Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Looking Forward

There's an old saying that if
you fall off a horse

you need to get right back on that horse.

The reason being that if you don't,
it will be very hard to get back on that horse
the longer that you wait.
 I'm guessing that you could apply 
that philosophy to many situations.

I applied it to my quilting life.
After feeling somewhat defeated or
down about my overwhelming stash,
I knew it meant no more whining.
Time to get my favorite fabrics back out,
take the rotary cutter back in my hands,
thread up the machine
and get sewing.

That's exactly what I did.
I did some spot organizing,
looked through some of my favorite books,
and found a center medallion 
that spoke to me
from Susan Smith's book
Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle.

32" x 32"

It took me a week 
from start to finish.
I needed to get back
to feeling the excitement 
and creativity of playing.

I drew on the colors 
from many of Di Ford's fabulous fabrics.

Appliqueing the center
was like enjoying a delicious dessert.

Add a little fussy cutting
and I was definitely feeling rejuvenated.

It really didn't take much
to feel good again.

The inner border was fun with the melon shapes.

And who doesn't love adding circles.
I loved the simple idea of making
the sashing between them piece.
The more fabrics, the better!

And oh,
it gets better.
I bought a new
Laundry Basket fabric for the backing.

I kept the quilting to a minimum,
just because that's what I felt like doing.

Needless to say,
it was a great week of creating, stitching
and rekindling the positive. 

I hope, if you find yourself in a situation
where you've "fallen off your horse",
you can dust yourself off 
and get back in the saddle
and shout, Giddy-up!

Until Next Time-


  1. Hip Hip Hooray! What a celebratory quilt. It is light and happy. The fussy cutting is wonderful and adds a lot little sparkle. Enjoy your new beauty!

  2. Hip Hip Hooray! What a wonderful quilt. It is so happy and celebratory. What a uplifting post today!

  3. Oh, I love the soft muted colors. So reminiscent of a Di Ford quilt. Or Karen Styles. And then there are those borders...yummy! Perfect backing and binding. Can you tell I really love this?

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Beautiful applique and love those circles surrounding the medallion. So glad that you dusted yourself off and had fun!

  5. Hooray! What a happy quilt and it's so you! I love everything about it :) Both the circles with pieced sashing and the appliqued ovals in the border showcase the center block perfectly. Beautiful, Kyle!

  6. Such a happy and pretty quilt! You’ve used your Dutch chintz fabrics so beautifully. I’m so glad you’re feeling creative and happy about quilting again. I love your horse photos too :0)

  7. This creation exudes the joy I feel from this post. Doing what you love because you want to is the best reason of all to make a quilt. Glad you are back on the horse and feeling free in the ride!

  8. So happy you're back! The little quilt is darling and I'm so glad you made something just for you.

  9. I'd say you really did "Giddy Up" and made a beautiful masterpiece, Kyle. So very happy that you got your creative enthusiam back.

  10. Kyle felicidades!!! Este edredón es tan alegre y delicioso, me hace feliz verte tan creativa.

  11. The joy of playing and creating comes through loud and clear on your post - hooray!😊. Excellent fabric choices - I dearly love the yellow and pink you used for the flowers and have been hoarding the pieces of those gorgeous fabrics I have left from an earlier project. Now I want to get them out again…..😊

  12. OH, I just love it! Congratulations for getting back on that bronco!!

  13. This little gem looks like it was totally joyful to create!

  14. So happy to hear that you've found your giddy-up again Kyle - it shows. What a great quilt. And that backing - oh my!

  15. Sounds like you had a brilliant plan!! and it worked so well!!!

  16. Good to see you back on the horse. Your quilt is lovely and a great way to get back to stitching.

  17. Pretty little quilt with the most beautiful fabrics. Glas you climbed back on the horse and made something so pretty!

  18. This is the sweetest quilt Kyle! The applique is so lovely and I just adore the pieced sashing between the circles. Congrats on your rejuvenation project. You couldn't have chosen any better!

  19. Ohhh Kyle, I'm so glad you found your way back on the horse again, your quilt is just darling and the fabrics are so pretty. What a great finish!
    Tazzie xox

  20. I'm glad to hear you got some quilting moxie going! Your project is lovely and I enjoyed discovering all the cool little details like the lozenges and the border dots. Quilts that combine applique and piecing are always favorites for me!

  21. This post is exactly what I needed. I've been off my creative horse too long. In my mind I think about quilting but during the day when I have some time I just dread getting started. How can you dread doing something you love to do, it's a mystery but it happens. Thank you for this encouragement. I think you put a bee in my bonnet and I want to get back on that horse and holler "Wahoo, Giddy Up!
    Thank you :)