Thursday, September 6, 2018

Christmas or Not?

January seems like such a long time ago.
"The list"
with the quilts that I wanted to make or finish
during the year
was filled with challenges
and high expectations.

One of the projects I was 
going to tackle was this lovely vintage
applique pattern .

I have looked online
for the pattern again, but haven't been able to find it.  Sorry.

My plan was to applique

two blocks each month.

 I decided to try the Aurifil 80 weight thread.

I loved it!
It was lovely to work with.
Very thin, but strong.

Slowly over the months
the pile grew and grew.

By August, the 12 blocks were complete.

Then came the scary part,
trimming the blocks to 18.5".

If you applique, you know 
the importance of cutting your base
bigger than the finished size.

That base can shrink and 
get distorted during the applique process.

Next the three borders were added 
after measuring carefully. (see last weeks blog)

Christmas or Not
 72" x 90"

The blocks are sewn side by side
creating nice open spaces
for some fun and interesting quilting designs.

This one seems to be calling to
be hand quilted.

So I have sent it off to my machine quilter
to baste it for me.
I think I'm done crawling around
on the floor with large quilts.

I'm still considering
what kind of designs to use.

 Red and green makes you immediately think
of Christmas, but not necessarily.
We'll have to see what happens.
Any thoughts?
Christmas or not?
Until Next Time-


  1. That is so beautiful, and hand quilting it will be perfect. Christmas yes, but the lighter shade of green (at least on my monitor) doesn't make it scream Christmas only. To my eyes it will be perfectly wonderful any season of the year.

  2. Ohhhh.... ahhhhh !! You've done a wonderful work and your quilt is beautiful !!
    Hand quilting for me and not Christmas only... it's a quilt you can admire during all the year on your wall !

  3. Oh so lovely! It says Xmas to me. I look forward to seeing what you will be doing with your hand quilting. I need to get a top basted for just that too.

  4. Hand quilting would really be special on this one and while it would make a lovely Christmas quilt, I would find it difficult to put away at the end of the season. It's just beautiful.

  5. Kyle, this turned out gorgeous! Congratulations on the fininshed top, can't wait to see it quilted!

  6. Your quilt is a stunner. I love red and green quilts. Hugs

  7. So very pretty. Could definitely be used for Christmas, but not limited to it. Hand quilting will make it heirloom quality, for sure!
    Don't know what to say about quilt patterns. I think I would have to look at vintage applique quilts to get ideas.

  8. Oh yes - Hand quilting for sure! It is so lovely with all the hand work, I can just see you adding your own stitches to complete this.
    (Each of us in our 2017 fall retreat group made a list of 18 quilts in 2018 - needless to list of completions is not even close!)

  9. Looks beautiful, plenty of room for some beautiful feathers in the background, will look spectacular when hand quilted.

  10. Kyle se ve precioso.
    Verde mi color todo el año.
    Acolchado a mano espectacular!!

  11. will be a real heirloom after you hand quilt it! I'm curious how the machine basting works, have you done it before? Sure sounds easier than crawling around on the floor with safety pins.

  12. Your borders are perfect!!! Gorgeous quilt!!

  13. I love it! Such a pretty top, your applique is beautiful. Good thinking to send it off to a quilter to be basted, I have done the same with the last quilt I hand quilted and it was great, so glad I did that. Once this is hand quilted it really will be an heirloom, I look forward to seeing your progress.

  14. That is a wonderful finish to your quilt top. Well done for keeping on task. Your applique work is lovely. I look forward to seeing it quilted.

  15. Beautiful applique! The colors remind me of Christmas but it is not a must, it is pretty in other season's too!

  16. Congrats on achieving your goal! Your quilt is beautiful and I think it's perfect for any time of year. Lovely applique and thanks for mentioning Aurifil 80. Good idea to have it machine basted which is so much better than crawling around on the floor, lol! Hand quilting will make it an heirloom :)

  17. Beautiful and has the vintage look. Congrats on finishing the top.

  18. Fun and interesting hand quilted designs! I can't wait :0) This beautifully appliqued quilt will be gorgeous with hand quilting!! I admire your consistency - 2 blocks a month - you stuck to your schedule and now have a lovely appliqued top to show for it. Your remark about machine basting reminded me to make an appointment for next week to machine baste my next handquilting project - thanks! I think this quilt will be beautiful to display all through the year.

  19. Well, you can't go wrong with Christmas! This is lovely and whatever you decide for the quilting design, it will be fabulous. Great finish!

  20. Oh my - lovely, lovely, lovely! Kudos for sticking with your plan! You could definitely make it a Christmas quilt with your quilting designs, but I see an antique-inspired red and green quilt, begging for traditional quilting motifs.

  21. Congrats on finishing! Many lists were made in's good to see some folks are achieving their goals! :-) This could certainly fill in where you need a Christmas quilt....but, I see no reason why you can't leave it out all year either....;-)

  22. I haven't any suggestions for how to quilt it...that's a big dilema (read pile) in my sewing room!

  23. Beautiful, beautiful work! Congrats on powering through it.:) No ideas about hand quilting, that usually comes to me after I finally give up and put the quilt into the hoop regardless. lol

  24. Christmas or not? I think it would be a shame to only use a quilt this pretty only during the holidays. As always your work is amazing.

  25. I love this one! Especially the green!

  26. Lovely,lovely. I too think you will know when you start to quilt. Also I don't think Christmas because of the design. I have a question about a quilt from years ago and wondered if I could email it to you! It's a Higón camp flag quilt but I didn't want to put it in these comments? Thx

  27. What a lovely lovely quilt. Good news on the #80 thread. I recently heard they are offering #100 weight too. Maybe have to try it so I can skip the waxing on silk.
    Looking forward to seeing how you decide to hand quilt it. It will be so worth it.
    Oh, I hope that first photo was photoshopped! :)

  28. Kyle your Red and Green quilt is stunning, loved reading about it and how you built it up from one block. It could be a Christmas quilt but it makes a beautiful all year round green and red cuddle quilt, to lovely to be only shown at Christmas. That’s first photo freaked me out, I hope that was trick photographey??? Have just spent an hour going back through your blog I had a. Lovely time. Cheers Glenda.

  29. I could see xmas or a 1940s retro vibe.
    Either is beautiful.
    Enjoy every stitch of the hand quilting.

  30. Gorgeous! So happy you are going to hand quilt... can't wait to see what you do!
    I'd be tempted to make baptist fans because I'm loving them at the moment!