Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Perfect Ending

What did I do
this week while self quarantined?
Can you believe it was something 
that I've wanted to do
for the past 33 years!?!


Do you remember 
my last post and my story
about this quilt?

Broken Star
83" x 93"

You'll remember
the one thing I was thinking
about fixing.

The binding was so 
worn and faded after
all of washing abuse 
 the quilt had gone through.

The main reason I had
continually avoided the situation 
was that I really didn't know 
what to do. 

If I changed the fabric
I changed the provenance of a 
documented quilt.
If I didn't do something,
every time I looked at the quilt
it made me sad.

But I've learned that 
sometimes it takes someone else's
thoughts or visions
to see a possible positive solution.

My oldest daughter was recently visiting
and suggested
I should simply turn the binding fabric
inside out. 

Could it be that easy?
Why yes, especially 
with the fabric being a solid.
It had never occurred to me! 

 Jack and I
got the  binding off in record time.

The binding looked so awful.

I soaked that devilish binding once
more for good luck, narrowed 
the width, obviously I use to 
cut it very wide,  and
pressed the inside to the outside.

It was like adding a new fabric, 
but not!

The color was the original color and
the binding was sewn on with
a lot more finesse and skill
than I had 33 years ago!

Putting in that last stitch
felt so liberating and made a sweet
ending to this story.

Lesson learned:  Never say never.
There's always a solution.

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow--so cool! And kudos to your daughter for the light bulb moment. Nice to have someone bring a different perspective to a problem--especially when it is a solution! Looks really good!

  2. Kyle felicidades para tu hija por la brillante idea.
    Felicidades a ti por la preciosa colcha.
    Gracias por compartir

  3. Your daughter is a pretty smart cookie - that's the perfect solution and the quilt looks like you. Bravo!

  4. The perfect answer to your dilemma! Kudos to your daughter, and your own foresight using a solid fabric for the original binding.

  5. What a brilliant idea! Indeed it turned out as beautiful as it was before. Great job; beautiful quilt! ---"Love"

  6. What a genius solution, and your beautiful quilt deserved it! (On a side note, I enjoy the graphics you include in your posts;)

  7. Brilliant! Everybody is happy - quilt maker, blog followers, and quilt documenters!

  8. What a wonderful idea! Now you have extended the life and use of this quilt!

  9. Very Clever Fix and it looks great and preserves this beautiful quilt!
    love your photos :)

  10. What a great idea and you can add this trick to the story.

  11. I love this very happy ending to the story of this amazing quilt! How very clever of your daughter to think of the solution. It looks wonderful and I'm so glad you can enjoy your lovely quilt again :0)

  12. Brilliant! (Give me your daughter's email, I could use her opinion on a cew things ;-))

  13. What a genius idea and it turned out beautifully. Hope you are well and staying safe.

  14. Give that girl a gold star! And you, too! Everyone likes a happy ending.

  15. WOW! That did the trick! Looks wonderful!

  16. I never would've thought of that!! Perfect! And the fact that you made that 33 years ago? WOW!!!

  17. LOL thats a great idea and a awesome result, hats off to your daughter the genius!

  18. I don't know that I wo9uld have thought of turning the binding inside out. Clever.

  19. Perfect! Thanks for the happy news - every smile is important these days!

  20. Such a perfect and simple solution! It looks wonderful.

  21. lol! Never crossed my mind either...looks awesome! :-)

  22. That is the best idea ever! It looks great!

  23. Awesome! I know that feeling of relief and satisfaction to have it done! Good for you.
    Here's to all the old projects and UFO's that we will get done during this quarantine. Maybe the universe is giving a chance to 'catch up'! Stay healthy.

  24. Wow! What a great suggestion for the perfect solution! Looks fantastic!!

  25. I smiled so much when I read this! Yay for a happy ending! Sometimes the best solution is right in front of our eyes and we still can't see it, your daughter is brilliant.:)

  26. What a great result! Love knowing how well this worked!

  27. Brilliant fix Kyle! Sometimes it takes new eyes to see what is possible. Hope you are finding things to keep you busy--I'm getting a lot done!

  28. What a great suggestion! I would have never thought of it either!! Its a beautiful quilt. I hope you are doing well.

  29. I would never have thought of that, that is so clever. It is a beautiful quilt , how wonderful you were able to 'rescue' it like this. Thank you for sharing this 'tip'!
    Stay safe.

  30. What a clever solution! And, I know the label queen will document this solution on the original label- wink!