Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Gift Beyond Words

A long time ago
a friend and I
decided we needed to become hookers.
I know your mind drifted over to the
naughty side,
but in this case,
we're talking rug hookers.

We took a wonderful weekend class,
practiced the basics,
 bought a neat kit,
upgraded tools and frame....

And then I came home.....

Basically, that was the beginning
and ending of my hooking career.

I love the textures, the designs,
and even the process, 
but knew deep down I couldn't add another
art form to my already overloaded days.

I had meet a new online friend, Gayle,  
Now she is a dedicated rug hooker and
does beautiful original pieces of art.
Well, we struck a deal and my
hooking supplies were added to
her supplies.
I know they live happily there.

A couple of weeks ago a
wonderful package arrived and it 
was from Gayle.

This is what she had sent me.
A beautiful hooked table runner.

I truly couldn't believe it.
Gayle used a pattern from Norma Whaley
as her inspiration.

Then used her awesome talent
to create this wonderful folk art holiday runner.

Her kindness, generosity, creativity
have left me speechless. 

Gayle, I might just be inspired to
look into hooking again....someday!
Thank You!

Until Next Time-


  1. What a beautiful gift! I love hooked rugs and can relate to your wanting to become a "hooker." Like you I've also been there and done that. Still have a piece I started 20 years ago and every year I say I'm going to finish it. Enjoy your table runner :)

  2. WOW!! What a truly wonderful gift!! You two were meant to be together! It is stunning!

  3. What a great present! I am the same as you love it, but don't have enough time! Priorities! Quilting!

  4. I saw that rug piece on her blog as she created and finished it. A good home for it. I have a few rug hooking supplies but just can't find the time to get a good start on how to do it.

  5. So many crafts, so little time! I had a similar experience with rug braiding - finished off a partially done one gifted to me by a retired friend, but that was the end of it. Your table runner is a precious beautiful gift!

  6. What an awesome gift!! I have tried to do needle-punch - I bought the supplies, patterns. Love the look and the designs.... just don't have the time. Congrats on finding a new home for your rug hooking supplies

  7. What a beautiful gift!
    Needle artists of all kinds are the most thoughtful AND appreciative.
    Congratulations on your new Treasure.

  8. This doesn't surprise me at all--Gayle truly is a sweetheart! I know your supplies have found a good home, and so has her recently completed table runner. A win for both of you!

  9. What a treasure you received! From the sound of it - many of us share exactly the same thoughts! My own attempt is a half completed (or unfinished!) log cabin/willow tree design. It has been in a box taunting me for too long. You are right - just not enough hours and way too many beautiful projects trying to pull us in different directions. Enjoy your beautiful hooked runner!

  10. Beautiful gift. I too started to hook, but my rug is just sitting in the cupboard waiting for someone to show me how to finish the edge. Not many hookers here, but one day I might youtube it and get it done. Its hard to have a foot in both camps, but Gayle does such beautiful work in both.

  11. What a beautiful and truly special gift! I bet Gayle hooked extra love in each piece because she was making it for you. I'm always attracted to the wonderful folk designs and texture of hooked rugs.

  12. Ahh, sweet story and awesome friend. Who knows you might just become a (rug) hooker one day

  13. What an amazing gift! It looks beautiful! I've often thought about trying hooking. My grandma made such gorgeous rugs - with beautiful big roses on them. My mom remembers she would even use old underwear to make them - lol! But I'm sure it would cut into my quilting time and I surely can't have that :0)

  14. What a wonderful surprise! I love hooked rugs, but like you, I have to make some choices with my time. Now you have both! I've visited Gayle's blog before, and her guild's blog is full of nice things too. Worth a look. :D

  15. Wow Kyle - Your photos of the rug make it look really spectacular! LOL I loved reading all the comments about how many people have done what you did - buying supplies to start and then getting stuck - sounds like you have lots of company, huh? Anyway, I'm so glad you like it - and aren't you impressed that I put a real label on it? (smile) Just like quilting, I rarely remember to do that part. Thanks for sending me your frame - it is used OFTEN!

  16. Your supplies had found a good home and then what a beautiful surprise! It is a table runner to be treasured forever. Hugs

  17. What a Generous gift !!! WOW! SO Gorgeous !!!!
    A true work of Art. SO sweet of her to make this for you

  18. What a beautiful gift. Gayle is so talented. Hugs

  19. What a sweet thing to do - and it's so beautiful! blessings, marlene

  20. I've been meaning to start a rug hooking project for the last 5 years and never get around to it, so seeing yours here has really peaked my interest. It's gorgeous!

  21. I've been following Gayle for a while and find her work to be so beautiful! Like you, I bought the hooking supplies, took a class, amassed wool strips, made the class sample and never touched it again. I am hoping to get back to it some day--like I was going to do with spinning my own wool--that's not happening either!

  22. What an incredible gift. I love hooked rugs. I made a tiny one and that was it for me, so I admire people who can make large pieces.
    It looks wonderful on your table with the accessories.