Friday, October 9, 2020

Second String

Sometimes I think 
that it would be nice to have a fairy
godmother who could wave her magic wand and
"Pouff ".
My quilt was done and ready 
to be enjoyed.

But what would be the fun in that.
The down side would be that
the quilt wouldn't have a story,
or a personal connection.

Earlier in the summer Barbara at 
started  a fun scrappy quilt using 
leftover strips.
Check out her blog because
her quilt is done!

Guess what.
I had leftover strips too!!!
Don't we all? 

The pattern we both used 
is called Interweave, a String Quilt Pattern
 It didn't take long to sew
the 2.5" and 2" strips together
in a random order.  

"Second String"

It's a mish mash of color
and pattern,
I think every leftover was fair game.

Big sections are sewn together.
Randomly sewing the different width strips
makes for less matching.

It's a collage of color!

It's a great quilt to stitch and
recall where and when the fabric was 
 originally used.
It really is an easy quilt of quilt memories.
They're part of a "second string" quilt. 

For now 
it's in the pile to be quilted.
Hopefully, it won't remain there too long.

That magic wand belonging to 
my fairy godmother may not be used
for quilting, but
I wouldn't object to her
using it to clean up after me. 

Until Next Time-


  1. Looks like an easy, stress free way to use up strips! I also wish I had a few elves, but I want them to bind my quilts for me...hehe.

  2. fun and happy quilt. I hope it was a fun trip down fabric memory lane.
    Fabulous vintage photos. When she's finished at your house, send her my way!

  3. Bravo, such a happy quilt and I sure could use a magic wand in my studio ... right now!

  4. Very cool! Scrap quilts are the best, imo. Both yours and Barbara’s are so bright and cheery.

  5. You always write such fun posts. I love your quilt. Hugs

  6. Let me know if that fairy shows up, and send her my way please! LOL
    What a fun strip quilt, I just might have a few strips around here somewhere.

  7. Tadaaaam !! And the quilt was quilted !! :)))))
    Very fun and beautiful strip quilt Kyle !! I love it !!

  8. What a fabulous post and a sensational quilt. I love memory quilts. It is amazing how yours and Barbara's are so different. I you have both inspired me to get busy with the strips that have been lying around my sewing room!

  9. You've made a wonderfully joyful quilt of many colors! I love both yours and Barbara's, same pattern but different vibes. Inspiration!

  10. Love those fairy photos--too fun!
    This is really a great strip user, and it is tempting. Love what you have created from your leftovers.
    I truly don't need another start, but you make it look like such a service to my sewing room to use up the strips and create something wonderful in the process. LOL
    Maybe I will just have to make a not of the pattern for now.

  11. That is really beautiful. I recently saw a video of Maria Shell's work and this technique reminds me of hers. When you find that fairy who cleans, send her over my way!

  12. I really enjoyed looking at all those fabrics! Two of them brought back good memories of my own childhood. The sand buckets and the high-heeled shoes and handbags reminded me of my childhood girlfriend; we played in the sand in Daddy's garden, and we also played dress-up too! Happy memories! I'm sure you have a lot of happy memories cut up and sewed together in that quilt too! It is beautiful, and so special! ---"Love"

  13. I love it! Thanks for sharing the pattern source. I have a big aging eclectic box of quilt back trimmings just waiting for Interweave. It was fun to see Barbara's version too.

  14. Your quilt looks great! Wasn't it fun to make??? Any and all strips work for this pattern and I'm so tempted to make another :) You find the best vintage pics. We could all use a fairy godmother!

  15. Fun times - what a great scrap quilt! (And aren't scrap quilts great memory books?)

  16. Oh, a fairy for cleaning up . . . what a marvelous idea :)

  17. That's a great use of leftovers! Yes...I'd sure love a fairy for cleaning up... :-)

  18. That's a fun one Kyle - it looks like your Fairy Godmother helped get the flimsie to the finish line for you. Great way to use up those odds and ends that in my case seem to just get moved around the sewing room...

  19. What a lovely thought - if you find a fairy who’ll do that can you send her to me too please?

  20. Great way to use those strips. The quilt looks like a lot of fun with the mix of fabrics and colours.

  21. What a fun looking quilt! I love that everything could be included. Just has a happy vibe.:)