Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September Mini quilts

First, of all,  I want to thank everyone
for the encouraging words that many of you shared with me.
No, I'm not hanging up my quilting needles 
and tossing out all of my fabric.

I was feeling "stash obligations" and not feeling 
the love or the creative challenge
that it brought.
It really did me in!

So, since I last wrote,
I have bundled up lots of fabric, 
approx. 150 yards,
and sent it off to a wonderful local charitable group.
I have started some new projects,
and have continued to work on the things
that I love and bring me joy.

My latest X-stitch finish.
"Be Ye Thankful"
a design by Brenda Gervais

I am thankful for everyone's positive thoughts.

The end of September
means it's time to share a monthly mini quilt.

Vintage Baskets #2
24" x 24"

This little quilt began it's life as a full size 
quilt from the 1930's.

When I received it from a friend, 
it was just a top and 
the 10" blocks were well loved and 
very thin and frail. 

I took some of the blocks apart and resized them

which made them very cute.

After sewing the top together I decided
to add embroidered flowers to each basket.

That was the "FUN" part.

When I was given this quilt top,
the original Nile Green binding was included.
It wasn't in the best shape, but I made do.

I "love" how it finished.

Vintage Baskets #2

Time for my barbed-wire fence parade.
There was a very fog morning this week.

A perfectly quiet, uncluttered background for a photo shoot.


If you get the chance, check out Wendy's blog
the Constant Quilter to get the list of other
bloggers working on and sharing their monthly minis.

Until Next Time-


  1. I'm so happy that you had 'fun' and sorted out what was bothering you. The x-stitch is lovely and your basket quilt is a wonderful addition to your basket quilts.

  2. I'm so happy to see that you have joy in some beautiful work, Kyle. Love your cross stitch and the embroidery on the quilt baskets is so pretty. I love that little quilt. I also love the fog behind the barbed wire fence parade.

  3. Your new mini basket quilt is as adorable as it can be! Love the foggy morning photos too. Soquiet and peaceful. Destashing is something that we all should do every once in awhile, but it sure is hard to start the process so kudos to you! The recipients will be so excited to work with those new to them fabrics.

  4. Another great fence post...sorry for the pun. The flowers you added are perfect and the X-stitch is wonderfully finished. The plaid backing is so sweet. Happy your fabrics have found a new home.

  5. Kyle me alegra ver tu publicación. tu trabajo unto de cruz es tan delicado. Tu mini me encanta, las flores perfecto ¡¡ adoro las cestas !! deliciosa colección. Saludos

  6. I’m glad you have found a joyful way forward! Giving away fabric you’re not inspired by and/or not likely to use is a great idea. I love what you’ve done with your newest basket quilt and, as always, I love the display on the fence 😊!

  7. Another lovely mini! Your embroidered flowers are so pretty and each basket full of something unique! I’m sure the original maker would be delighted with your work. Love the fogginess and your fence photo.

  8. Hi Kyle, I love your Brenda Gervais piece. Beautifully framed too. And the baskets are just lovely! I'm glad you are enjoying slow stitching which I too find soothing.

  9. You are a wise woman, Kyle, to unload the stuff that was robbing you of joy, and moving it to where it would be appreciated.
    Lovely cross-stitch finish, and perfect timing. My timing for such things never seems to match up with the season. :)
    That sweet basket mini just has me smiling from ear to ear. The baskets are so cute, but your added touch of the stitched flowers just elevates it above and beyond the original! So soft and pretty.
    And I agree that the fog has made a soft backdrop for your lovely line of basket quilts. Always fun to see your themed displays!

  10. These are beautiful; embroidered baskets! So wonderful to repurpose and collaborate with another quilter. And they look wonderful on the fence with the their their friends.

  11. such a sweet little basket quilt!~
    I just adore seeing your monthly quilt displays and the misty background is pretty for these pretty quilts. Gosh, basket quilts are so nice. Makes me want to make one.
    Glad you've cleared your way to a more positive feeling about quilting! yay

  12. I just caught up by reading your previous post and wow! I love your cross stitch and the way you have framed it! Your embroidered flowers are sweet as can be and really make the basket quilt so special. And, it is always such a treat to see your minis lined up on the fence.

  13. Wow! 150 yards will be much appreciated by your local charitable group and I bet you feel so much better after finding a new home for it all! Love your little cross stitch piece :) And your basket mini is delightful with all those embroidered flowers! They really made me smile! And of course I love seeing your basket quilts lined up on the fence with the fog in the background. Wonderful post, Kyle!