Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Remembering a Friendship

 Another month,
another mini!!!

This little quilt actually began
back in the 1900's.

32" x 32"

My dear friend, Norma, gifted me 4 antique star blocks
many years ago.
This April Norma passed away.  
She was 85 years young.

What better thing to do than to take
those blocks and put them together into a 
special quilt to remember our 
special friendship,
connecting us both with the original quilter
from long ago.

Just one problem.
Do you see what I mean?
Not with our friendship, of course!
Those 8 points can be a 
challenge no matter what century
they are sewn.

I deconstructed the blocks,
redrafted and marked the pieces,

and being careful with the seam allowances,
sewed the blocks back together.


Norma had also given me a piece of fabric
that was so similar to the indigo and flower print 
that I had to use it for the setting.

It was uncanny how similar the fabrics were.

Norma and I had been friends for 30+ years
celebrating quilting and life.

She was a sharing and caring person
and will be missed each time 
the "Quilty Buddies" get together.

I hand quilted hearts in the open areas and 
in the borders and, of course, 
needed to add a red backing. 

Many times we take our friendships
for granted and assume we will be together
forever.  This past year has been a reality
check. Always cherish your friends
and family and the time we're together.

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Until Next Time-



  1. You did a remarkable job reconstructing those stars, and the result is beautiful. Are there any scraps left from the large indigo piece? You may have a doll quilt in your future ... 🤔😊 You are so right about appreciating our relationships. A thought provoking post.

  2. A beautiful post of quilting and friendship, and honoring both. I am really impressed with your deconstruct/reconstruct! And the setting fabric is amazingly similar!
    Love that red backing and your hand quilting is the perfect finish to this little tribute quilt.
    A very tender post, and it makes me wish I had been a bit more curious with my neighbor and friend who passed away last Fall. Her kids had gathered for two weeks while they expected her passing "any day". One daughter had a couple of partially completed quilt tops of her Mom's that she was working on completing. I wish I had been nosy enough to ask if there were any orphan blocks they may have been willing to let go, and I could have followed your example here. I would have loved a "quilty" memento of this dear lady. Thank you for sharing this story, Kyle!

  3. Kyle maravillosa historia de amistad.
    preciosas estrellas que te harán recordar a tu amiga siempre

  4. what a sweet tribute to your friendship. Textiles seem to create and instill so many memories for us. She would be pleased. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. What a sweet and touching story and tribute to your friend. Those blocks are great and you really did an amazing job deconstructing and then rebuilding them. I love that blue fabric!
    The whole mini is a very special project which should be hung some place you can see it regularly!

  6. This quilt is perfect! This is the reason that every star that I have made, I used the paper piecing method. It is more forgiving :)

  7. This is the perfect memory quilt to honor your wonderful friend. You have done wonders reconstructing these blocks.

  8. Lovely quilt and lovely story!! You did a beautiful job putting the quilt together and it is always so nice when there are meaningful memories connected to something one makes or possesses. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

  9. How sweet, truly!! What a dear friend you are...thank you so very much for doing that, and what a lovely quilt you ended up with!

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your friend! And I'm always inspired by your patience to re-stitch antique blocks!

  11. A lovely tribute to your friend!

  12. Beautiful redo of those blocks and a lovely quilt! You know your friend is pleased with how your quilt turned out and is smiling down! A sweet way to remember her.

  13. What a special tribute to a friend. I believe we would all like to be remembered in stitches. I am sure she is smiling down on this beautiful little quilt. Thanks so much for sharing the mini and the sweet story.

  14. I’m sorry you lost your friend! 30 years of friendship is very rich. What a wonderful way to remember your friendship. Your stars are lovely - rescued from wonkiness :0) They make a very special mini!

  15. Such a lovely post with a good reminder. I love how you finished the quilt, now it is very special!

  16. Wow, you really went the extra mile, deconstructing and reconstructing the blocks. What a beautiful result. Thirty years makes a deep friendship. What a wonderful tribute to your special friend.

  17. What a wonderful memory. Well done with being able to reconstruct the blocks and make them useful. Lovely blue.

  18. What a lovely tribute to your quilt friend. I'm sorry for you loss of her friendship.
    This is such a wonderfully traditional star quilt. Love that red backing :)

  19. It is so wonderful how our needlework intertwines the lives of so many--even after they have passed. I love this special quilt that you and Norma made, Kyle. Simply lovely :)

  20. What a wonderful quilt to remember your special friend, Kyle. I admire your tenacity to deconstruct the blocks, redraft and sew them back together. Love the red backing!

  21. You are so right, we have to cherish our friendship every time we meet. What a beautiful rememberance quilt you have made with your friend Norma in mind. You did a great job with the blocks!

  22. Wonderful to have a little quilt to remember to your quilting friend.:)

  23. Your post and your quilt bring a tear to my eye. Both combine to make a lovely tribute indeed. Thank you for sharing this.