.

  16. Wow! So nice to see traditional hand stitching - lovely work! Hope you didn't forget your label! ;-)

  17. That is a gorgeous quilt! I love it, so traditional, so simple yet so elegant. My kind of quilt, although I have jumped on that bandwagon with a few projects and then I find it a fun thing to do, I tire of what I call fabrics-driven quilt designs and also I have never been a huge fan of fussy-cutting, that kind of thing. My heart is still with the old utility quilts and with the simple quilts, so this is right up my street. As are your thoughts about the holidays, I am happy that Christmas in July is not a thing here (hope it stays that way). Your quilting is beautiful.

  18. Absolutely, positively beautiful - I love it! At Christmas or anytime. Just so crisp and beautiful. Hand appliqued and hand quilted makes it an heirloom for sure.

  19. Such a lovely, lovely quilt! Thought I had commented, but of course, I just read your post on Bloglovin' and then forgot to check back in for the comment.:) I admire your dedication to making the repeat blocks. It's terribly hard for me to do, but once in a great while I can find the extra oomph. This is going to be wonderful to pull out at Christmas!

  20. Your handwork is so amazing. This is a beautiful quilt!

  21. What a gorgeous quilt! It has been way too hot and humid here in the east and we could all use a little Christmas! Thanks for cooling us off with your fantastic quilt.