Thursday, September 20, 2018

Embroidered Hearts

It was time to gaze into my crystal ball

to see if I was ever going to finish my

The crystal ball revealed that
the embroidery had been done for awhile.

The individual wool hearts

were complicated and a delight to work on.

Lots of time, 
a wide variety of thread sizes and colors
and lots of different stitches.

What small woolly wonders.

But that was all in the past.
So what did the future show.

It showed the part 
that always seems to trip me up,
making it into a bag with a zipper.

I needed to adapt the pattern 
because the wool I used for the bag
was a bit heavy.
It would be too thick to stitch
the zipper the traditional way.

Because the wool felted so nicely,
I stitched the raw edge right up next to the zip.
Adapted the lining too and 
Wow!  The future was actually looking good.

The bag was finished.

It stitched up fairly easily.
It stitched almost perfectly.

Could my future hold more bags?
Not anytime too soon.
Until Next Time-


  1. Those hearts are totally adorable, each one is a small wonder. So many different stitches! Beautifully done.

  2. Your hearts are sooo beautiful ! You're a very talented embroiderer ! ;)

  3. LOL--love your final statement!
    But that bag is too, too sweet! Gorgeous stitching on each heart. Such meticulous work! Kudos to you, Kyle. This is a treasure.
    May I join you in the avoidance of making anything zippered? I used to put in zippers all the time when I made my and my children's clothing, but I never loved it. And when I left that behind (when buying ready-made became more economical that sewing), and took up quilting, I thought I had said a "farewell forever" to zippers. I am trying to keep my word. :)

  4. Zippers...the Z word! Makes me freeze right up in panic...So - I could send you my zipper foot attachment because you really know how to put a zipper in and would use it for more than I!! What a darling bag you have made with all those sweet little hearts. Wonderful stitching.
    (I put 2 new zippers in my husband’s favorite work jacket - told him there would not be a third time, buster)

  5. That is a gorgeous finish! Congratulations on conquering that zipper!

  6. Very nice. I checked my crystal said no embroidered bags in my future. Hugs

  7. Very, very lovely ! Did these all come from your imagination ? Beautiful !!

  8. Sweet stitching on your bag, yippee for a happy finish for something you were obviously dreading!

  9. Your little bag reminds me of a box of lovely chocolates! Each little heart a delicious little treat. You did a wonderful job on all the decorative stitches! ( I don’t see any zippers in my future.)

  10. What a lovely pouch! The embroidery embellishment on the hearts is wonderful! I always enjoy the fun photos you find to go with your posts :0)

  11. Kyle tu bolsa es maravillosa ¡¡deliciosa!!
    buen fin de semana

  12. Very cute, now you need to find something to put inside. Then start another one...

  13. I just adore your gorgeous hearts!!! Perfect to use them in this small purse!!

  14. All your work turned out in a really cute little bag! Love the various stitches you used on the hearts.

  15. the bag is a delight! what a good solution with the raw edge on the zipper. I love the lining fabric too.
    You'll enjoy using this pouch. I am quite with you on zippers. I do them, but I don't enjoy the process.
    love love the photos (as always) and your story. Happy Friday

  16. What a lovely heart bag! Your embroidery is phenomenal with all those beautiful yarns and stitches. Great solution to putting in the zipper :) Looks like you'll be enjoying this little bag for a long time!

  17. I love all your beautiful stitches! I have never tried a zipper pouch...your's look perfect.

  18. Too cute for words. How can you think of using it? I would hang it on the wall! Beautiful!

  19. What a happy finish! The embroidery on the hearts is amazing - what fun-looking stitches! Even the lining of the bag makes me smile!

  20. Oh my! You do nice embroidery. I have never taken the time to learn anything but the basic embroidery stitches. I know Sue Spargo uses a lot of decorative embroidery in her patterns and I shy away from them because I know it would be time consuming and a learning curve to deal with.

  21. It's beautiful! Those hearts are just gorgeous! Great finish Kyle!

  22. Oh so lovely .... the hearts are special.

  23. What a sweet little bag! Your stitching is wonderful and even the lining is the perfect finish--great way to do the zipper too! I have so many works in progress that will never get done and have thought about making them into smaller projects. I don't especially enjoy making any kind of bag or even pillows, so it's hard to motivate myself though!

  24. LOL of Laughter such a lovely blog Kyle and you made me smile and laugh plus show some beautiful beautiful wee hearts and some of those stitches would of taken days to do. All very very sweet and a treat to look at up close. Your lining for your bag to me was perfect and now you have a special treasure to give at Christmas time???? Thanks for making me smile and feel good. Cheers Glenda

  25. Beautiful bag, Kyle. I love all the details on the hearts.

  26. I had to laugh because adding zippers puts me off so many things.
    I am impressed that you pushed on and had a great result. Love the little bag and all the beautiful stitching on all those hearts.
    A wonderful finish.