Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Mini and Moth Mayhem

Here it is the end of May. 
A May different from any 
other that we may have 
           ever experienced. 

"Six Feet Apart"
17" x 27"

My May mini
is simple, 
somewhat somber,
yet with a sense of order
with blue backgrounds for hope.

The 4 patch blocks
are from my Leaders and Enders
endless sewing.

Hopefully, we've all been following
the social distancing directives
to keep everyone safe and healthy.

 Even the Playmobile people
are in accordance.

My May mini is linked up with 
the other mini makers who
keep coming up with unique and 
wonderful ideas each  month.
Check out what's being created.

The other May Happening,
like we need anything else
here in Colorado,
is the invasion of the Miller Moth!

They are the migrating adult moth
of the army cutworm.
These dusty, pesky moths
migrate from the prairie to 
the mountains to spend the summer.,
lucky them.

We have been inundated by 
an extra large invasion of  these 
nuisance pests this late spring. 
We have placed
swatters in strategic places around the house.
Each day and night
we find ourselves on moth patrol.
I don't know how they get in, but 
they do!!!!
One even had the audacity
to hide inside my sewing machine.
I screamed pretty loud when he
flew out into my face.
So gross.
I'll spare you having to look
or hear anymore about them.

I wanted to share a couple photos
my daughter who is a first grade teacher
sent me last week.

She was allowed back into her classroom since
leaving for spring break back in March.

She said it was like entering a time warp.
Everything the way she left it 11 weeks ago.
Very weird. 

Back to quilting-
If you need to
get your quilting mojo back,
join us in June sharing your
 monthly mini!

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh Kyle, this one is truly sensational. The name and the sentiment could not be more perfect. I feel that I am one of the lucky ones. Two of my grandchildren are in my circle of safety and I am forever grateful for that. We are being more careful than ever as Maine starts opening up to tourists and summer residents. They are required by our Governor to self quarantine for 14 days, but I know there is no way to police this. Many of our marina customers come from hot spots in Massachusetts and NY. They are not allowed in our buildings and must wear face masks on the dock. Hope all settles soon. I am so sorry about your moth problem! Dusty moths are indeed disgusting! We have had winter moths for the past two years but luckily they do not come in the house. Hope they leave soon! Thanks for another great mini!

  2. I love your mini. Great fabric choices. Those moths don't look friendly. Hugs

  3. I love your little May Mini, somber yet hopeful as you said. And sweetly old-fashioned with the blue border. We will have our church service in the parking lot for the next few weeks. Hearing via an FM transmitter while remaining in our cars. I hope we can get beyond that very soon.

  4. A beautiful mini with a message of hope and moving forward! Love the blues and the border fabric is spot on. I could handle the moths but the cutworms are what gross me out and the damage they do. (Much prefer appliqueing little moths) We continue here to keep cautious, wearing a mask when out, trying to distance ourselves. The bars opening in Wisconsin recently made national news and were a complete embarrassment to many of us. It is not the image we want to project. And a campground owner to the east of us made the totally absurd requirement that no on was allowed on the premises if they were wearing a mask. It is hard to understand why people can’t be more respectful of each other...

  5. Six Feet Apart is so pretty. All the blues blend so nicely. Good use of Leaders & Enders. Teachers returning to empty classrooms here also. That would be an odd feeling to go back in time like that. Who'd of thunk. Sorry about your ugly flying pests. Hope no more visit your sewing machine.

  6. What a beautiful quilt you made! Love the name of the quilt too!
    Having a moth fly out of my sewing machine would scare the living daylights out of me!

  7. It must have been very strange for your daughter to be back in the classroom. I haven't really been checking my calendars other than scratching off cancelled appointments at the first of each month. Your mini is just charming--love the columns and the print between them and, of course, those blues that set off the four patches! Fortunately we don't have a moth invasion here, but I'm worried about those murder bees that have turned up elsewhere--lol! Our biggest issue is the sticky pine pollen that has covered everything in a yellow haze. I hate it, but it's probably better that a surprise popping out of my sewing machine!

  8. Your May mini is sweet and calming. The blue backgrounds kind of glow - beautiful! I’m sorry to hear about the moths - yikes!

  9. Darling quilt!!
    I'm not a fan of moths! I hate it when they flutter around my head! I bet one flying out of your machine was terrible!

