Thursday, October 27, 2022

October Mini Quilt Treat

The end of October

When my 3 girls were little they
loved Halloween. 
They would begin thinking about their costumes 
 for the following year on November 1st.
Over the years we had lots of fun 
making and creating their costume ideas.

Nothing ghoulish, just princesses,
pirates, Snow White, Bo Peep, and even Cleopatra.

Unfortunately, here in Colorado,
Trick or Treating usually involves
winter coats and snow boots.
Those lovely costumes 
get covered up and hidden.

My October mini is an embroidery
that, unfortunately,  
got covered up and hidden in my sewing room 
for a couple years.  Sigh....

Halloween Sampler
16" x 19"

The embroidery is designed by
Sandra Workman.
You can find it here.
The pattern includes an
iron on transfer for the stitching,
which made it very easy to get started.

It was stitched with DMC floss
on a striped grey and off white fabric.
I worked with one color at at time
rather than stitching one motif at a time.
It's an efficient way to approach it,
but maybe, not as much fun.

The finished piece worked up perfectly 
as a mini quilt for October. 
The narrow orange border with
the black ric rac sewn on top
gives the appearance of a scalloped edge.

By adding a couple of prairie points
and buttons, it adds some 3-D interest.

Halloween Sampler looks good on the fence.

Happy Halloween 🎃 
from all the Halloween Minis.

Until Next Time-


  1. How delightful and along with the others minis ..... perfect!

  2. Kyle preciosas princesas!! Muy bonito tu mini. Espectacular tu colección Halloween. Saludos

  3. Those girls were adorable! Your embroidery piece is so cute. The ric-rac and prairie points are a nice addition.

  4. soo cute and festive....they are all so halloween-y!

  5. How festive! If I wasn't in the Halloween mood before I am now. Thank you for the eye candy! :)

  6. Super cute alphabet! The rickrack makes a great scalloped border - I love it!

  7. Wow! Love your mini and the display of Halloween quilts is spectacular in that lovely autumn landscape. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. The girls look so sweet in their costumes.
    Your stitched mini is perfect for the season. Glad you uncovered it! And isn't that a great display of Halloween minis, with the pumpkin thrown in for good measure. ;)

  9. What a sweet treat! The finish is perfection and as always, love the lineup on the fence.

  10. Good for you that you found it back and finished it. Very cute fot this Haloween and many more to come. Love the little details like ricrac and buttons.

  11. Hip Hip Hooray for Halloween! I love those sweet costumes. What a lovely group of girls.
    Your mini Halloween Display is fabulous! I especially love that cat with the pumpkin. I don't remember that one. The new embroidery sampler is charming!
    Happy Halloween!

  12. Such a sweet photo of your girls, Kyle! You and I had opposite lives as I was raising 3 boys :) We have that here, too, in Pennsylvania--Halloween is usually cold and rainy so coats cover up the cute costumes. One year we even had a foot of snow! Love your embroidery project and the way you finished it. All of your Halloween minis look great adorning the fence. Happy Halloween!

  13. What a sweet mini! I love the fun additions of the ric-rack and the prairie points. Pure fun!

  14. I share similar happy memories of costume sewing for my two girls. I love this Halloween sampler quilt. Beautiful stitching too.

  15. Oh, what fun! Your girls looked so cute in their costumes.That hidden sampler is perfect for this month's mini. I like your method of using one color at a time rather than working on one motif at a time. Love the prairie points and buttons :) And, of course, your Halloween lineup on the fence is delightful!

  16. What a marvellous mini finish! I love this stitchery, and the added prairie points and ricrac give it even more interest!

  17. Super cute mini this year and an impressive October mini parade!