Thursday, October 13, 2016


This week has been all about opposites.

 These guys really are the opposites.
Don't you think?

I've worked on two projects this week.
One was "putting together"
and one was "taking apart".

Earlier this year,
began a series of little fusible wool baskets,
which were super cute.
 This week I finally got all the stitching done,
 and began putting them together,

into a table runner.

I used a Robert Kaufman
yarn dyed cotton called Manchester
as the sashing.
It worked perfectly with the Kaufman
Essex I had used for the background of the baskets.

 I know the runner looks a little weird like this,
but I wanted all the baskets facing in.
It does look good on the table.

And it is all "put together".

Then I was also doing the opposite 
on my second project,
which is a big job of "take apart".

A couple of months ago I was given
60 antique 30's blocks
put together like this.

Now I've begun the labor intensive
job of taking them all apart so

 they'll eventually fit together.

The challenge has come from the fact
the original sewer
set her machine for about 16 - 20 stitches per inch
and when the needle came to multiple seams,
it stayed put, but kept on sewing.  

Here's what the back looks like on most blocks.
So I've been slowing taking everything apart,

pressing and remarking the seams for
hand piecing.

I had to make the blocks a bit smaller 
because the sewing machine needle
 caused the fabric to be perforated and fragile.
This original block actually came together 
surprising well.  It just isn't the same size as 
my do over blocks.

I'm hoping soon, I'll be at the fun part of
"putting together" rather than the
"taking apart".

Until Next Time-


  1. First of all, I love the table runner. So sweet. And secondly, This is an amazing undertaking. Most people would have abandoned the blocks (as the original make did) or used them to make teddy bears. I aplaud you for taking the time to bring this quilt to life. I think the original quilter is cheering you on! Kudos!

  2. Your baskets are so sweet. Beautiful table runner! I saved the patterns, but that is as far as I have gone with them. : )
    What a monumental task to take this apart and reassemble. I might have taken the four quadrants apart and attached corner pieces and reassembled, but I am sure I would not have been as meticulous and patient as you are being on this project. Kudos to you, Kyle. This will be a treasure!

  3. Those wool baskets are adorable. As to the second project I think you must have the patience of a saint :)

  4. Those wool baskets are adorable. As to the second project I think you must have the patience of a saint :)

  5. Your baskets are so sweet and I bet the runner looks wonderful on your table. Good for you for salvaging all those blocks! They will be better than new when you are finished with them :)

  6. The baskets look very cute! I love the fabrics and the block pattern of your second project but - Wow - I would not have the patience to take that all apart. It will be fantastic though :0)

  7. So nice to see your little wool basket blocks, because they are so different from mine in colour! I love how yours are light and bright! And such a good idea to make them into a table runner, thanks for sharing. The ocean wave blocks project is looking good. Lots of work, but such amazing fabrics, so worthwhile preserving.

  8. My goodness, that one man is tall!

  9. You have the patience of a saint taking apart all those blocks. But what a gorgeous vintage quilt top you will eventually have for your efforts! Your little wool baskets are so sweet, what a lovely runner they made.

  10. wowser! what a labor of love to resew that 30s ocean wave quilt! the fabrics are so fun to study.
    The wooly baskets of flowers are very very sweet.
    Loved the opening photo!
    happy friday

  11. What wonderful vintage fabrics! Definitely a labor of love to re-piece them, but you will love petting all the fabrics as you go!

  12. Wow! That certainly is a challenge, but looks like it will be worth it. Fabulous fabrics. Table runner is looking good.

  13. Great job your 'do over' block! A lot of work but it is worth it!
    I love your table runner! such beautiful blocks!

  14. I would never have the patience to do that. Ugh!! When I would get a necklace tangled, I'd fuss with it for a bit but then DH would calmly sit until we had it all untangled. One of the many MANY reasons I miss him. Love your little table runner..cute!

  15. BOTH are wonderful projects...
    Your wool Baskets table runner is very sweet.
    I'm fascinated with your 1930's era Re-do project!
    Are you hand piecing the new version? It's wonderful.

  16. You’ve given yourself a real challenge with this one.
    I really like the basket table runner, very sweet.