Monday, November 12, 2012

Send A Little Warmth

 I know many quilters have
already seen 
of Bumble Bean Inc., appeal and drive
 for quilts and blankets for those
who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

I've donated to this group before.
It was easy.
And it made me feel like I was making
a difference in someone's life
with a token of warmth and friendship.

I'm sending this quilt.

54" X 72"

Yes, it is Halloween motif.
But I figure, some kiddo will think that it's fun.

It's was a pattern that was available from Maywood Fabrics
and the fabrics were designed by Bonnie Sullivan.

I made it in 2007 as a store sample and 
it's never been used.

It needed a home.

Check out the information HERE 
if you would like to contribute.

It's a small way to help.
Quilter's have such big hearts.

 Until Next Time-