Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time to Add Another Quilt on the Bed

The view outside the family room this week
has been cold, gloomy and drizzly.

I guess you have to occasionally expect 
some fall days like this even in Colorado.

So now
I knew it was time.
Time to add another quilt on the bed.

"Timeless Reflections"

90" x 90"

It's not the usual autumn colors,
but the low contrast
between the appliques and background fabric

makes me think of the colors I'm seeing this week.

I started this quilt in 1996 
when I took a  4 block applique class
 from  Terry Clothier Thompson.

My original thought was to use a lighter neutral background,
but Terry convinced me that

this background would create a more interesting effect.
The more I worked on it, the better I liked it.

I appliqued with a technique you
don't see done very often.

I used a simple running stitch
to secure the folded edges.

 I used freezer paper templates
to prep the edges and then used
matching color threads to stitch the appliques.

I need to remember this technique and use it again.
I like how it looks like I quilted
close to the edges.

I filled in the background with
a simple grid using the fabric design
as my guide.

I included quite a bit of 

quilting on the applique pieces as well and

quilted a large cable design in the outer border.

With flannel sheets
and a favorite quilt on the bed,
don't worry,
 I'll be toasty warm.
And yes, it was even snowing yesterday!
Until Next Time-


  1. Kyle, what a gorgeous quilt! I love how you appliqued it, I've never seen that method before. I usually do either needleturn or back basting, depending on what the project calls for. Your quilt is just stunning, I may need something similar in my future!

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt Kyle! And where has this interesting method been hiding?? Love how you accomplished the applique and along the edges. During the time you were making this, I was so into piecing and the word “applique” was not in my vocabulary. When I first saw your photos and that gorgeous bed, I thought you had an antique is just perfect. Dark, gloomy, rainy here for over a week and now temps have dropped and yes, snowing here too...a view of what is to come...oh yes! Flannel sheets!

  3. I love this quilt. Years ago I took a class with Terry Clothier Thompson. She showed us this type of applique. She said she used to do this while flying. You did an excellent job. Hugs

  4. I've not seen this applique technique before, so glad you showed us your gorgeous quilt and all those close-ups. I'm very envious of all those small inner curves that you've appliqued so wonderfully! Someday I'd love to take a class that showed me how to achieve those without frayed edges showing or lumps and bumps. Still quite warm and very humid here but this may be the last day of warm temps for quite awhile. We still haven't had a frost, very unusual, and the peppers are still producing in the garden. Sure can't complain about that!

  5. What a gorgeous quilt!! I love it! I like the look of that applique method - it would be fun to give it a try. Red and green applique with a hint of cheddar, handquilted - it's my favorite kind of quilt :0) We've been sleeping under 2 quilts for weeks already and still have inches of snow on the ground.

  6. I love winter and autumn, a great excuse to stay inside and sew, plus put a quilt on the bed! Love this quilt, never seen an applique with just the four blocks and I really like how striking it is v busy with 40 blocks. You cannot tell from distance that the background is patterned, but appreciate the effect up close. n Great what you can learn from a class.

  7. What a stunning quilt! It looks so nice on your bed. I don't think I've ever seen applique done that way before but why not?? Interesting background fabric and lovely cable quilting, too :)

  8. Kyle que preciosa colcha.¡¡me gusta todo de ella!!
    Nunca antes vi esta puntada de aplicación,
    tengo que experimentar
    gracias por compartir
    hoy desde mi ventana tengo una panorámica muy parecida,
    Dia totalmente otoñal, niebla, lluvia, frío y preciosos colores

  9. This is beyond beautiful! I love the running stitch edge, I have to remember that one too. The colors are glorious!

  10. I'd like to have a quilt like that one to add to the bed. Red, green and cheddar have been on my mind all day. I looked online for those colors in fabric. Hard to decide which ones are the perfect choice.

  11. This quilt is so beautiful Kyle. I love the effect the applique technique has given to the motifs, it does look like you have quilted close to the edge - brilliant!!

  12. Stunning! I love that background! I have never used that applique method but have always found it intriguing. It certainly looks wonderful on this beauty.

  13. Just stunning! Love every stich you did! We are having lovely warm late fall days...... Its going to be colder next week. Enjoy your weekend

  14. It's definitely time to add another quilt to the bed here too! Love this one, and I really like the technique that you used for the appliqué. I don't think I've come across that before.

  15. Oh Kyle!! Be still my beating heart!! This quilt is gorgeous - adore the pattern, love the colours, always wanted to try the appliqué technique, fabulous quilting AND over the appliqué too.....just stunning. If it ever needs a new home......... We’re heading into blue skies, sunshine and warm temps this week and I’ve opted for a lighter quilt on our bed. Snow pictures please! Stay warm x

  16. A lovely traditional quilt indeed done with an appliqué method that I do not recall. Yes, it does look like the pieces were quilted to the quilt. Quilting the pieces is an enhancement. The low volume print for the background was a good choice. Just wondering when you prepped the pieces with freezer paper, did you stitch through the paper or remove the paper prior to sewing the running stitch?

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! That background fabric is perfect to add a subtle interest to the contrast of the large solid appliques! I have a red/green quilt on my stitching bucket list....thank you for the inspiration!

  18. Beautiful quilt, Kyle! Thanks for showing the close-up pictures, it was nice to see the fabric details so the brain registered more than "red and green quilt". I think I have all of Terry Clothier-Thompson's quilt books - but have yet to actually make one. So many quilts, so little time!

  19. Lovely to see you gorgeous quilt. And interesting to learn of the techniques used.
    You seem to have jumped into the colder weather very quickly. I can see why an extra quilt on the bed makes sense.

  20. What a beauty. I really like the background print with it too. Makes it unique. The quilting is wonderful and I do love a cable on a border. I have used this method too but not for a long time. the running stitches look great. Makes the quilt a instant antique if you ask me.
    Snow?? wow. stay warm - I know you will

  21. Oh wow ! What a stunning quilt Kyle !! Love a lot the background fabric !
    I never used this kind of applique but why not ?
    Congratulations for this finish !

  22. Beautiful quilt! I need to do something like this some day. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  23. What a beautiful quilt, Kyle! Just looking at it makes me feel cozy and warm!

  24. Another gorgeous quilt and I do love the background. Our daughter sent us the most beautiful Colorado snow pictures the other day. We are jealous and still suffering through the heat of south FL. One of these days... :)

  25. I guess you are getting tired of hearing how darn amazing you are . . . but the truth always comes out in the end :) You just can't hide talent like yours. This quilt is so beautiful and it looks amazing on your gorgeous bed.
    Stay warm and cozy . . . winter is on it way.
    Connie :)

  26. That's such a beautiful quilt, Kyle! I love how you did the applique--very interesting. I've seen that done in a few older quilts and my have to give it a try someday. Stay warm!

  27. I remember you working on this quilt during my cello lessons! :)

  28. This is gorgeous and I love the technique. You do such beautiful work, whatever style or technique you are using. This quilt would be a dream to sleep under. ;)

  29. What a beautiful quilt! I like the vieuw from .your window too. It must be great to see the color of the leaves change day by day!

  30. This is a gorgeous quilt! I was reading a post on a historical blog and she showed an old quilt where the applique was done in cross stitch. A running stitch is the best idea. So much quicker and easier. I may have to use this technique on my next applique quilt!

  31. What a beautiful heirloom!! I do love the background fabric.