Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Daughter Steps In

 I've stepped away from the computer
for a few days,
and invited my daughter,
to be a guest blogger.
Hope you enjoy her thoughts.
How do you say Happy Father’s Day to one of the key people in your life? 

I think for the three of us girls it is always hard for us to find
 enough words to express our thanks and love to our dad. 
His continuing devotion and support to us as we have grown up 
and stepped out into the world has never lagged.

Even as we have all gotten married, and have new men in our lives, 
no one can ever replace our dad. 

This is never more evident than during home improvement projects!
We love our husbands dearly, but they are still in the learning phase.

Since moving into our first home 3 years ago,
there have seemed to be an endless supply of projects ...
So who do we call?
Daddy of course!
small projects .... helping with the garden 

and big projects .… building us a new front porch

Amazing right?

We all appreciate everything he does for us from
building on our homes to building our character.
He is caring, loving, hardworking and the best father
three girls could ever ask for.

Many years ago


Now he is imparting all of his wisdom and love to the newest generation.

 Sanford and Pa
I know they will love and respect him as much as we do!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Until Next Time-


  1. Thank, Elizabeth for sharing your sweet and kind thoughts.

  2. what a sweet I bet you and your DH will treasure...

  3. This was a great share Elizabeth! Love your new front porch!

  4. Very sweet! We do have the most amazing daddy in the world!