Friday, February 12, 2021

Bag It!

 I changed gears a bit this week.  
You might remember that I have been
doing a little bit of cross stitching.

By following along on several flosstubes
found on YouTube you begin to realize how
obsessed X-stitchers are with their project bags.
One bag for each current project, a bag for
each WIP, seasonal bags, cute bags, small bags
and big bags.

So not wanting to feel left behind out, I have 
spent the week making
vinyl project bags.

13" wide x 11" high

I found an excellent tutorial on

Her directions are easy to follow,
the zipper is quick and painless,
the backing becomes the front binding,
and they are super fun to make.

I like to order my zippers from Zip It 
which you can find on Etsy.  It's a time saver and
an affordable way to get a great assortment of colors
and sizes.

I did change the size of the bag from
Jenn's directions.  I made it an inch wider 
(you would have to change the measurements
of some of the other fabric pieces).
Let me know if you're interested.
I also used a 16" zipper.

Fabric, inside and outsider pieces, vinyl, fusible interfacing, zipper

These vinyl front project bags are additive like M&M's.
I have made about 20!
You'll find these perfect for any stitching project,
not limited to x-stitching.

Here's something else I did. 

 I had a vintage tea towel.
Cute, huh!

So I'd like to share my current obsession with 
3 of you.  Just leave a comment on this post
and you're email if you are a no reply blogger.
I'm sorry to all my friends outside of the US, but due
to current mailing hassles, I have to make this for
the US only, but now that you have a 
tutorial, you all can make lots of these.

Springtime print (Di Ford fabric), Patriotic, Subtle Halloween
I'll randomly pick, 1, 2, and 3

 Drawing closes February 18th.

Thanks as always for stopping by and taking the time
to comment on my posts.  It's nice knowing
there are is a community of stitchers who 
encourage and inspire each other.

Until Next Time-


  1. Great bags. I've ordered zippers from them and love the sizes and colors. Hugs

  2. Really cute bags, especially the tea towel one! Inspiration is a wonderful thing!

  3. I have been obsessed with these too! I even made some for Christmas presents. I have to get back to my cross stitch...

  4. Kyle bonitas y practicas bolsas, también tuve un tiempo de bolsas y cuencos.

  5. OH! the other way! That's always my first thought. Those are really cute but my cross-stitching is never organized. HA!! many cross-stitch projects do you have? LOL

    1. Not many, but you never know! My sister is a fabulous x-stitcher. I think she may need a few!

  6. 20? Wow! What great project bags. Everything at your fingertips (and in plain view!). Makes me want to get organized... maybe tomorrow. Wink! Thanks for sharing these great ideas. LOVE that Di Ford fabric! Have fun filling them up.

  7. I've seen these projects bags several times, and seeing yours, I now have the desire to make a few. I definitely need to make one for myriad keys that my husband needs for our mountain cabin. Love, love your use of the vintage tea towel! Thanks for sharing the link for directions!

  8. These are wonderful Kyle - using the vintage tea towel was a terrific way to add just a little more interest. I just recently saw another tutorial for these bags so I will compare the two. Not sure that I've ever come across the vinyl but will have to see if I can source some - this could be SO addictive!

  9. Love the project bag using the tea towel - great idea. I've been doing blackwork lately. It is very addictive.

  10. What a great way to use a vintage tea towel! I have tons of that sort of thing around because a friend gave me a Rubbermaid bin full from her mom's house. How did you find sewing on the vinyl? I was afraid my sewing machine would not take to it so I made mine using that netting stuff from the Annie company in place of the vinyl. It worked out pretty well except the bags are more floppy than they would be with vinyl.

  11. Oh, I agree...they are addicting. I have only made 3. I must say that the vintage tea towel one is my favorite. I wouldn't want to put anything in the bag though. It would cover it up...LOL!

  12. I’m going to check out the tutorial. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. These are adorable, and I am gob-smacked that you have made 20! Though I used to put zippers in clothing ALL the time, since I quit making clothes I am like Sherrill--I run the other way. At a retreat I went to a few years ago they gave us a kit for a bag something like this--everything included, even the clear vinyl and the zipper. Mine is still in kit form. :)
    Thank you for offering to share. I LOVE project bags, I just don't want to be the one to make them.
    And the one you made from the vintage linen is really special, Kyle!

  14. I love the bags and was inspired by the tea towel bag. I have so many old linens and am always on the lookout for clever uses for them. The ads! Suzanne in Kzoo

  15. Hate auto correct. The ads = thanks! Suzanne

  16. These look great Kyle! Enjoy using them too.

  17. So glad you have the initiative to get going on these! I've thought about making myself a bag or two... just never followed through! So....of COURSE, I'd love a chance to win one of YOURS! :-)

  18. Your bags turned out really cute. You can never have enough bags right?

  19. I love your bags! I do find it refreshing to every once in a while take a break from quilt making and make bags, placemats, table runners, potholders, etc. Something that can be finished quickly and is functional! I might be ready for that myself soon🙂.

  20. Wow! You are definitely on a roll! Love these sweet little bags to fill with all kinds of projects. The tea towel is my favorite :) It's fun to do something different once in a while. Great project!

  21. That's productive. I would love to see some of your x stitching projects. I have a Santa that absolutely deserves finishing, just to find the mojo!

  22. Looks like you have been really bitten by the bug! Your zipper pouches look lovely.
    Great way to store and keep track of your projects.

  23. Kyle, love the bags. I can see these being used for more than cross stitch. Thanks for the share of information and where to get patterns and parts. Love the fabric combos you've made and the one with the tea towel is too sweet.


  24. Wow these are just great. Count me in for the drawing! these looks like cute and especially useful project bags. That vintage tea towel bag is so so charming.
    Love those colorful zippers.

  25. I love your bags! The vinyl sides are great!

  26. I'm becoming obsessed with using vintage tea towels, pillowcases, etc. to make bags, yours is super cute. Thanks for doing a drawing.

  27. I haven't hopped on the cross stitch wagon again but I certainly have enough other projects that would fit nicely in one of these bags. Thanks for sharing.