Monday, April 12, 2021

Using a Little Brain Power

 Trying to be efficient with your time

is one way to accomplish more than you 
might have anticipated.
I have spent the last couple weeks trying to do just that.
Have I been successful?
Well, I'm further ahead than I was, so
I guess, that would say I was making progress.

You might remember that I started working
on these Stars Upon Star blocks  about 2 years ago.

The blocks are hand pieced and all 15 stars are done, along 
with half stars and quarter stars.

I staled out when it came to the pieced sashing. 

This photo is Aline Joulin's quilt, Ogeechee, which I first saw
at Houston's International Quilt Festival in 2018.

Why haven't I been able to move forward?
Because I had to figure out the math to make these units! 

Finally, with some brain power, 
 I cut and sewed a practice piece and
much to my surprise, it seems to fit.  

So, in order to be as efficient as I could be
and make some progress,
I began cutting and organizing strips into sets of 5 to be machine pieced 
into sashing units.

It took several days to create 35 different combinations
and then to begin sewing them together.

I'm actually still sewing strips and
then when those are finally done, 
I'll sub cut 1.5" pieces. 

These units are sewn into a staggered pattern to make the 
sashing design.

Even though it gets a bit boring and repetitive to do 
the steps required for the 35 pieces all at the same time,
I find it an efficient approach for me.
I do try and pace myself so, that I don't
go too crazy or crazier than I already am.

We'll see how it all works out.  
Fingers crossed.

Until Next Time-


  1. Would you believe I was thinking of your fabulous star quilt last week and now you've posted an update! Figuring out the math to make things fit is always a challenge but it looks like you've got the pieced sashing all worked out and in 35 different combinations! So beautiful!

  2. I remember seeing these a few years ago and saying "How brave"! I have very little brain power these days so figuring out that sashing is beyond amazing. I cannot wait to watch this one move along. Just gorgeous!

  3. Kyle me quito el sombreo!! gran trabajo, deseando ver como termia.

  4. I’m so excited that you’re making progress again. It’s such a marvellous quilt!!

  5. Oh, I was just thinking about this quilt on the weekend. Still haven't started mine (it has to wait until Minnie is closer to the finish line!) but nice to see that you are making good progress. I might need to check in with you in about 10 years to see what your dimensions are... :D

  6. Oh my, Kyle, this is incredible!! The whole thing leaves me gob-smacked!! The star blocks are beyond my power of construction, and throw in that sashing and I am sitting in your dust, babbling nonsense. You are a wonder, and the quilt is another masterpiece from your hand!!

  7. What a delightful quilt and "so brave" as Wendy said. I'm glad you mustered the courage to figure out the sashing dimensions. It's going to be beautiful. I complain a lot as I working on a time consuming quilt but I forget all about the trouble when it's finished. Don't let anything interrupt your momentum.

  8. What a beautiful and challenging quilt!! Your colors are super as is your workmanship. I admire you for taking it on, especially all that hand piecing of the stars. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this one!

  9. I think sometimes the most mundane sewing turns out to make the quilt spectacular! Good for you for figuring it out!

  10. Whoa! Could you have selected a more difficult pattern? Maybe but dang! I'd take one look and say NO WAY! Your pieced stars are .beautiful and looks like you got the math right on those borders!! Gonna be a beauty.

  11. Your talent and brain power to achieve this masterpiece are amazing, to say the least! This is going to be spectacular, can't wait to see the finished top.

  12. Going to be stunning when all put together. I struggle long strip piecing! Yours looks so straight, not wavy like mine. Cannot wait to see the end result. Will you be making just one block or an entire quilt?

  13. I do remember this incredible quilt project. I thought there was a pattern for this, and I am so impressed that you made your own. It is such a intricate and beautiful design.
    Are making the original size? Wow those seminole borders are really beautiful and your are so perfect!
    This will be a stunning quilt that you'll love forever.

  14. You ARE brave! I would have nixed those sashings ..... but bravo to you for tackling them! I can't wait to see the end result!

  15. What a magnificent quilt. If anyone can do the math and figure it all out, it is you! This is going to be a treasure when it is finished.

  16. I love it when we gather up our courage or mojo or whatever is needed, make a stab at working through the next step, and then it works out well! Yay! Your method is much the same way that I work when it comes to these sorts of borders. Tedious for sure, but no backtracking because things got out of order! Such a gorgeous quilt!

  17. Oh my goodness! So many little pieces! It's going to look fabulous! Sometimes it takes a certain combination of planets, moons and stars to align to get my brain power in the proper gear for innovative piecing... but it can happen! :-)

  18. Wow, that's great that you are working on that sashing! I love the fabrics. You are so organized! I call it "quilt math" and sometimes it's boring and tedious in an almost enjoyable way... and sometimes it's just... difficult. In any case wow, this is going to be one spectacular quilt.

  19. Your star block is excellent! I have long been drawn to the block design you are working on. Your colors are right on for my taste.

  20. What a beautiful quilt! Wonderful accomplishment.

  21. It's funny how complicated-looking blocks seem much simpler when strip pieced. Woo-hoo for figuring out the best approach!

  22. Wow, that is a lot of work involved in the sashing. Yes, thinking smarter will help make efficient use of your time.
    Love the top photo. It reminded me of the days when rules were not as strict and we could squirt children with a hose on a hot days at school. They loved it and no-one minded. Sure has changed.

  23. So far it looks great, beautiful fabrics and colors. Love that pattern but I can imagine it is a challenge to make. Love the picture of the nun cooling of the children. I went to school were nun's teached back in the sixties so it looks familiar to me

  24. Today I was able to get caught up on your blog. I went all the way back to last Thanksgiving (your cross stitch sampler) before I recognized a post. Granted, I'm not great at keeping up with the many blogs I have bookmarked but in this case it was at least partially because my Norton security software had flagged your blog as not secure. Huh. Finally, a few days ago I requested that they reconsider their recommendation and today it has been cleared. Hooray! FYI, not only is your Stars upon Stars an impressive quilt, even if you had been working from a published pattern rather than just a photo, but another older project captured my keen interest: your signatures quilt. What a stunning effort that must have been to get all those requests sent out followed by the joys and disappointments in the responses. I loved the top you assembled from all of them and look forward to the day when that flimsy becomes a finished quilt. Keep on keepin' on.