Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September Mini quilts

First, of all,  I want to thank everyone
for the encouraging words that many of you shared with me.
No, I'm not hanging up my quilting needles 
and tossing out all of my fabric.

I was feeling "stash obligations" and not feeling 
the love or the creative challenge
that it brought.
It really did me in!

So, since I last wrote,
I have bundled up lots of fabric, 
approx. 150 yards,
and sent it off to a wonderful local charitable group.
I have started some new projects,
and have continued to work on the things
that I love and bring me joy.

My latest X-stitch finish.
"Be Ye Thankful"
a design by Brenda Gervais

I am thankful for everyone's positive thoughts.

The end of September
means it's time to share a monthly mini quilt.

Vintage Baskets #2
24" x 24"

This little quilt began it's life as a full size 
quilt from the 1930's.

When I received it from a friend, 
it was just a top and 
the 10" blocks were well loved and 
very thin and frail. 

I took some of the blocks apart and resized them

which made them very cute.

After sewing the top together I decided
to add embroidered flowers to each basket.

That was the "FUN" part.

When I was given this quilt top,
the original Nile Green binding was included.
It wasn't in the best shape, but I made do.

I "love" how it finished.

Vintage Baskets #2

Time for my barbed-wire fence parade.
There was a very fog morning this week.

A perfectly quiet, uncluttered background for a photo shoot.


If you get the chance, check out Wendy's blog
the Constant Quilter to get the list of other
bloggers working on and sharing their monthly minis.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pigs with Lipstick

 The other day I meet with my Quilty Buddies 

And I made a confession.
I was really feeling like it was time to stop quilting!
I had lost the joy.  
I didn't feel like I had any creativity left.
I thought I was truly done.

They were shocked.
What was going on?

I shared how I had sorted through my stash
 and had lots of fabric I needed to part with.
But I felt guilty because of the money
 I had spent over the years,
 the amount of fabric I had collected....

  To justify these feelings, 
I felt like I needed to sew up some of these piles into quilts.
I had picked a pattern, cut and sewed. 
 I thought my plan would be to create
 something wonderful for someone.  
To pass on many quilts.

But I felt myself losing the excitement
 and joy I usually felt as I work on a project. 
 It was like walking through deep sticky mud.
 I was quickly sinking. 
 Maybe I was done.
  I mean,  really done. 
 That's how I was feeling.

After lots of questions, my one friend said,
Lipstick on a pig, is still a pig.

She went on to say,
if I was using fabric I didn't love anymore,
 why would the quilt I was making 
be something I loved, 
no matter what I did with it.
Was it as simple as that?
I think my friends were right in this case.  
My heart wasn't in it.
It really had made me depressed. 

Since then,
I have stopped that project,
 bundled up all the piles 
and made arrangements for a local sewing group
 to take it and do their good works with it.


Let it go, let it go
Some of my fabric is tired and old.
Try as I will 
There just isn't a thrill.
Can't hold it back anymore
I need to pass it through another door. 
I don't care what others may say
I don't want to sew with it another day.

I have felt guilty long enough. 
It really is still good stuff.
Maybe someone else will find a joy.
So, the fabric is theirs to enjoy.

Let it go, let it go.
The decision has made me feel lighter
Sewing even seems brighter.
It's time to do what I love.
To dispose of, get rid of
The pieces from my overabundant stash.
That made me feel depressed and dashed.

I started a project, I really did try,
But then I started questioning why
I was unhappy and restless
I was not doing my bestess.
As time seems to be growing shorter
It was also time to stop being a hoarder.
I simply will never be able to use it all
But there are others who will be having a ball.
So, Let it go, let it go.

And I have.
Until Next Time