Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Autumn's Song

Autumn leaves
combine all the colors that are my favorites.

Back in May I began working on
a small embroidery pattern by Crabapple Hill Studio.

I had gotten out crayons and

started coloring.
It even traveled with me over the summer.

When the embroidery was finished it
seemed way to big for a pillow.
So it became the center medallion for my
September small quilt.

"Autumn Song"

I added some simple borders
in those wonderful fall colors.

Why not include some beads
rather than make all those french knots
for blackberries.

Keep it simple with some quilting in the ditch

and a leaf motif for the outer border.

Autumn Song is complete and
ready to accompany the changing season.

Another month finished.
Check in with Wendy to see
some other September finishes.

This weekend will be an interesting one for me.
I'm traveling back to my home town in Michigan and
attending my 50th high school reunion.

Good grief!!!
How did that happen.!!

Should be interesting to say the least.
How many people will I recognize from the class of
about 200 kids?
Or even, how many people will recognize me?
I'm sure we have all changed a lot.

We were the class of 1968
and we are forced admit we are all 68.
A special combination that only happens
once every 100 years.

Two of my long time girlfriends,
(nursery school and kindergarten friends)
will be accompanying me, so we have each other
for moral support.

 I saw this recently.

It made me laugh or wonder.
I'll let you know if Barbie shows up!

Until Next Time-


  1. Lovely stitchery and thank you for the laugh!! Have a fun time.

  2. Your autumn stitchery is lovely and those beads were a great idea. Have fun at your reunion and count how many people you actually recognize before they have to tell you their name.

  3. What a great idea to turn your embroidered piece into this month's little quilt! It is just the sweetest :) Have fun at your reunion. Barbie made me laugh, too!

  4. Lovely piece and enjoy the reunion, sounds like fun.

  5. I have been itching to try some coloring on fabric. Have done it in the past but not for a long, long time. I would want to get one of those little boxes of just white crayons as I have heard it is good to use white as a base first. And I would need a new box of regular crayons too.

    In August, I visited two of my classmates. We grew up together. I figured we had known each other about 68 years or more. Fun to catch up.

  6. You September quilt is just so beautiful!! Have fun at the reunion!!!

  7. Kyle que bonito trabajo!!
    suena divertido ese encuentro
    esperamos foto de Barbie

  8. What a sweet autumn mini, and I love your borders, gold, butterscotch and chocolate! Sixty-eight and the 50th reunion have long since passed me by, you're still young! Proof? You're still dreaming of Barbies, lol!

  9. You look just as you did in high school Kyle!! See you Friday!! WOOT!!!!

  10. Weren't you in band with me?? Flute? Piccolo?

  11. Your little autumn quilt is so pretty! The embroidery and the choice of fabric, just lovely!
    I love the colors of fall that are so pretty in some parts of your country. I will be able to enjoy some of it again next month.
    Hope you will have a wonderful time in your hometown and school reunion. Hope you will tell us all about it in your next post.

  12. I love your little quilt! Makes me want to get out my Crayolas and try that again sometime. There probably will be someone you don't recognize at your reunion, but I know you will have a wonderful time. My Class of '56 always does, and we still get together every year now! Of course, there's not as many left now as in the past. ---"Love"

  13. tooo funny....glad to see that even barbie is susceptible to 50th was last year....can it even be possible????

  14. Your wall hanging is very sweet, what a great way to celebrate the season.

  15. Oh my goodness, Barbie at her reunion is just priceless! So hilarious. Your hand work is looking beautiful. Perfect for this time of year!

  16. What a pretty little fall quilt! Your embroidery is lovely and the hst border is perfect. Have fun at your reunion! Barbie is laugh out loud funny.

  17. That Barbie pic is hilarious! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh. Sweet autumn quilt. Enjoy your autumnal colours while I’m enjoying spring ones.

  18. Your Autumn Song mini is beautiful. I love the beads and the interesting borders. I have a tendency to add just plain boring borders to everything.

    Poor Barbie. I can't wait to see if she really shows up.

  19. It is a gorgeous design and the colours are lovely. Beautiful stitching again. It has turned into a lovely quilt.
    Have fun at your reunion. You may be surprised at how many you know.

  20. Your new mini is beautiful and very original ! Congratulations !
    I laughed a lot when I discovered the Barbie... :))) OMG !
    I wish you a wonderful reunion with your highschool friend ! So fun !

  21. I just love your September quilt. Crabapple patterns are just gorgeous and I love your version.

  22. What a fabulous use of the wonderful embroidered piece. I especially love the fussy cut inner border! I love it. And, congratulations on your 50th reunion! I know you will have a ball! I'm posting my September mini this morning and will link yours. What fun!

  23. Be still my heart . . . I love your work, your stitching is so pretty.
    Barbie made me laugh, too!
    Have a sweet weekend,
    Connie :)

  24. Oh your fall quilt is charming. I love the bead detail, and I'm with you on those french knots. I can make them, but I don't like to, ha ha. The HST frame it wonderfully and the quilting is just right.
    Have a great time with your friends at the reunion. that Barbie photo - OMG I laughed out loud.

  25. Love your little mini—Crabapple Hill designs are my favorite embroideries. I’m a class of ‘68 too, but still 67 for another 10 days or so—lol! I hope there aren’t too many Barbies at the reunion!

  26. Oh my - Dear Barbie has taken on a new look...what a hoot! Have a grand reunion and betting you will see more fall colors in Michigan - they will echo your sweet September mini.

  27. Autumn Song looks wonderful - I love that you used beads for the berries! Hope your reunion is a memorable experience!