Friday, March 27, 2020

Making the Best of It!

Well, we made it to the weekend!!!

Miniature Daffodils
blooming in my yard

Each day can be challenging,
readjusting to the new normal,
but I keep trying to focus on the positive.

What have have you been up to?
Working on old projects
or maybe even trying something new?

I've been getting quite the work out,
but the results will be well worth the effort!!

I recently saw a sweet paper doll

"Honey Bee"

that Kathy Schmitz had designed and 
posted  free on her website.
She was encouraging people to share
what they're working on.

I printed "Honey Bee" and put her together.
 She wants to show you what I've been working on
during my "sheltering in place".


For the past couple of weeks I've been stitching
this pattern by Marie-Claude Picon
from her book French Farmhouse.

With the top done,
I  moved my machine to the kitchen table.
I need the extra space 
to spread things out when I machine quilt.

It's a slow process,
but Honey Bee is hopeful that
I'll have it done by next week.


Recently, I found tucked away
on a shelf, a kit for a small wool coin purse
I had purchased in Vancouver, BC in 2014.

After a few struggles,
quite a few changes,
and lots of fuming,

a smiling Honey Bee can show you a
finished coin purse.

My only thoughts are there are
those who can design and
there are those who can write directions!


A continuing project
has been a BOM from
Homestead Hearth for the "The Lewis Coverlet"
designed by Susan Smith.
I'm on the last border so
the end is in sight.

It's a good night time 
TV time project.
Honey Bee is optimistically thinking
that it will be done soon. 


Next week will be filled with 
new opportunities and
 maybe, a few challenges.

Focus on the positive
and keep smiling.

How about making a Honey Bee of your own
and sharing what's happening 
in your little corner.

 Until Next Time-


  1. Pinks and browns on a creamy neutral background, so very yummy! That coin purse is so cute but looks as if it would definitely have a lot of challenges to accomplish. Good for you getting it to the finished state.

  2. Hope you enjoy quilting that beautiful top; it really is special! The little coin purse is very cute too! ---"Love"

  3. With Honey Bee's help, you have been wonderfully productive--even pressing your own grapes? LOL
    Love the pink and brown piece, and that wool coin purse is so cute! I second the comment about some can design and some can write patterns. I have had that thought myself on more than one occasion.
    I look forward to seeing more of the Lewis Coverlet all put together.
    Hang in there--you and your helper, Honey Bee!

  4. Just yesterday, I watched a YT video on dining room/kitchen table machine quilting. It explained how the large surface stabilizes the quilt. It also mentioned that the family members can eat elsewhere..... Honey Bee coordinates perfectly with your French Farmhouse!

  5. Good to see you have plenty to work on.
    Your quilt looks lovely. Good luck with the quilting. A big job.
    Love the little coin purse. That is sweet. A shame it create issues but it looks like you found a way to sort it out.
    I have been getting out a lot of little projects that have been tucked aside and are now finding the light of day. I certainly have plenty to keep me busy.

  6. Three wonderful ways to fill your days (four if you include Honey Bee); the Lewis Coverlet is particularly beautiful. All of the sewing time that I imagined that I would have has been consumed by work but it is the weekend now so it is time to find a needle and thread! Glad to see that you and yours are well.

  7. Honey Bee seems to be keeping you on track and monitoring your progress. What a sweet little friend you have!

  8. Love the colors used for the basket quilt.

  9. I loved seeing your daffodils! Such a pretty quilt top, love the pink and brown together. Having something to support the weight of the quilt really helps with the quilting. The Lewis Coverlet looks like a lovely appliqué project.

  10. Lovely makes and projects on the go

  11. I just picked up the French Farmhouse book when Martingale had their sale--love how your quilt is coming along--so pretty! The Lewis Coverlet is going to be a fun project and I'm sure Honey Bee will keep you at it!

  12. My daffodils are in bloom too. I love looking out in the yard and seeing them smile at me! Love your pink and brown quilt, a favorite color coombination. The little bee is adorable!

  13. Looks like you are making the best of it in these difficult time. So glad we have a hobby that will us from going insane.
    I have finished some things too, just because I found the time!

  14. It looks like you are using your time well. Very cute little coin purse. Pink and brown with stars and flying geese is a winning combination I think. Such a beautiful top - I can't wait to see how you've quilted it :0) That applique must be pretty teeny tiny - love the striped stems.

  15. Thank you, Kyle, for such an uplifting post:) Loved seeing what you've been working on. Your French Farmhouse quilt is lovely, the little coin purse turned out great, and the Lewis Coverlet looks right up my alley! Cute little Honey Bee. Hope to see her again soon!

  16. There is so much cuteness in this post! I love the little honeybee and just printed it. I'll make a blog post tomorrow. You've inspired me once again.
    Your little coin purse is absolutely precious~ I love it.
    The French Farmhouse is a wonderful quilt and the soft color pallet is so appealing.
    pretty applique' aren't striped stems the best?
    stay well

  17. Love that chocolate and pink combo from French Farmhouse - it will be luscious when finished! I can relate to your struggles with the coin purse. I made a fitted mask for my Dear Husband yesterday and I wanted to give up and throw the mask across the room before I finally finagled my own method for completing it. How appropriate you have a Honeybee inspiring your "sewcial distancing" projects!