Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hula Hoops?

 Many of us might remember
this craze.
The hula hoop fad started.

It took some waist and hip action
to get the plastic hoop rotating, but

once you got the momentum going
just a slight movement of the body 
kept the hoop going round and round.

A couple of  months ago this project
came into my sewing room.
The fabrics were in pristine yet fragile condition.
It was just that the sewing was way off
and the pieces would never fit together happily.

It was like stepping into a hula hoop,
gripping the hoop firmly with two hands
and starting it spinning around my body. 
The momentum has gotten faster and faster.

That's what's happened with these
innocent vintage blocks.
I can't seem to stop.
It's pushed it's way to the top of the pile,
and I haven't been able to work on anything else. 
I knew if I put them away in a cupboard,
there they would stay until someone else had
the chance to figure out what to do.

So, I've just gone with the flow.
Taking 60 blocks apart...

laying out the triangles and

getting them all pressed.

With no consistent seam allowances
I knew it would have to be a hand stitching project.
That has required marking the sewing line 
 on each triangle piece.

The real trick comes now

Keep up the momentum and
all the hoops spinning.
I'm ready to start hand piecing.
Until Next Time-


  1. Keep it going, Kyle! Can't wait to see all those little pieces stitched back together. Love it!

  2. Now the fun begins as you see the designs come back together again! They are such gorgeous fabrics. And, yes, I do recall the hula-hoop era.

  3. Oh yes, I remember the hula hoop craze when I was a kid. I remember when I first saw one being used and had to have one. So much fun!

  4. That sounds like an enormous amount of prep work. I am sure the sewing part will be easier and more fun. Especially since you have drawn the stitching lines. Can't wait to see the blocks done.

  5. I remember too, but never could make the hula hoop work right! I don't think I could do what you are doing with those vintage blocks either. Good on you for taking the challenge! I'm sure you will be successful! ---"Love"

  6. Hoola hoops - oh my! My waist was so much tinier back then!! Your dedication to bringing these little triangles back in line is admirable. They will be so much happier in your capable hands and I feel the original quiltmaker gives you her blessing. they still make hoola hoops?

  7. I remember when you started this I thought that you had the patience of a saint. Now comes the fun part after all the tedious work you have put in to it thus far :)

  8. Momentum is right! This is unparalleled commitment. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can "unsew" something of this magnitude. Kudos to you and I know someone is watching from afar with a big smile knowing that this project will finally be finished.

  9. I'm sure you will realize a wonderful job with all these tiny triangles !
    I can't wait to admire your project ! :)

  10. I am so impressed with what you are doing, Kyle! All I can say is you are one patient lady!!!

  11. I'm fascinated by this very special project of yours!
    I think it's amazing and wonderful that you've committed to deconstruct, mark and re-piece these blocks by hand. What a fabulous way to conserve these fragile old blocks.

  12. What a wonderful project! You'll have a lovely time enjoying those pretty fabrics and knowing someone is happy their UFO is on ts way to being something special.
    I knew a girl in school who ran away to the circus and travelled the world as a hula hoop performer.

  13. I admire your patience to unsew all those triangles!! I'm so curious to see what you are going to make with them - I know it will be fabulous :0)

  14. Have fun hula hooping! Those little pieces are lucky to have you as you'll make such nice work of it!

  15. Enjoy, such gorgeous fabrics I am sure the thrill of this quilt will keep the momentum going for many weeks to come!

  16. Have fun! Those fabrics are so wonderful, I'm sure you'll enjoy every stitch! I have a similar project - a Grandmother's FG started by my grandmother; no consistent seam allowance on the hexies. I'm still in the process of putting everything together, and I've been working on it (off and on) for over 10 years!

  17. When mom was alive she would find projects like yours and lovingly give them a new life, and I have no doubt that you will do the same. Your work looks lovely.

  18. Wee!! Who doesn't love a hoola hoop?
    What a wonderful study of fabrics. Looks like 30 and 40s? They have really held their color.
    I'm glad you feel called to make this quilt and make it beautiful.
    Pretty soon you'll have red broken dishes to play with too!

  19. wowzers! I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have the patience to do what you're doing. But it will be SO worth it in the end - you're reassembling it in the same design, right? Can't wait to see your progress! (I have hula hoops at my house for the grandkids to play with - none of them can do it but it sure is fun to watch them try!)_

  20. Can't wait to see it when its all done! I love those fabrics :)

  21. Good for you! A labor of love. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  22. You are going to have an amazing top once you get everything back together! I have some vintage Dresden plates that were gifted to me, and I really should do the same thing. I'm not sure I have the stamina though--kind of like the hula hoop that I could never keep up more than 15 seconds--lol!

  23. Pretty pieces♥ Happy Tuesday ♥