Friday, November 30, 2012

I Only Have Eyes For You

Everyone has probably had a favorite
toy that was loved unconditionally.
You slept with it,
took in the car,
it was with you throughout the day.

My little guy, Sanford, 
is in love with
a bear,
 that was given to him that
was a promotion for Habitat for Humanity.
To lure Sanford into his bed for a nap,
we take a moment to search for Stanley,
and then, lo  and behold,  
there he is,
 already in bed waiting to snuggle.
It's a great game that continues to work.
Sanford's newest greeting 
is to chew on Stanley's face.
Must be a special guy kind of greeting.
So it became necessary 
to change 
Stanley's eyes.
But neither the bear nor the boy,
seemed to notice or care.
They're still the best of friends.

Until Next Time-


  1. how cute is that!!!! my recommendation find another one of these bears and save it! I did that with a puffalump teddy bear my DD was in love with we never went anywhere with out it.
    when she turned 21 I gave it to her as a christmas present she was beyond thrilled!
    but in your case you may need a new one for a new face!

  2. I had a blanket I carried around as a little one. My parents could not find it one night though they searched and searched. Several days later, it was found way out back in the vegetable garden. They said I was very unhappy while the blanket was missing. I like your post today.

  3. adorable! I love when children cherish old fashioned toys. lovely!

  4. I loved the Raggedy Ann doll my aunt made for me. Stanley looks like a great best buddy.