Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Little Love Story

This is a short story of 
love affair that I have had 
with this book and, especially, with
the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt on the cover.

This wonderful book was published 
in 1991 and I'm sure I bought my indigo fabric 
close to that time.

You might remember my story.
 I had bought this.

 Documentaries from Benartex.

When I decided last June to finally begin
this quilt, I quickly discovered I was now
2 yards short!
Some how and some where
I had used some of my dedicated fabric!

I was fortunate to find a Betsy Chutchian
indigo print that would make a great

Now I'm happy to say that my 
Burgoyne Surrounded quilt
is finally finished.

"The Blue Winds of Autumn" 
Burgoyne Surrounded
(Photo taken in the lodge of
The YMCA camp in Estes Park, Colorado)

The two different fabrics
worked out well.

80" x 98"

I guess, 
I'm just a traditionalist
at heart.  I love the simplicity
yet the graphic element,
of a two color quilt.

My long arm quilter,
Kathy, at Hearth & Home,
did a fantastic job.

 I love those feathers.

They show up so well
when the sunlight creates those 
lovely tiny shadows.

I used one of Christopher Wilson-Tate's
fabrics for the backing.

The photo doesn't show it,
but I was able to match the strip perfectly
down the center.  You wouldn't even know it was there.

You might even recall my
humble piecing.

That really is totally me.

As the days click by,
I need to consider what other
quilts are on my "need to make" list.
If I'm like you,
that list is long and continues to grow.
Take care, everyone.
Until Next Time,


  1. Oh, so wonderful! What a treasure you now have.

  2. I've always loved that pattern. Your quilt is stunning!

  3. A glorious quilt! The traditional indigo and white quilts remind me so much of the even earlier overshot coverlets woven by our ancestors.

  4. What a beautiful quilt!! I love it!!

  5. I have that book too! I love this quilt and also your "mistake". It makes it real! What a great pattern.

  6. I made this quilt in 1989 for my son who was on his way to college. I used navy blue pindot and muslin. When he graduated and came home after a master's degree in engineering, the quilt came home with ink and marker stains among the faded fabrics from multiple washings. I also realized I had used different navy blue pindot dye lots as the fabric had faded differently. However, it was a quilt well used and loved. Alas, it finally was totally used up and discarded. Terry in So. Calif.

  7. There is lots to be said about how striking are two-color quilts. Yours is an almost perfect example ;-)

  8. Gorgeous two-color quilt...I love that pattern--it looks challenging to me...lots of seam crossings..;(((
    not my forte, I'm afraid...but you did a beautiful job on this congratulations
    ~ ~ ~ waving to you from afar Julierose ;)))

  9. Just beautiful! I've always have a Burgoyne quilt on my "To Do" list but have never even gotten close to making one. Isn't it great that there are so many great fabrics out here now that if you need a little more of one and can't find it, there's a perfect substitution somewhere. I love using striped fabrics on the backs of quilts --- reminds me of old fashioned ticking!

  10. I have that same book. I love that pattern too! You dod a beautiful job on it! Lovely!

  11. What a gorgeous quilt!! I love it! Congratulations on a wonderful finish. It makes me want to make one.

  12. Amazing traditional pattern, so gorgeous in that deep blue. Those indigos are scrumptious! I see now Primitive Gatherings has released a line of indigos. I'm tempted to buy some, but i have to burn through some more of my stash first. Congratulations on a beautiful finish, Kyle. Well done!

  13. Absolutely positively gorgeous, striking. Congratulations on a great finish!

  14. beautiful....that is also a pattern i've eyed longingly for many the blue and white too...

  15. What a wonderful finish for this wonderful quilt. you know my favorite part is the little oops moment. Gives it personality. The quilting is really lovely.
    Who hunted the big buck? wow he's incredible!
    I have that book too and I think I'll take a spin through it today.

  16. A great finish - and love the backing too!

  17. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! I've never been brave enough to try that pattern. Your fabrics are beautiful, and so is the quilting. Quite a treasure! ---"Love"

  18. Wonderful, wonderful looking quilt! The indigo background is so satisfying. I adore the 'oops' that you left in the quilt. Makes it charming.:)

  19. Beautiful quilt! I love those traditional patterns. And that little ' mistake' is just your signature.

  20. What a stunning quilt! Congratulations. This pattern has always been a favourite of mine. Maybe one day!

  21. What a lovely finish, Kyle! Your blue fabrics worked out just fine and the quilting is beautiful. I love the graphic look of 2-color quilts--so crisp and appealing! Great photo taken at the lodge :)

  22. Kyle maravilloso edredón. Ese pequeño detalle le hace tan personal!!

  23. I have that book and I, too, have loved that particular quilt. Yours is beautiful! I made a Jacobs Ladder quilt years ago and after it was all quilted my daughter spotted a four-patch that was turned around. Sigh. Maybe I will go look at my stack of blue fabrics....

  24. It is hard to tell that you used two different indigo print fabrics in the least in the photos.

    I remember that book and I too was drawn to the same quilt pattern as you though I never made it. Your oops was not noticeable to me looking at the quilt pictures until you pointed it out. If it botheres you (it would not me), you could piece a little four patch and applique it over the one turned the wrong direction. I think it tells a story the way it is now and I would not cover it up.

  25. This is a beautiful quilt, congratulations. I have always loved blue and white quilts and loved this pattern ever since seeing it a few years ago. Unfortunately I tried to make the pattern I saw, which was a mini and it put me off making another..but in hindsight it would be way easier to make it full size....and now I have the time! Hmmm tempting, take care, stay safe.

  26. Gorgeous two color quilt! And I like how she quilted it, too!

  27. It is lovely and worth the wait. The extra fabric has blended perfectly.
    It is a beautiful result.

  28. One of my favorite quilt books as well! Lovely finish - oops and all! Traditional quilts, especially blue and white quilts, are da best!

  29. Such a gorgeous quilt! I hope the love story continues as you devote yourself to your next big adventure.

  30. I'm totally in love with your beautiful quilt. I had planned on making one like it after finishing the Temecula sew along Burgoyne a while back, but never got around to it. I'm very envious that yours is finished! I didn't spot that oopsy and I don't think anyone else would unless they were looking for it. Lovely finish!