Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hooked on Bags- February's Monthly Minis

 I have to admit that this
monthly mini took on a slightly different shape
and direction than previous months.

I've been hooked on making
vinyl project bags.
Since I shared my newest obsession 
in an earlier post  (Here, Bag It)
I have been making a few (lots) more.

I am not the originator of the pattern. 
I followed Jen's YouTube video, 
but altered the size to make it just a little bigger.

My friend, Liz, gifted me a few more
vintage towels and I have definelty 
been having fun.

I have been trying to use fabric
from my stash, 
the green is an older Mary Englebreit 
print but worked perfectly with
the colors of the mint plant.
 A trip to the LQS helped
to find just the right fabrics to accent
some of the other embroideries.

I love the little chicks.  
The embroidery is crayon tinted and 
the piece was originally the front of a child size
apron that had been well loved.

Now I want to keep my eyes
open for some more cute vintage embroidered towels
looking for an new job.

But it can also fun to use other
cute fabrics.

Why not use some of my favorite
Dutch fabrics, bright colors,
and big prints.
The possibilities are endless.
I counted and I have 10 more
16" zippers left.
I see more bags in my future.

I'm linking with Wendy and the 
Take a look at what wonderful minis these
fabulous quilters have been 
creating.  I hope I haven't stretch
the definition of mini too much
for February!

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh my, you are on a roll, aren't you? They are wonderful - each and every one!

  2. I love them, and will definitely go to that link to check out how to make those zipper bags!

  3. Taking the monthly mini in an entirely new direction, and giving new purpose to some vintage beauties - perfect!

  4. I like the project bags with the embroidery pieces. Are use still using vinyl with those or substituting the embroidery piece for the vinyl? I can't tell from the pictures. They look totally addicting. What a great way to repurpose old needlework.

  5. Oh my gosh these are so cute! That lemonade glass is calling my name! I'll have to keep an eye out for a vintage piece like that!

  6. Really nice project. Your craftsmanship is so exacting. It must be satisfying to finish a project in a couple of hours. (I need to stop making bed size quilts)

  7. Fabulous fabric choices for those wonderful bags!! I knew I spotted a dutch print in there :) IMHO these absolutely count for monthly minis!

  8. I agree that those bags are addicting! Yours are the best ones I have seen though!

  9. Kyle me gustan tus bolsas ¡¡bonitas todas!!

  10. Wow these are all so beautiful! I love the ones with embroidery.

  11. These work for me as a mini, because they are small and absolutely adorable. I love the way you have used the vintage linens. They look very well made--I would expect nothing less from you. :)

  12. MAN, you have been BUSY on those little zippered bags!! Making good use of cute little embroidered towels that've outlived their original life now going for their 2nd. I think you are now a baggy pro. HA

  13. Beautiful! Love the vintage towel ones!

  14. These are just FABULOUS.
    Where did you get the clear vinyl and zippers?
    The halloween version is just too too cute! You are the project bag queen!

  15. I love your project bags. What a great way to use embroideries. What size do you make yours?

  16. They are all fabulous for this month's minis! Those embroidered vintage linens add so much. Love how you incorporated them into your on-going bag-making project :)

  17. Very cute bags, and they make great gifts. I like the old towels that you used.

  18. Unbelievable! The gift that keeps on giving. Fun to make and fun to fill with a project when done. I adore mine. These little vintage embroideries are just adorable. I know I have some of those hanging around, will have to dig. Thanks for so many wonderful minis!

  19. Wow, you've made quite a collection and the ones using the embroidery are so cute. Now you need to fill them with projects!

  20. Oh my goodness I love these little bags with the embroidery... such lovely treasures!

  21. Oh wow, these are so terrific! Practical and pretty - a great combination. And so original, each one different. The embroidery is the sweetest!

  22. You've definitely been having too much fun! Sure to bring a smile every time you use them!

  23. You really have caught the bug. They are all looking wonderful. A great idea.

  24. Your bags are so adorable--love that you are using those embroideries. I purchased a pattern to make the bags with vinyl fronts, the vinyl, and the Soft and Stable before my surgery, but haven't had a chance to get back to making some. I don't have zippers though--guess I better find a source for those!

  25. These are just darling! I have some old vintage towels that belonged to my grandmother that I should use to make these (if I could get up my nerve--a seamstress I am not :) Thank you for the inspiration!

  26. These are beautiful and great inspiration!

  27. Oh my gosh those tea towels are perfect in those little windows! The only problem is that they are too cute to use! LOL Now you have me thinking about what I can find in my sewing room to use for these fun little bags. I think I had some stitcheries in there somewhere...