Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Project Process Plan

Way back in January 
the Quilty Buddies 
embarked on a wonder plan,
The 11 Project Process Plan.

The idea was to choose 11 projects
that had been looming in the depths of each of
our quilting studios and progress them forward.
We each made a list and numbered each project.
Each month a number was drawn and 
that was the item we were suppose to
work on.
It didn't mean you had to finish it,
although, many of us did,
but do  just enough to see that it 
wasn't in the same spot as before.  
Maybe that literally meant moving it from one shelf to another!
Well, out of the eleven things on my list 
I worked on and finished seven.
I liked how this plan worked for me.
It was my own self motivation plan.
I love lists and 
I love crossing things off lists.
So what about the 4 that were left?
I'm not sure if I can rally the Q. Buddies 
to do it again, but I think I will
revisit the list, 
adding and subtracting items
and start again in January. 

Until Next Time-


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome progress! Beautiful quilts and projects!!

  2. Fabulous progress - and what great projects to have on the shelf!

  3. That sounds like the perfect plan to get things accomplished, and it sounds like it worked really well for you. Isn't it so funny how we get sidetracked by new projects? Hard to understand since I still like the ones I abandon for something new.....

  4. Wow, you did great! I'm still working on mine and I'm definitely planning on continuing the progress plan for this coming year (particularly since I didn't make all that much progress this last year)!

  5. Seven out of eleven is pretty darn good! I enjoy lists, too. Need to consider this idea for next year.

  6. what a great idea! I love the fact that there is a random drawing to mix it up. I think 7 out of 11 is great work!!