Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March's Mini Quilt

I really can't remember if
March came in like a lion or a lamb,
if anyone celebrated St. Patrick's Day, 
if we really had a spring break, or
if National Pi Day was even enjoyed.
The start of the month seems like
a long time ago,  
and here we are, March 31st.

I do know, 
that it's time to hook
and share our Monthly Minis.

"Be Calm and Think Green"
28" x 28"

You might remember that I started this quilt
when my quilt group decided for March's show and tell
we all needed to share a GREEN quilt.

That's when I discovered I had never made 
a predominately green quilt!

No question that
March's mini needed to be GREEN.

The center is a wool applique.

To make life easier,
I did the quilting before
adding the applique pieces.

No starting or
stopping around the pieces that way.

I decided to add a flange with the binding

to repeat that strong magenta color
of the center wool applique.

The good news is that 
now I have a GREEN quilt

and with this March  behind us,
it will be ready and waiting
for the
March show and tell, 
Until Next Time-


  1. So lovely! Smart idea for adding the applique after quilting.

  2. Oh I love, love, love this quilt. It is so beautiful. Great idea about quilting first and then add the applique. Stay safe. Hugs

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Kyle!

  4. This may be my all-time favorite of your monthly minis! There is just something so organic, early-spring earthiness about it that just appeals to my senses. Maybe you need to make more green quilts?!

  5. OOHHH I love this! Great idea to do the quilting first. Is it your own pattern?

  6. I just really, really, really love your quilt...it is perfect for Spring!!!

  7. A very appropriate March mini’s quilt name. The magneta wool flower center pops surrounded by various green fabrics, just like mother nature’s palette. Magneta flange pulls it all together nicely.

  8. It's pretty! I don't think I have a green quilt, either ---- Hmmm. Need to figure out how I want to remedy that. ;D

  9. For some reason, I don't use much green in my quilts either, but you have a real beauty with that one! ---"Love"

  10. Wow, that is such a beautiful green quilt. The addition of the applique' makes it perfect for spring.

  11. Well, you certainly rose to the (green) challenge, Kyle, and ended up with a fabulous quilt! The tiny flange was brilliant, uniting the elements. Excellent!

  12. Such a lovely quilt! The applique in the center is just perfect and the piping adds that extra special touch. Well done on your green quilt challenge. March has definitely been a long, strange month for sure.

  13. Very pretty with all those greens. Alex Anderson did a color Live You Tube program last week. One of the colors she showed samples of was all greens. She was showing how a bridge piece could pull all shades of green together. I have not done a predoniminately green quilt either. I don't think a lot of people do.

  14. And what a lovely green quilt it is too! How clever to add the appliqué after quilting, looks great 👍👏👏

  15. Your green quilt is the essence of spring! Love the wool applique center and that magenta is perfect in the flange binding. Beautiful, Kyle!

  16. What a wonderful green quilt. After reading this I realized actually don't have a really green quilt in my collection. Something to think about.
    Yay - my favorite fence photo :) Love the magenta. Looks perfect on the flange and center area.
    Thanks for being so inspiring! I made the honeybee paper doll. what fun!
    I didn't get one made, but wendy has me on list - I do plan to make one this month.

  17. Clever girl! To do the quilting prior to adding the woolies...your green quilt is perfect for the month of March and the flange binding is such a nice touch.

  18. It is adorable, Kyle! The prefect touch of color in the center. So smart to quilt it before doing the wool applique. Drawing the center color out to the binding that way was brilliant. And I love quilts with chains. This is a real winner! Looks lovely on your table.
    I do have a sprinkle of green minis, but as we like to decorate for St. Patrick's Day (just a wee bit of Irish heritage in our family lines--and hubby lived in Ireland for a time), I could use a few more. This has me thinking. :)

  19. What a fabulous predominantly green quilt! You are a master with this color.:) The applique sets it off beautifully of course and makes it all sing. It's a wonderful finish and one to feel proud of!

  20. Your little green quilt is stunning! I love the magenta pink you used, such a lovely colour and works well with the greens that tend towards olive. I would have never thought to use this colour combination but now itching to! The flange is the perfect finishing touch.

  21. Oh it's just stunning, love it! Really good planning to do the wool applique after the quilting. The fuchsia is perfect contrast with the muted greens. Great idea to add the flange. Those are very pretty pear candles too!

  22. Lovely! Despite the aura of uncertainty during the quilt's creation, I hope it always brings a smile to your face - it has that wonderful "breath of Spring" feeling!

  23. I think you have met the criteria perfectly. This is a delightful quilt.

  24. Beautiful! I love green! It means spring to me and leaves growing on trees again always make me happy!

  25. Your green quilt is delightful! I love the centre applique. All of your scrappy greens go so well together. I wish there was some of that green to be seen around here. The flange is a gorgeous finish.

  26. Kyle me encanta tu colcha verde!!!