Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A November Mini Quilt Challenge

A challenge was made
by the Rogue Quilter, Janet.
Take a small baggie of fabric
And make a mini quilt with it.

My baggie from Janet 
was filled with browns and with pinks.
This should be fun
said Kyle with a wink.



A little more fabric can be included
 if you must.
The 4 B's can be added 
Now don't make a fuss.

( Background, Borders, Binding, Backing)

The wheels began turning.
and it didn't take long.
The stars began appearing 
like a heavenly throng.

Hand piecing 8 pointed stars

3 inch finished stars

Using just the small bits
each star was unique.
I like how they looked
Oh, so chic.

Connecting them all 
with a sweet background
Was easy to do
with this fabulous brown.

Next were the borders
that took some planning to attach.
Just so the corners
could be an excellent  match.

With simple machine quilting, 
 binding and an interesting backing
The quilt came together
and wasn't too nerve wracking.

Using Janet's tiny scrap pieces
my mini was now complete.
The challenge was a challenge
but the result were oh, so sweet.

Thank you, Janet for the
challenge you made. 
Check out Wendy's blog post
for a mini parade.

Until Next Time-
Kyle (with a smile)


  1. I know many of you left comments. So ugly spam deleted them all. Sorry 😖 it's been usually bad lately.

  2. Some ugly spam. It's really made me upset😖

  3. Absolute perfection and I get ugly spam a lot too. At one point, I turned off comments.

  4. I just had to go back and look at this adorable quilt again!

  5. Oh oh oh - what serendipity! Brown & pink stars, mitered borders, charming backing - you nailed it! (I get spam with every blog post these days. I changed my settings so all comments must be moderated. I report and delete all the spam posts. It doesn't seem to slow down the spam. Do you think Blogger is just trying to wear us out so we all stop blogging?)

  6. Oh, so sweet! I just love your mini challenge quilt. Janet's baggie of pinks and browns was perfect! I'm so impressed with those hand-pieced 3" stars. The setting fabric is great and so is the border! Just lovely! That's a familiar fabric on the back :)

  7. What a fabulous mini quilt you created, Kyle! And I love your little poem as well :) Great post!

  8. You aced it, but then we knew you would.
    When you set your creative wheels to turning we know magic is about to happen and you never let us down :)

  9. Oh là là... your mini is perfect with these fabrics !!
    Congratulations on this finish Kyle !

  10. The talent you have to make something so pretty from a bag of scraps!

  11. Lovely result from your bag. It does look lovely.

  12. I like pink and brown together and what a great backing choice!

  13. This is the sweetest little quilt! Your border is perfection.:) Hate the spam issue. Mine is a little better after I changed the settings to moderating comments on posts that are older than 14 days. Still doesn't eliminate the newer blog post issues though.

  14. Gorgeous little quilt! Always loved pink and brown together and you did an incredible job mitering the corners on the border!