Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March's Mini

I'm imagining that many us save 
photographs of quilts.
Maybe it's a design we like,
or a color combination that's interesting,
or the quilt just speaks to you.

For my March mini I decided
to take a look at the photos I'd been saving.
I used this quilt
which appears to be from the collection of the 
International Quilt Museum.
(Sometimes it's hard to follow the trail)

 I found the image on Pinterest.

Here's my interpretation.
Rocky Mountain Snow Keeps Fallen
17" x 24"

A couple weekends ago when we had our 
"Big Snow",
I found myself looking for something to do
rather than volunteering to go shovel.
I remembered the quilt photo I had saved,
and began digging in the stash for fabrics. 

I hadn't used many of my stripes and plaids for a while
so it was fun to reconnect with many of my favorites. 

One thing that appealed to me about the original quilt,
besides the use of the color,
was the symmetry of the center.

It has a calming effect and 
a sense of order despite all
 the different fabrics.

Maybe the original quilter had strips
long enough to do the center in that fashion
and then had to piece the remaining rows.

I enjoyed the free use of the fabrics,
just adding pieces as I went. 

I added a little stripe as the binding and
did some hand quilting
down the center of each row.

Some ticking that I had
been saving was perfect for the backing.

It was a fun mini to make for March.

Be sure and check out the other Mini Makers
on Wendy's blog, the Constant Quilter.
It's fascinating and amazing how each participant
creates a unique little quilt each month.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love it! My kind of scrappy wonderfulness!

  2. Ooo I love your mini. I too save photos of quilts that I hope to make one day. Hugs

  3. How absolutely perfect! I love, love, love this quilt. It looks like it was made in 1900. And, yes I have about a thousand photos of antique quilts that I want to make one day. Good for you for actually doing it!

  4. Very sweet! If I ever make a fraction of the quilts I have saved pictures of, I will be happy.

  5. I'd say you pretty much nailed this one. The hand quilting makes it look vintage...love it!

  6. Kyle maravillosa tu colcha ¡¡me encanta todo en ella!!

  7. Oh this quilt needs a dolly and a cradle of its very own! Love the old fashioned vibe and make-do look. Perfect mini!

  8. This turned out really nice. I can see it done as a bed sized quilt too. I backed a larger quilt with ticking and it is so soft. Sweet little quilt!

  9. Soooo wonderful! This type of sewing/quilting is my absolute favorite to do!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. It's so great - you have an enviable stash of plaids, stripes. And you put together such a pleasing arrangement, really a great study of the antique and just the right mix of calming and interesting. Something cozy for your blustery Colorado March;).

  11. What a sweet little quilt! You definitely got the feel of the inspiration quilt.

  12. Excellent interpretation of the original, Kyle. You really nailed it! It does feel very vintage.

  13. Love your March mini - it has an organic feel to it

  14. Wonderful! Now I want to go digging in the plaids and stripes fabric drawer!

  15. You definitely nailed this one. The hand quilting adds such a nice touch. Great fabric choices!

  16. What a perfect interpretation of that litttle antique quilt! (which I also have “saved”). I love the organic look of the piecing and quilting, so hard to achieve. Nice job!

  17. I love this quilt! It's actually one of my faves and is on my list of quilts I'd like to make some day. Your interpretation is wonderful! Great fabric choices and simple quilting make it look so very vintage :) Just like the original!

  18. So adorable! You really captured the 'feel' of the original. Love it!

  19. Your quilt really does look peaceful! Maybe it's the color, or maybe it's the hand quilting... I bet it's nice and soft too! :-)

  20. It is a adorable mini and I am pleased it got you out of shoveling snow!

  21. I love this mini! And how it came about through the inspiration of another quilt!
    Love the hand quilting too!

  22. Yes to looking to saved inspiration pics for current ideas moving forward! There's just so many great ideas to choose from isn't there? lol Your fabrics are very sweet and cozy. Love the look of this one a lot!:)

  23. I think it is Impressive how you find a fun pattern and just the right fabrics each month!

  24. OMG, it's an amazing little quilt - so on target with your inspiration piece.