Thursday, October 4, 2018

It's a Cover Up

A magician with
his slight of hand tricks

 can cover up
what's actually happening.

So like a quilting magician,
I made my
 applique "irregularities"
vanish before my eyes.

Now you see them

now you don't!

Love the cover up!


Reunion Update

Just wanted to let you know that
no one showed up  at my
50th high school reunion
looking like
the 68 year old Barbie,
that I posted last week.

Instead some long time friends

enjoyed some special time together.

Take the time to reconnect
with a friend or two, and
you'll be glad you did.

Until Next Time-


  1. LOL .... I've used that magic trick many times too. Glad you had a good time at your reunion.

  2. I love your magic trick. I've done a few myself. Glad you had a good time at your reunion. Hugs

  3. I've been known to use that magical trick a time or two also--lol! Glad you had fun at the reunion!

  4. Your appliqué looks beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed your reunion - you look great!

  5. You ARE magic! And I'm glad you had a nice time with your long-time friends. I was curious about Barbie :)

  6. I actually like this pattern better with the centres! Glad you had fun at your reunion!

  7. Kyle te ves maravillosa y feliz con tus jóvenes compañeras!!!
    Tu aplicación esta genial

  8. Your “berries” add even more charm to this applique - not a “cover up” at all - it completes the design! A treasure of a reunion photo with long time friends.

  9. Such magic you can work! :)
    I haven't gone to my class reunions in decades. I have seen the 60 year old Barbies around town. So glad your experience was a good one!

  10. Great cover up!
    Looks like you found some friends from long ago at the reunion!
    We should start doing those reunions here too, it must be so much fun to catch up on eachother's path in life.

  11. Great cover up Kyle, it was the perfect solution. You look lovely and so glad you did find some old friends to laugh over past fun and memories. Cheers Glenda

  12. That's a brilliant magic trick - bravo! Makes all the difference, doesn't it. BTW, too bad that Barbie didn't show for your reunion - would have been great to get real life photos :D. On the other hand, it looks like the friends that really mattered did, and that's what it's all about, isn't it?

  13. I just love circles! They can show up in the most clever places. Great cover up! And happy that you connected with old friends.

  14. What a perfect cover up! That little circle looks like it's part of the original design. Love it! So glad you had a good time at your reunion :)

  15. I guess I am a magician too as I have done that same trick as you.

  16. I am so pleased your reunion went well.
    And well done on the cover up!

  17. Needle and thread magic is the best kind of magic! Glad your reunion went well, although I was really looking forward to pictures of Reunion Barbie!

  18. Very clever, I've used strategic button placement for exactly the same reason :D

  19. Your cover up is perfect.
    great photo and I hope you had a wonderful time visiting with HS friends.