Thursday, February 4, 2021

Coming Up With Ideas-Spin the Wheel

 Spin the wheel and 
wait to see where it lands.

That's what I did to begin my
next set of children's donation quilts.

I started with a group of Sandy Gervais Moda fabrics that I've 
 had for 20+ years.

I've used these same fabrics at least
4 times for four different quilts and there is 
still fabric leftover.
Some fabrics just seem to never go away.

I needed to find a pattern that
would fit my donation criteria, easy
yet pretty. 

I spun the wheel and a stack of Missouri Star
Block Magazines came up.  

Another spin and the pattern
the Disappearing Four Patch was the winner.

I started with 5 inch squares
that were sewn into 4 patch blocks

I considered stopping at this point and
simply sewing these blocks together, but
decided the quilt needed to be a bit more interesting.

Next step:

and then:

You can find directions for sewing this on 
the internet in lots of different places.

Resewing the pieces together

The blocks turned out cute.
 In fact, sew 35 blocks together
and you get a very cute quilt.

Disappearing Nine Patch

I decided to make two of these quilts
at the same time so, I made a total of  70 blocks.
Maybe now this fabric will finally disappear!

Some extra thoughts.

I'm not going to add a border to this design so that
I can keep the quilt width under the width of fabric.
That saves having to piece the backing or
having to have a lot of yardage.

Does this quilt need a border?  Maybe, but
it will be fine without it in this case.

I'm trying to keep these donation quilts
under 45" x 54".  The reason being, a 
queen size batt could be divided into 4 sections
that would work for 4 quilts.  The cost
 can really add up.

I'm trying to use up some brands of
thread that aren't my favorite anymore.  I'm not 
using old wooden spool vintage thread,
but thread that might be related to
the twin sisters, Polly and Esther. 
I'm really not a thread snob.

Next I'll be finding backings and getting
the quilts basted ready to machine quilt.
Because I am the quilter, the designs
will be simple.

Hope you've had a good week.
I finally got called up for the Covid vaccine.
Heading in today.

Until Next Time-


  1. I'd say the wheel spun up a great project with lovely results! I think you can skip the border - some quilt patterns look great without it. I like your thrifty plans for using things up, especially the math on splitting up a queen size batt! Yay for vaccines!

  2. Great choice Kyle - it worked up beautifully and I don't think that it needs a border either. Looks like you have done the math to make the most of your supplies, and that makes perfect sense to me. I made a Disappearing Four Patch a few years ago and loved seeing it come together - sounds like you did too. Hope that's the end of the fabrics :D. And, kudos on getting your vaccine! Things are looking up!!

  3. I love your reasoning, all make perfect sense! The quilts will be the perfect size and really don't need a border. Nice job on using up that ancient fabric.

  4. This turned out so fresh and pretty! Lovely job.
    Good thoughts on your reasons behind the decisions you made for the donation quilts. Thanks for sharing them.
    Glad to hear you get your vaccine today.

  5. Lovely donation quilt. Still waiting here as to when we will get the vacine. Hugs

  6. Kyle bonita colcha, gran idea para utilizar tus telas escondidas.
    Deseo que todo este bien con tu vacuna
    Seguimos esperando nuestro turno.

  7. It turned out to be such a sweet quilt. I'm not a thread snob either.

  8. Darling quilt!! And lucky you...I get mine the 16th of this month unless my PCP calls me before then.

  9. Great that you are getting the vaccine! And such a relief. Impossible to get an appointment for it in NJ but I am hopeful that situation will improve in a month or so. Disappearing 9-patch is great for a baby quilt and I admire your effort to turn your stash fabrics into something others can use.

  10. Looks like you had fun spinning that wheel and look what you got done as a result! Bravo.

  11. What a sweet looking quilt! I remember those fabrics, might even have one or two still hiding out in my stash!:)

  12. Great job - someone will love this quilt. My guild provides batting and even fabric if we want it for donation quilts so it’s nice that cost isn’t an issue. Kudos for getting your vaccine!!!

  13. I like the way your mind works! A plan I need to share with our ministry workers. Your projects are always so inspired!

  14. I think this quilt (pair of quilts) is sweet as can be and wow the disappearing four patch is genius. I think your plan to divide up a queen batt is SO smart. Using your resources well and not ending up with even MORE leftover batting or fabric in the end. Ha ha about polyester thread. In Japan, they don't use cotton thread for piecing or quilting. It's really hard to find 100% cotton thread here, who knows why? That's wonderful that you are getting the vaccine!

  15. Your choice was so perfect! I love your quilt!!!! And those fabrics...just my thing!

  16. What a sensational quilt! I've heard about the disappearing 4-patch but have never seen it in action. Superb! I am in total agreement that I like to keep the charity quilts (and many others - wink) at 42" or les, width just to save on backing piecing. Not sure why we can spend all that time on the front and go "argh" when it comes time to piece a backing! Keep up the good work, these will be such a wonderful gift!

  17. Oh, and congratulations on getting in line for the vaccine! I won't be in the queue until June, but I am looking forward to it and staring as safe as I can. Take care!

  18. You chose a great pattern for that fabric. It is so pretty!

  19. Love that you found such a great pattern for those fabrics and that you can make not only one but two quilts! Keeping them to smaller sizes makes so much sense when it comes to backing--and batting. So glad you are getting the vaccine! We're scheduled for March 2nd :)

  20. This is lovely. The fabrics are so soft and pretty looking. Someone will be thrilled to receive such a wonderful quilt. Glad you got your shot :0)

  21. Great pattern selection for using these fabrics. Your quilt top looks great.
    Yes, some fabrics never seem to run out.
    I agree about keeping to certain sizes due to the batting. It can become costly otherwise.

  22. The Disappearing 9-Patch looks more detailed when finished than it really is. I’ve made one and after months of debating on a border, the conclusion was that it didn’t need one. Lol! Lucky are the gifted recipients of your pretty baby quilts.

  23. Glad you had your vaccination! The first step to being safe. Love the quilt you made, I recognize some of the fabrics. Old but still cute!

  24. That pattern is so cute in those fabrics. Great donation quilts and I appreciate the explanation on how you make the most of the materials.

  25. congratulations on getting your vaccine! yay Your life can start returning to normal.

    What soft lovely quilt. Thank you for breaking down this block I am always confused by its name.
    What a pretty pallett those fabrics are so happy together.
    What a nice charity quilt that will be well loved.

  26. What a great quilt! That’s going to make someone very happy. Glad you’ve had your vaccination.