Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Little Road Trip for a Photo Shoot

 Running Man and I hit the road
last week to visit our favorite get away place.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

There's no perfect way to describe Santa Fe.

History, culture, art, 

all packed with flavor

A walk up Canyon Road combines
art, adobe architecture and creativity. 

Take a scenic drive on the Turquoise Trail linking
Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  Stop and do a little shopping
at the Henderson Trading Post 

 Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary

I brought along my Star Upon Star quilt
hoping to find a few fun places to do a photo shoot.

I received a lot of compliments
from people walking by as I attempted
to take a few pic. 
That made me smile.
Everyone is an artist in Santa Fe!

I hope as the summer months
roll along, you get to
 reconnect with the joy and healing vibes 
of exploring new and favorite places.

Safe travels.
Until Next Time-


  1. Great backdrop for your beautiful quilt. Santa Fe looks magical.

  2. I've been to Santa Fe many, many times mostly because as we were building a home in Pagosa, we had to go right thru it to get there. I always wanted to stop and have lunch, mess around a little. Last trip thru was in Nov. on the way to Death Valley. Nice little prezzie--Happy Anniversary!! And you found some beautiful photo ops!

  3. I loved seeing your pictures of Santa Fe; your gorgeous quilt looks perfect in this setting and I'm not surprised you got lots of compliments from passers by! I've had the good fortune to visit Santa Fe twice and hope to get back again some day!!

  4. I love this. The native American woman sculpture is so satisfying, just beautiful. The plate of food is art too, the colors, textures, and presentation. My husband is from New Mexico but his part of the state is not as scenic as this. The bracelet is so lovely. I'm glad you were able to go.

  5. We love Santa Fe, too!! Perfect place to photograph your masterpiece quilt...I love that one!

  6. We love Santa Fe, too!! Perfect place to photograph your masterpiece quilt...I love that one!

  7. Your star quilt looks perfectly at home in Santa Fe. That is one beautiful city I've always wanted to visit. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Kyle que hermoso reportaje, Tu colcha luce espectacular, No me extraña que todos miren y admiren tu trabajo.

  9. What a wonderful trip! And the perfect spot for your quilt color wise. I love Santa Fe, looking at the pictures make me want to go back.

  10. Ohhh thank you for the pictures Kyle !
    What a beautiful place with lot of history !
    Your quilt is awesome ! You chose the perfect place to take pictures of it !

  11. Beautiful - thanks for sharing your adventure! Denver Son keeps telling us we "need" to visit Santa Fe - I don't disagree, but the pandemic got in the way. I'm hopeful travel will seem natural again soon!

  12. Great quilt photo shoot. Wow what great locations for your stunning quilt! I hope to visit Sante Fe one day.
    Your new bracelet is gorgeous and Happy Anniversary.
    Thanks for sharing your recent holiday.

  13. I've always wanted to go to Santa Fe. I love the photos. Beautiful bracelet. I love your quilt. It is stunning. It is so beautiful. Hugs

  14. Happy Anniversary. What a great place to photograph such a great quilt!

  15. Happy Happy Anniversary!! Looks like a lovely trip and your quilt is gorgeous.

  16. First of all, Happy Anniversary! I am so blown away by your Star Upon Star quilt! It would gorgeous anywhere, but these surroundings really do make it shine brighter. Simply delicious! So happy that you were able to get away and enjoy your anniversary.

  17. Your star quilt is indeed beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy the photo shoot in Santa Fe, and to celebrate you anniversary there. I used to love going to Santa Fe every summer. Wish I could go again, but that won't be happening I'm sure. I'll just enjoy your pictures! ---"Love"

  18. Your quilt is amazing!! Great photo ops 😀 I love your new bracelet and congratulations on 48!! How did the quilting go? It bet it’s heavy with seam allowance. It will be lovely to display in your home!

  19. OMG ... your quilt looks amazing in those photos. A great place to look for just that perfect spot! Happy Anniversary!

  20. Wow, what a beautiful post! I've never been to Santa Fe. It looks amazing and what beautiful backdrops you found, for your knockout of a quilt. I love your bracelet - it is bold and beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  21. What a wonderful place for a photo shoot! The quilt looks fabulous in that location. Loving the 48th wedding anniversary gift.

  22. That is a gorgeous quilt and that is a perfect location for a photo shoot for it. It looks like it just belongs there. I haven't been to New Mexico either; the closest I got to that kind of weather is Arizona and Texas. Happy Anniversary!

  23. Lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations. And a fun way to have a photo shoot for your quilt as well.
    Love seeing all the different places I can visit one day!

  24. You are so right about Santa Fe and all it has to enjoy. Although I liked it a little better 30 years ago when the downtown area was a little funkier and not quite as upscale … no doubt the “old hippy” in me speaking here ;-) What a brilliant idea to photograph your (spectacular!) quilt there! Happy anniversary Kyle. Your bracelet is lovely …

  25. Oh wow, you did get some wonderful pics of your quilt! Love, love, love the quilt, but the setting definitely makes it feel more special sometimes I'm sure! So glad you got to get out and take a little vacay!:)

  26. Happy 48th Anniversary! Love that bracelet! You chose a great place to celebrate not to mention the great photo shoot of your fabulous quilt. It fits in perfectly. I noticed the binding and was wondering if you had quilted it already? So glad you got a way for a bit :)

  27. Oh. My. WOWIE! Stars Upon Stars is gorgeous to begin with.... but, add those surroundings and the pics are absolutely breath taking! Perfection!

  28. Oh, your quilt looks fabulous in that Santa Fe setting, Kyle! Of course, it would look fabulous anywhere :) I have only been to Santa Fe once and that was over 25 years ago--really need to head back now that travel is opening up.

    Happy 48th anniversary to you and your husband--our 44th is coming up in July. Can hardly believe how fast these years have flown by. Wishing you many more happy years together!

  29. Hi there,
    I just found you searching for some pictures of the Stars-A-Day quilt.
    What a beautiful quilt you have made and such a great setting!
    Looking forward reading more about you!
    Kind greetings from Belgium,