Sunday, October 21, 2018

Riding Into the Wind

Some weeks you feel like
you're riding with the wind,

but there are times when
you're definitely riding into the wind.
Those headwinds can be a challenge,
but maybe there are some strategies to stay upright.

Ignore your Speed.
Instead Focus on the Feeling

Last week I had a fall break.
My grands were back east in NC for a wedding.
"Flower Girl"

So you would have thought 
I could have accomplished a lot,

But I just couldn't get pedaling.

I tried to focus on the good feeling of 
just accomplishing something.

I had previously prepped the last applique shapes
for the last border of my "Sutton Grange" quilt
designed by Di Ford.

They were ready to be glued in place.
And that's what I did.

Now when the wind dies down,

I'll begin to machine applique. 
That's going to be fun.

Drop down a Gear
And Keep a Happy Attitude

Okay, so I knew I wasn't going to cross
off much on my list.

So I looked at that list
and figured out what I could finish 
without getting thrown off balance.

I had the embroidery done
on two Halloween pieces 

Rather than make two small pillows or projects,
I changed direction,
and put them back to back into one pillow.

It was a great solution.

Pompoms make everyone happy and 
make a whimsical finish.

The 3 dimensional flowers

in the pattern can make you smile too.

Last Saturday we drove home from Denver
in a blinding blizzard.
We were driving right into the blowing snow.
It was slow going and dangerous.

But today the sun is shining and those
snow covered mountains in the distance look beautiful.

Wait a day,
and things can be different.
I have a good feeling about this week.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a darling pillow!!! Your border applique is amazing,!

  2. Kyle deliciosa entrada.
    Me ha gustado muchísimo.
    La niña de las flores es una preciosidad ¿nieta?
    Tu almohada preciosa
    Buena semana

  3. Sutton Grange is going to be glorious! That is an amazing border! I understand completely about riding into the wind, something I tend to do way more than I'd like. Fun halloween pillow - I think your grands will love it.

  4. Your Sutton Grange quilt is absolutely fantabulous. Beautiful flower girl. Hugs

  5. Your quilt looks amazing. I really look forward to seeing this one finished. Your granddaughter made a beautiful flower girl.

    My daughter has kept us up to speed on how quickly the weather changes in Denver. Guess you never know what you are going to get...kind of like that everywhere these days.

  6. Those are some extreme changes in your weather. A surprise every day.
    The borders on your quilt look great. Hope you get to do them soon.
    And your idea for the cushion works really well. Lovely way to use both embroideries.
    Maybe you just needed to slow down for a while.

  7. Very cute pillows!
    Love the border applique that you are doing!
    Have a great fall week!

  8. Some weeks are definitely slow pedaling even when you have the time to get things done. I think you accomplished a lot! I love the border on Sutton Grange and your 2-sided pillow for Halloween is so clever. Glad the sun is out after that blinding snow storm. Your flower girl granddaughter is so cute :)

  9. A blizzard! And not even Halloween yet.
    I like the border applique shapes you were getting ready to glue down. Nice big shapes that would be easy to stitch.

  10. Your Sutton's Grange border is lovely! What a fun finish for your Halloween pillow - the Pompon fringe is awesome :0) Your embroidery is beautiful as always. Gorgeous fall picture of the mountains.

  11. What a great proverb! Love the pom pom edging on your pillow. That border is a doozy, very impressed your going to machine applique it. Cannot wait to see the finished flimsy.

  12. Some days just a little achievement can be a lot! Stunning last photo.

  13. Lately I've been feeling as though it's nothing but headwinds, but that can't last forever. I like you approach :). That border is just fantastic - I cannot even imagine sewing it down.

  14. Another very clever post. :)
    Sutton Grange is incredible--what a beautiful border that will be!
    Such a cute seasonal pillow. And speaking of seasons, snow in the Rockies is no respecter of them, right?

  15. The machine applique on your serpentine shapes sounds like it will be an interesting challenge. You go!
    Love the Halloween embroidered pillow and the pompoms are a great finishing touch.
    Wow - hard to believe you've had snow already when we're just starting to see temperatures lower than 80 degrees! The snow-covered mountains do look beautiful, though!

  16. What a wonderful post! We do often get caught up in the "accomplishments" of the day, when sometimes it is just nice to enjoy the quiet. Although I must say it looks like you did "accomplish" quite a bit. Your Sutton Grange is simply gorgeous! Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but your little pillow makes me smile. And, your grand daughter is absolutely adorable! Have a great day.

  17. Oh my goodness, your Di Ford quilt is so amazing. I am just drooling over your applique and the beautiful colors of the quilt! Always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts. Nice to get a finish in even if it's much less complex than that gorgeous quilt! Loved seeing your sweet granddaughter too.:)

  18. Sutton Grange is looking beautiful! Know you must be feeling very accomplished with the progress made. And that 2 sided Halloween pillow is so cute with the added pom pom embellishments.

  19. What nice sentiments and I totally agree. Wait a day or two and your outlook does change.
    I LOVE LOVE your embroidery pillow. How clever to make it two sided. and you are so right - pom poms make everything better.
    what a gorgeous view of the mountains. I haven't been to CO in so many years. I have to go back to get a fix.
    Your prepped border looks pretty - what an amazing quilt project.

  20. Around here we say, if you don't like the weather wait a couple of hours :) It seems to always be changing. Thank goodness the wind changes direction too, because the farm across the road just put truckloads of manure on his hay field and the first day the wind was blowing in our direction . . . not the best air for breathing. That's part of country living, LOL.
    Your quilt is so detailed and is going to be another masterpiece. Do you even have a cue to how very amazing you are? Your creativity and talent blow my mind.
    Happy stitching.
    Connie :)
    P.S. I have always enjoyed the black ad white photos and captions that you add to your blog. I don't know where you find them, but you always find the perfect ones to go with the theme of your posts.

  21. I think your pillow solution was pretty smart and the finish is beautiful! Love the pom pom edging--so cute! I can't wait to see your Di Ford quilt. That border is exquisite!!!

  22. My Bloglovin' reader is so full that it didn't tell me about your post. The days are getting darker and I feel more like hibernating and not being nearly as productive.

    Your Di Ford quilt is incredible, and you are close to a finish. The pillow is really pretty - good idea to make it double sided. Love the pompoms and the raised embroidery.

    By the way, it looks like I'm not the only one who hasn't been sharing the Halloween candy!

  23. Such wisdom...including the pom poms!