Thursday, December 8, 2022

One Last Quilt Before the New Year.

 This story begins with
a sale at a LQS,
impulse buying,
a layer cake,
and a friend's idea.

I really had no business going 
to a quilt shop's sale when I 
didn't NEED anything and
right after my recent big purge.
But, of course,  I went anyway.

It's like going to Target to just look around
and coming out later 
after spending $$$.

This is what I found

This layer cake from Bunny Hill,
"I Believe in Angels."

I very rarely purchase precuts and
I didn't love every fabric that was in the line,
but the shop had the fabrics on the bolt and
I could get some extra yardage for borders.
(See how I rationalized that)

A few weeks earlier a friend had shared a
pattern she had purchased for a simple 16 patch.
We had talked about how occasionally,
we feel the need to make something simple, 
easy and fun.

Well, that's what triggered my impulse buying.
I could certainly come up with a easy plan 
to use this fabric making a simple
holiday quilt.

You know what happened next.
Yes, it was fun, and easy.
I didn't have a pattern so, I was
just winging it.

I Believe in Angels
65" x 82"

The colors in this group were reds,
creams, light blue (not a favorite) and light green.
A more modern holiday color scheme.

The motifs were angle snowmen, bells,
dots, stripes, candy canes and
 florals, (which didn't seem to fit into the holiday mood).

The squares were sewn together very randomly, but
the sashing was all the same.
The green stripe was fun to use.

The pieced sashing seemed to control the 
jumble of the random squares.

My impulse purchases overall created a cute holiday quilt.
Purchasing all of the fabric, though, was quite the shock. $$$.
Something I hadn't done for quite awhile.

My only regret was
 that I didn't have enough of the snowman angle fabric
to cut the top and bottom border so that the angles weren't
running sideways.
That kind of thing drives me crazy.
Oh, well. 
I wasn't about to purchase more fabric.
Despite sideways angel snowmen
I know that someone will find this quilt
warm and comforting after it's quilted
for next year.

Whatever is beautiful,
whatever is meaningful,
whatever brings you happiness,
may it be yours this holiday season.
Happy Holidays.
Until Next Time-


  1. This turned out great. I'm so glad you've just let yourself have fun with this one. Sometimes I just need to sit behind my sewing machine and feed pieces under the 1/4" foot. It doesn't matter how much I get done, when I finish the project, or what I'm going to do with it. I just want to sew. Merry Christmas

  2. Kyle me encanta tu colcha y lo rápido y bonito que haces todos. Felices Fiestas

  3. I love those fabrics, even the blue :) I'd say angels can fly in all directions...or I should say that I BELIEVE that anyway. The quilt is also a very nice size. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Kyle.

  4. I love the fact that you just made this quilt because of the need to sew something simple for the holidays! I'm doing the same thing with something even more simple - one patches. Only difference is mine is entirely from scraps and a bit of yardage. You ended up with a lovely top! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  5. It is amazing what happens when you 'wing' it! Sweet quilt and someone will certainly love it.

  6. I think if we've been quilting for any length of time we have enough in our stash that there really isn't much need of buying more, but that doesn't seem to stop us, does it? A SALE sign is hard to refuse! Your quilt is adorable and you can rest easy that your purchases are not collecting dust on a shelf but are already put to great use. It's lovely.

  7. Oh yes, I absolutely understand the pull of simple, easy and fun once in awhile! This is a very sweet looking holiday quilt! Loving the bright sparky red especially.:)

  8. Very sweet holiday quilt! Yes, sometimes we need those projects that let us accomplish something useful without taxing our brain--especially during a time when there is already so much going on!!

  9. This is a lovely result. I have to agree about doing something a little easier every now and then. This quilt was a great way to use your fabric.

  10. That is a great quick quilt. I wouldn't worry about having all the angels going up and down. The quilt will be seen from different angles. Fabric is definitely pricey nowadays, but if you use it right away, then it is worth the purchase.

  11. Such a fun Christmas quilt! The fabrics are so cheerful I bet you enjoyed sewing it. I especially like the 9 patch cornerstones with the red corners.

  12. So much fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Kyle. I had sticker shock this week buying fabric for a baby quilt. Good thing we all have stash.

  13. What a wonderful and cheerful quilt! I love the non-traditional colors. Happy Holidays!!

  14. I love this happy looking quilt, Kyle! Such fun colors and motifs. It amazes me how you can just whip up something like this so easily. Well done!

  15. It's such a pretty quilt Kyle, I just love it! We've all been in the boat where we've bought fabric we didn't need, but kudos to you for actually using it. Well done!

  16. I am sure this will be a cozy and comfortable quilt next year for someone you love. I like the colors and the more modern look. But you are right, making a quilt is an expensive thing if you have to purchase the fabric these days.

  17. I totally understand the need for "simple sewing" and going with the flow! Your quilt turned out great--and it's quite large, too! The colors and fabrics really came together for a really sweet holiday quilt. Merry Christmas, Kyle!