Monday, June 18, 2012

Old Glory

 Two years ago I went to a 
wonderful antique show in Denver
called "Old Glory."
I've been waiting for another chance to go so
this year I packed up Sanford and Running Man
and we took off.

It was fun, but a visual overload.

There were so many wonderful treasures in every booth.

I wandered for awhile.

 Digging around

and thinking.

 I did walk away with a couple treasures, 
a quilt top that is so patriotic
with it's cadet blues, turkey reds and shirtings.

a sweet blue and white quilt,

another Redmon Picnic basket
I love these for project storage

and a frame.
for the new baby that's due in July

It was a terrific way to spend a morning.
And I quickly spent more than what I had planned.
Sanford and Running Man were great sports and
let me just play all I wanted.

 Until Next Time-


  1. I went a couple times to a big antique fair here in Florida. Now it is quite a drive from where we live and my back could not take all the walking. It reminds me of the one you attended.

    Your red, white, and blue quilt top is what strikes my fancy. Are you going to display it or put it to use otherwise?

  2. You found a few wonderful things!! I tend to be on overload at the antiques shows too.

  3. Oh now I definitely need to know about this show. When, where. And in your 5th photos with the birdcage I can't believe you didn't buy whatever that lovely lacey white creation was! But it looks like you found a lot of wonderful things and rescued a quilt top and quilt. I'm sure whoever made them would be tickled.

  4. Looks like fun; I have been wanting to do some antiquing lately myself.

  5. I LOVE flea markets - great looking quilts.