Thursday, January 14, 2021

Motivation Fluctuation

 January is a very long month.
I know, it doesn't have any more days than usual, 
but maybe,
 because it is colder and darker
than other months here in Colorado,
or it follows the wonderful joyful month of December
it just seems, for me, to go on and on.

Sometimes I feel like this,
on the go,
 ready to do anything


 other times, I'm like this. 

My motivation can evaporate
from day to day or even
moment to moment.
Coming up with a routine can be helpful, but
when I hit a time when I'm not motivated
it can take a lot of willpower 

to get back on track.

So, what have I been doing?
In order to get some sewing and quilting 
done, I've been working on projects in very 
small bites, 
choosing to work on only things
 that bring me happiness, 
no lists, 
no pressure,
no agenda.  

I recently bought a fun pattern from 
Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

I needed something that I could
work on in brief periods of time,

use some leftover 2.5" strips,

and would make a fun donation quilt.

has recently been using a lot of stash
making donation quilts.
Her motivation sparked a bit of motivation in me,
on just doing some light sewing, working on
projects that might bring pleasure to someone else.

It got me thinking about all that
fabric I've collected 
that is just waiting for something to happen.

So, I'm  S L OW L Y  working on the pattern 

taking my time,

sometimes circling right or 
sometimes circling left

moving in whatever 
direction brings me the greatest joy.
Have you ever experienced this fluctuation?
Any tips?

Until Next Time-


  1. I'm going through the same thing. I found a quick and easy Jelly roll quilt pattern and am hoping to make some charity quilts. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs

  2. I've never figured out why January seems soooo long to me but it does. I am working from a list, it is the only thing keeping me focused and somewhat productive - in a creative sort of way. It also helps with the many distractions that are surrounding me during this time.

  3. That will be a fun project and make a wonderful donation quilt. I have so many works in progress that I feel like I should finish before starting anything new. At the same time, I feel pretty guilty that I have more that a lifetime's stash of fabric and should be making quilts to donate and no energy to do either! Looking forward to seeing the Wish quilt!

  4. I think we're all going through the blahs of this bleak midwinter, SAD, and the neverending media blather that is so soul crushing. That new pattern looks like fun and something that anyone young or young at heart would love.

  5. Winter in 2020-2021 is challenging! Then there is what is happening in our country! Hard not to let it get us down. Focusing on charitable acts; cheerful, bright quilts and doing what makes us happy helps, even if that means buying new fabrics for a new quilt. Sadly, I have sewn myself into back spasms. So I will buck it up and plow forward. What else can we do.

  6. I have several January birthdays to prepare for - it always goes too fast! Wish looks like a great quilt to make for donation. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  7. I think January is "big event letdown" - just sort of blah after Christmas, and winter is only just beginning (depending on where you live). Add to that, the stress of current events. I think your idea of light, fun, easy quilting is good and that's a very cheerful pattern! I'm working on a fun easy quilt right now and 2 BOMs. Everything else is on hold, or in the dreaming stage right now.

  8. January is usually my annual quilt retreat--and the timing couldn't be better. But it isn't happening this year. :(
    I've missed Gayle since she quit blogging--we have met up several times in the past, had swapped mini quilts a couple of times, and I stayed at her home once. But I am not on Instagram, so I don't see what she is up to anymore.
    I have told myself I need to squeeze in a donation quilt or two this year. Maybe you will inspire me. It is an ongoing circle of inspiration, isn't it? :) Wish is a very fun pattern!

  9. I recognize your feelings having similar feelings. Overall a bit listless, maybe because of the ongoing lockdown. The pattern you bought looks great, hope you'll enjoy making it. Warm greetings

  10. No tips! It will pass, loved your bike photo's! Especially the wheely one. Do take care, spring is upon us!

  11. I definitely understand the ups and downs of your motivation! I just try to take each day as it comes and not berate myself if motivation flags.

  12. I always look forward to January for the very reasons you mentioned. The holidays are over and all the business of the celebrations. I reserve January for some "big" project I've been wanting to do. I can lots of time and energy into something that is hard or takes a long time because I won't have as many interruptions. This month I am appliqueing a Christmas quilt and hand quilting a large pieced quilt. The month is half over and I am more than halfway with the Christmas quilt and I am plodding along with the hand quilting - I've done 3 of 27 rows - it's going to be a while. Yeah, this one is probably not going to be finished till April but I had the whole month of January to make a deep dent. I hope you can find something that will bring you some cheerful stitching.

  13. Definite fluctuations happening here. For me January flies by as it’s Summer here and the working year for me will start in February, speeding around all too quickly and with the “fluctuations” not getting nearly as much done as I’d hoped! Hang in there and just take a day at a time. Don’t push it!

  14. No tips, just go with the flow. With lockdown january even seems to n
    Be longer as usual. You described the january blues feeling well, hang in there.......

  15. Sounds pretty normal to me. We all have ups and downs. And throw a crazy year into the middle of it all and anything is possible.
    I think sometimes we need a break from being creative and productive. And rest is good and helps to refresh and then we are ready to jump back in.
    Just keep finding all your fun photos to keep us entertained!

  16. I also go with the "do what makes you Happy" If we are lucky enough to be able to follow our bliss.
    Learning or trying something new is what I like to try or digging into a really big hard and long term project.
    January is LONG isn't it?

  17. I'm with Barb, "do what makes you happy"!. My quilting mojo sometimes hits a wall and I have to restart my engines. Looks like you are off to a good start with this special little quilt. And, I for one think January does sneak in an extra day when we are not looking!