Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Fnishes, Finally

Michelangelo said,
 "Every block of stone has a statue inside it

Rome, 2007

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it"

Awhile ago I gazed at my bag of scraps 
and thought inside that bag there is
a quilt. I just have to find it.

After some inspiration from Lori at
Humble Quilts and her quilt alongs
this is what emerged.

 "Candy Land"
22" x 26"

All those little scraps were just waiting to be sewn together to 
create this design.
I finally got it machine quilted with a diagonal star pattern 

 and then bound.
It's bright and happy.

The second quilt I finished is also
a SAL (sew along) from Humble quilts.
It's been sewn together, but waiting for
quilting inspiration.

 "Humble Abundance"
30" x 42"

It started out as one block.
Then two...
And finally six.
 I knew it wasn't finished until then.

It's machine quilted in the ditch
and I did feathers in the borders,
which don't show up,

except on the back,
but it was good to practice them anyway.

Notice the thin strip of fabric on the backing?
That's what happens when you need a yard
of fabric for the backing and
sometime in the past you've cut off a short 2 inch strip.

But it was the perfect fabric for the backing.

There's no difference in looking 
in a bag of scraps
or a pile of fat quarters or
at yardage for a potential quilt.
It's in there, you just have to discover it.

"I saw the angel in the marble and
carved until I set him free."

Until Next Time-


  1. I can see you are getting lots of play time. I was going to make more of the Abundance blocks too but I don't know that it is going to happen. I like the look of the multiple blocks in your quilt.

  2. 2 fabulous scrap quilts Kyle!
    Congratulations on these wonderful finishes.
    I enjoy turning a quilt over and seeing a surprise pieced backing!

  3. Both quilts are gorgeous Kyle. Lori has some great QALs.

  4. They turned out beautifully! I love how bright the first one is

  5. Candy Land is an appropriate name for this very happy quilt!
    I love Abundance in multiple blocks. Lori's patterns are about the only ones I have made as written. I can see it pays to think outside the instructions. : )

  6. That is so true! Michelangelo would be so proud of you! Really darling quilts!

  7. That is so true! Michelangelo would be so proud of you! Really darling quilts!

  8. Your backing has character now! hehe Great quilts. So impressive that the first one came from scraps too. I'm always thrilled to see what can be made from the 'leftovers'.

  9. They are lovely! I especially love the colours in the second quilt - congrats! Great idea to add the strip on the back - it is patchwork after all LOL.

  10. Great finishes and I love the make-do backing!

  11. I love your Humble Abundance quilt! Looks fabulous with multiple blocks.

  12. that's a fabulous way to think about scrap quilting and your little quilts are wonderful.

    i participated in the log cabin QAL but i like yours much better than mine (which btw, remains unquilted). and my abundance is a bit more like the original pattern. i love that you felt so inspired by it that you made more of the blocks and put them together in your own way.

    I've enjoyed my visit to your wonderful blog.