Friday, March 19, 2021

Snow and Hearts

Springtime can
take on a very snowy appearance
here in Colorado.

Last weekend we braced ourselves for 

A March blizzard.
2 feet of snow outside my door.
Spring time snow can be different than
winter snow,
very wet and very heavy.
It always looks beautiful outside 

a landscape of white,

but hard on the trees.

  Then reality sets in and it's 
 time to start digging out.

Two days to uncover the driveway, even with a 
snow blower, which was not very happy to be working so hard. 

Stepping out the side door, it took me 5 passes with
the shovel to get down to the driveway.
It was that deep and heavy.
The snow was past my knees.

The piles got pretty high, over 5 feet. We ran out of
places to put the snow!
You can see we're a hearty bunch here,
34 degrees and we were shedding our coats.

The sun has been out for the past few days and
it's beginning to melt.  We have desperately needed the moisture
this snow has brought, remembering the fires we had last summer. 

But while the wind was howling and the snow was blowing
I concentrated on finishing up my next set of donation quilts.

When I was trying to decide what to do next,
a friend gave me several pieces of fabric 
large enough for backings.
This time I chose a pattern based on 
 these two pieces.

Hearts, Red

and Pink

I gathered pink and red fabrics

from the stash and used 
Cluck, Cluck, Sew's free pattern
for making heart blocks in multiple sizes,
which you can find Here.

I made the blocks 6 inches finished and staggered the layout.
Super easy and fun to make.

Red Hearts
41" x 53"

Pink Hearts
Both quilts with flange bindings.

Hopefully, it won't be long before I can give these,
plus the other quilt 
I've already made, away.
For now though, I'm going 
to be concentrating on a few of my own lingering projects.

Snow and hearts, 
that's what the week has been like here.
I know underneath all that snow,
the grass is turning green and spring is on its way.

Until Next Time-


  1. Very sweet donation quilts! And tons of snow! We were in Pagosa during the blizzard, but only got a few inches at our cabin. The mountains got several feet though. Spring has arrived in the are blooming!

  2. These are adorable and whoever receives them will be so happy. What a lovely way to make a set, and the way you swapped one red heart for one pink one really makes them special.

  3. I love your heart quilts. I bet you wish you could give the snow away too. Hugs

  4. Adorable quilts.
    So glad you are blown and shoveled out.
    Happy Spring!

  5. Very sweet quilts, I'm sure they will be loved. Holy that's a lot of spring snow. I knew your area was getting hit, but the driveway photo really shows how much you got. Yes, the parched ground needs the moisture.

  6. What lovely donation quilts! That’s a pile of snow! What a lot of work to dig out. I hope there’s some spring flowers from all that moisture :0)

  7. Your snow is so beautiful! We got so little here this year, I am longing for more (sorry!). I am actually looking forward to Spring for the first time in years as it means getting together outside with friends again. Your heart quilts are adorable. How clever to have one little "rogue" heart in a sea of pink and/or red hearts. And, thank you for the reminder to be better about sharing my donation quilts. It seems they always go out the door before I get a chance to capture them in a photo. I will try to remedy that as I really enjoy seeing yours!

  8. So much work digging out from that much snow! I keep expecting one more bad snow before spring is here for 'real' but so far were doing good. Wonderful that your friend gave you some good backing fabrics! The very best kind of friend.:)

  9. Yes .... a lot of snow in one dump! the snow is melting up here, but we will be expecting more snow at the end of March .... in like a lamb, out like a lion. Your two quilts are adorable!

  10. We are all looking forward to spring, but looking at that beautiful snow makes me long for that much in my backyard. Wich is never going to happen in our country......
    Lovely sweet heart quilts. Have a nice weekend!

  11. OH GOSH!! That SNOW! I would not like that at all! I'm longing for 80, 90 degrees..HA! Do you live near Alycia? She had tall piles like that. Love your sweet little heart quilts. Someone will be so happy to get them. I decided that I was going to work on 4-5 large donation quilts before I tried to get some of my UFO's done. I'm getting close to that goal!

  12. Beautiful snow! This was a year of not much snow in my part of New Hampshire. We could have used the moisture, but it was nice not to have to clear it! Your donation quilts look great and someone will love each one.

  13. Wow, that snow! Good for you to have the moisture it brings, but shoveling and snowblowing all that, not my idea of fun! Love the cute heart quilts, I need to make 2 baby quilt quilts this year, if one of the expected little ones is a girl I'll have to try that heart pattern.

  14. The snow is stunning. Hard to imagine for me as we only get snow at our ski resorts. I can only imagine the work involved in clearing it from the drive.
    Lovely to see you heart quilts. great combinations with the pink and red. They are both delightful.

  15. Oh la laaa... all this snow !! It's hard to imagine that Spring is at the corner....
    I love your heart quilts ! Both !

  16. Love the hearts - you can keep the snow! ;-)
    I worried about my son at work in Denver last Saturday. He said he brought his snowshoes to work so he could walk home - less than a mile. When he got off work at midnight, the streets were already plowed and he was able to walk home easily.

  17. Thank goodness you found some happy fabric to help recover from all of that shoveling! Yeesh! That's a lot of snow! Hopefully this is the last big storm of the season!

  18. That is a LOT of snow to contend with but I enjoyed the landscape photos :) It all looks so peaceful. Your heart quilts are the sweetest and the backing fabrics are perfect! Hope the snow melts soon.

  19. Wow, just wow - a winter wonderland (but with a lot of work involved). I love the photo of you next to the snow mountain! Lovely arrays of pinks and reds - so yummy and the heart quilts are as sweet as can be.

  20. Love the heart quilts--so sweet! The snow is just beautiful, but I'm happy we didn't get any of it--lol!

  21. Wowzer what s lot of snow. It is pretty, but moving it around is a good hard workout!
    Your heart quilt is so sweet. Both charming, but I love love the pink one :)
    I thought of you when I heard about the shooting. I don't know how close that is to you, but how aweful.