  10. I remember Millers from my childhood. I wonder if they are the moths that go to the mountains and hide under the rocks so the bears that have just woken up can gorge themselves in the spring. Let's hope so! Lovely blue mini -quilt. The different shades of blue really make everything look "at their best".

  11. A very sweet mini quilt once again! I am so impressed you make one a month, I am not very good with deadlines. I don't like moths either but we have tiny marsupials unique to Australia that eat moths, so they have a purpose...but definitely prefer they stay outside to be eaten!

  12. I like that idea - background blue for hope - I guess we are all trying to keep hope in the air right now. I like the title of your mini too. Eeeuw about the moths. At least they don't sting or bite, but ya, gross!

  13. It has been a crazy 11 weeks for sure, no matter how old we will get, we will always remember this. I hope we will look back to it not still living in the 6 ft distance world.
    Your 6 ft distance quilt will be a good reminder too.
    The moths must be horrific! I hope they will be travel further to another place soon!

  14. I love the luminous look of the blues in this month's mini - very soothing! Yuck for having a moth fly out of your sewing machine. Living in the swamp, I'm used to all kinds of flying and crawling bugs, but I've never had one invade my sewing machine!

  15. You come up with the best monthly minis! All those blues look fantastic against the gray-blue bench and I love the name! So appropos! I should start sewing 4-patches just to have a supply on hand :) I hate insects of any kind--yuk! Sorry you have to deal with those awful moths. I would have screamed too if one flew out of my sewing machine. Hope they leave you alone soon!

  16. What a beautiful quilt! I love that there are bright blues in the background of each 4 a clear spring sky!
    Walking into that classroom must have been so emotional...

  17. Your May Mini quilt is adorable. I love the little four patches set on point. I pretty sure I would have done more than scream if a moth flew out of my sewing machine and into my face! Clean up on aisle 9, just saying.

  18. A wonderful mini with a great name to represent the times in which we find ourselves. It is a beautiful little piece. I love those blue backgrounds.
    Nice job with the Playmobil people. My boys loved those!
    I've had those scary moth experiences at times when they fly out at you unexpectedly. Does wonders for the heart rate. But never has come from my sewing machine. We are not having an invasion, either. Sounds awful--so sorry.
    Wow, that must have been eerie for your daughter stepping back into that room. Kind of like entering a home where a loved one has passed. That sounded really morbid. :(

  19. Oh my.... this mini is awesome with this combo of colors !!
    Congratulations Kyle !!
    No invasion of this kind of insect in my town .... brrrr... I think I won't like them !!!

  20. Your mini is lovely. Glad it meets distancing standards. Fun idea.
    Those moths must be amazing. Yes, how do they get in! How long do they hang around. And have you ever had a season without them?
    It must be so odd for your daughter going back into school. It would look very strange. Our schools have started back with only a handful of levels. They will attend for two weeks and then the other grade levels will also return. Of course for us it is the middle of our school year. I have been retired from teaching for 9 years now but still keep in contact with many friends still teaching. They have all said that on-line teaching has been very difficult and are pleased to be getting back into the classroom.
    I hope your daughter enjoys the break and is looking forward to a fresh start.

  21. The toy makers came up with the mask idea pretty fast.
    There is a controversy with teachers here. They say they aren't trained for virtual teaching but many also do not want to be back in classrooms when the new school year starts. There is talk of an exodus of a lot of teachers. With the job market so bad now, hard to understand that.

  22. A wonderful mini for May. I like your striped sashing keeping your four patches six-feet-apart. No moths here, but we sure have had a lot of mosquitos. It must have been surreal for your daughter going back to her classroom. They still don’t know if they will open schools back up here.

  23. Your mini is perfect, not somber at with the cheerful pops of red.:)

  24. This is such a beautiful blue dolly quilt. I say dolly quilt, because it could be enlareged to a full sized quilt. Such a great variety of prints. Love this setting with 4 patches too. wee.
    yikes, those moths sound sort of awful.
    thanks for sharing your daughters must have been surreal and a little eeerie

  25. What a beautiful Mini!! and I am with you - those millers are annoying!!

  26. Love your mini, and I am so sorry about the moths. I just cringed when you said one flew out of your sewing machine. Yikes!

  27. I didn't realize I was so behind in reading your blog! This is another lovely quilt, and it looks like it had a fabulous photo opp on that beautiful bench. I really like the border fabric.