Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's My DMV Birthday

Some of my blog friends have been celebrating their jubilee birthdays.
 Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her silver jubilee. 
 I just celebrated my silver + jubilee birthday, 
but I think I'll refer to it as  my DMV birthday. 

 My current license expired on Monday.
 So I knew I needed to make the dreaded trip to the DMV. 
The last time it expired I was able to do a mail-in renewal, 
which was so wonderful.
 Yes, my photo was a bit outdated, 
the hairstyle was quite different and the color had changed a little,
 but you could tell it was me. 

So a couple of weeks ago when I was home preparing for our big party, 
I got up early, fixed my hair just right, 
chose the right clothes, 
and said today is the day. 

 I got to the office 20 minutes early and I was still  #27 in line
. I had read that the DMV would only take checks or cash
 so I was prepared for that.
 I didn't remember that you needed two forms of ID. 
 Fortunately, my check worked as the second form.

So as I waited with everyone else,
 I watched the two, yes only two, clerks
 go through the process with each applicant. 
 I tried to figure out which one I would get.
  Neither were friendly, but at least one would laugh occasionally. 
 Probably thinking "these people are a real pain". 

 I ended up with the person who seemed the most light hearted,
 but she seemed so gruff with me.
  I needed to read the line of letters in the vision test.  
I read column 1 and then the letters in the second white box and stopped.
  There weren't any more that I could see. 
 The third box was empty. 

"Go on," she said curtly. 
 " Thats all," I said. 
 "Hump" she sighed. 
 "Cover your left eye and tell me what you see." 
 I did 
and then I could see that there were some letters mysterious hidden in that box,
but heck if I could make them out. 
 "Sorry," I said, 
 "I can see that they're there, but I can't make them out. 
 My contacts are mono vision 
and my right eye is only for close up vision". 
 "Okay," she sighed again with a little more irritation. 
 "I'll pass you anyway". 
 I smiled.

 Then she asked about my hair color. 
 "It says here that it's brown,
 you DO want to change that, don't you?" 

 "Well, I suppose, it is more blond now."
 "Yes", she said, "but I think I will put down Sandy." 
 Is that a color?  
 "Okay",  I said.  
I smiled.

 Then I was sent over to pay and wait to have my picture taken. 
 They took my money, no problem.
  Finally, I was called up for my new photo.  
 "Look here," she said pointing to the big red x. 

I stood there.
 She kept look at the computer monitor. 
 Finally, she yelled across the entire office area, 
"Judy, come take a look at this".
 I think my eyes were open, 
did I have a unexplained light source above my head? 
Why did she need Judy to come look at my picture?
   No explanation.
 She took it again.  
I did smile.  

I can't wait to see what my  photo will look like.
 Now that I'm older, I no longer qualify for a 10 year license.
 I'm on the senior five year plan. 
 Keep smiling anyway. 
Until Next Time-


  1. Oh my, Kyle...bummer :) this is my smile for you! I will renew mine this fall! I hope I pass...I just don't want to take the test or drive for the officer :(!!!!


    XX, Carolyn

  2. A light hearted story for a morning read. I will have to go in for my next license renewal. Everyone in Florida has to as the rules have changed about I.D. verification. You need two forms of I.D. but they have gotten very strict about what kind. A birth certificate has to be a certified certificate. You have to have something that proves your place of residence such as a utility bill. I can't remember all the rules. I know many people get turned away and have to go a second time because they don't have all that is needed.

    I too have mono-vision for my contacts. The last time I took a driver's license vision test, I closed the eye that I use for up close vision and passed the test okay.

    A happy birthday to you. Will you be doing anything special.

  3. Oh no something else that screams " getting older is not for the weak in the knees kinda person" Something to look forward to, glad you survived.

  4. Which DMV office did you go to? Mine's up in January - yikes, winter. Does 60 classify you as old? Do I get another 10 year license? 60 isn't old......or is it? I can't remember....

  5. I had to renew mine last fall. I went to the DMV at about 11:30 on a Friday and there were only 2 people ahead of me! Even with the discussion concerning my mono vision contacts I was out of there in 20 minutes - I'm sure that doesn't happen very often!

  6. Your story is hilarious. I have to go clean house now and I think I'm going to laugh the whole time. Rinda

  7. Happy belated birthday!! A visit to the DMV is always a pain in the rear!!