Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hot Diggity Dog

Doesn't it make you happy
when certain opportunities
fall perfectly into place?

You just want to shout

Here's how it happened.
Well, last month was my birthday,
I had recently purchased Australian designer,
 Susan Smith's book,

Quilting Somewhat in The Middle,
and then I discovered
to begin a BOM for Susan's quilt,
the Lewis Coverlet, the quilt
featured on the cover.

I would say it was a 
serendipity moment. 

Hot Diggity Dog!!

It's been a very long time since I
signed up for a BOM through a quilt shop.
It has it's pros and cons.
But the timing seemed right, and I
was eager to play with one of Susan's designs.

I just received month #2 
 and I've been super pleased with
the shops fabric choices.

I know it's hard to please everyone,
but the fabrics are very close the original quilt
and come clearly labeled.

Of course, there is no law
that says if I don't like something that I 
can't change it.
If I miss cut, the quilt is scrappy enough,
I can just add something else.

The center of this medallion style quilt
was the first month's section.

The colors are soft and look
like the quilt has been well loved
for a long time already.
It's part of Susan's cozy style.

This month's section will be a 
time consuming working on the floral
garland that's in the center.
Lots of pieces to applique.

My needle and thread are ready.

Until Next Time-


  1. Just pure loveliness!!! Enjoy...the perfect block of the month!

  2. I am not buying that book, I am not buying that book, I am not buying that book... think I will see if I can get it at Busy Thimble next week! You are such a bad influence - wink! I do love her work and yours will be stunning for sure. I'm looking forward to watching your progress!

  3. How wonderful. I love the fabric choices. Hugs

  4. Wow .... have fun with that BOM! Fabrics are lovely.

  5. Ohhhh I love it - the design and the soft colors too. Very nice beginning.

  6. That is a pretty quilt! I really like the faded-look fabrics. I look forward to seeing your progress on it.

  7. That is going to be a lovely quilt. Your center medallion is beautiful.

  8. Don’t you just love Susan’s approach! I am so smitten with her patterns. Love your center work - sure looks like Homestead picked some lovely fabrics to get you going. They did a nice job with Di’s Mystery quilt project a few years back. Every once in a while, it kind of frees you up to have the choices all ready made and you can concentrate on the actual doing. Susan’s book is on my wish list too. LOL at Wendy’s comment about not buying that book:-) We quilters bend so easily...

  9. Oh wow what a beautiful quilt and such lovely soft colours. I am not sure how I missed coming across this designer and book but I am off to our states guild show today and going to look out for it!

  10. I do hope that you look happier while quilting than that poor lady in the photo, LOL. This quilt reminds me of you . . . you have such a talent for quilts with classic detail.
    You amaze me! Are you tired of hearing that?

  11. Kyle que bonita colcha.
    ¡¡gran comienzo!! tu centro se ve prefecto
    Seguiré atenta los avances

  12. Oh what a beautiful quilt--it's perfect for you! I love the soft color palette and the center section is so pretty!

  13. What a spectacular pattern Kyle - that centre panel is to die for!!! You can tell that it's going to be fun to work on - lucky you.

  14. Be still my heart! This is going to be gorgeous!

  15. Your center looks so pretty! What a beautiful, soft, well-loved looking quilt.
    That last picture is a hoot. :)

  16. What a marvellous birthday present! Your centre is beautiful!! The garland is very pretty and looks fun to stitch - enjoy!

  17. What a great start. It looks lovely. I am so pleased you are enjoying the work from this designer.

  18. I know what you mean with pro's and con's..... I am not a BOM person myself. Mostly because when a BOM is launched in the Netherlands almost the whole quilting nation is starting to make the same quilt.....But sometimes you just can not resist. This one came at the perfect moment and I am sure it will give you much pleasure to make it! The start is promising!

  19. Your quilt is going to be so much fun for you to work on and looks lovely, so far. I've resisted buying Susan's book since I have a few of her previous patterns that I want to get to eventually, but I know I will cave--lol! My Stonefield's quilt was from a HH kit and they did a very good job of putting it all together although I did do a lot of substituting toward the end. Have fun!!

  20. So wonderful to see this beautiful start! I love serendipity when it comes to quilting.:)