Monday, August 8, 2022

A little Trip North to Canada

Our bags were packed and
we were ready to go....
Where, you ask?

North of the border and

landing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Calgary is a beautiful city where the 
skyscrapers reach for clear blue Western sky.

And the incredible Canadian Rocky Mountains 
leave the prairie behind and ascend to the clouds.

It's a destination that Running Man and I have 
always wanted to experience.

It's difficult to capture
 the beauty of the surrounding scenery.
It's everywhere.

Snow capped mountain peaks
(even in July)



Unbelievable blue water


Fabulous hotels

The Tauck tour we were on made 
our trip easy and fun with incredible views
around each curve.

Our official mountain holiday began at the Kananaska
Mountain Lodge and some Western hospitality.

From there we traveled to Lake Louise.

We watched the morning sunlight slowly
creep down the mountain and over the glacier
 at the Chateau Lake Louise.


Lake Moraine was unbelievable
 with its tropical blue-green glacial water.

This photo has not been enhanced!

From there we traveled north to Jasper
via the Icefields Parkway

How about getting up close and personal with the 
Athabasca Glacier.

It was freezing and very slippery. 

 I pretty much
stayed in one spot while Running Man kept on going.

The Jasper Park Lodge 

offered great hikes,

 wildlife and 

 deep valleys carved by those glaciers.

One more stop, Banff and the 
Historic Banff Springs Hotel

Complete with bagpipes.

We definitely needed more time
 to explore each location.

The weather was beautiful,

the food was delicious, and

the people warm and friendly.

Ready to pack your bags and go
for a visit?
If you do, you'll have an incredible holiday.

We did!

Until Next Time-



  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! Such beautiful scenery. And to top it all off...a Canadian Mountie!

  2. Many, many years ago, we did a driving tour of Banff, Jasper and the Icefields Pkwy on our way to Kitimat ..... and yes, incredible! So glad you enjoyed the visit.

  3. What gorgeous photos! I would love to go there someday!

  4. I'm glad you had such a great trip! The weather has been fantastic this summer. Your photos are amazing - especially of the sunrise at Lake Louise!

  5. Beautiful photos! I had the good fortune to travel through Banff and Jasper many years ago. Recall seeing Dall sheep right on the highway. Gorgeous country.

  6. Thanks for sharing those great photos! That area of Canada is on my husband’s and my travel “wish list.”😊. It looks especially inviting as we suffer through a several day heat wave!

  7. What an incredible vacation. I’ve never been to Calgary. Your photos are stunning!

  8. Oh, I am happy to see what a great experience you had up North. Isn't it lovely country? My MIL was from Alberta and we made a few trips up over the years to visit family and take in the scenery. My very favorite experience of all was canoeing on Lake Moraine. Only one other canoe on the water, and it was so majestic and serene. We never made it to Jasper and the glacier--but we are headed to Alaska next month and hope to experience a glacier there!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful place, and it looks so refreshing - great to escape the heat!

  10. What a fabulous vacation! Love your photos especially the one of the sunrise! I would be in awe of the scenery at every turn :) Gorgeous!

  11. Breathtaking photos! Months prior to the big shutdown, we visited many of the same sites. No matter which way a person turns, there is gorgeous scenery. The color of the turquoise water is truly beautiful. I have similar photos of the famous Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise taken from the room and across the lake. Lucky you to have seen the sun on the surrounding mountains! Nor was I fortunate to bump into a handsome Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer (wink).

  12. Ohhh Kyle, I love all your photos. Canada is on my list of places I'd like to visit in this life, and your beautiful pictures have reinforced that for me. I can see you're having an amazing time, and I'm loving virtually travelling along with you.

  13. Oh how Marvelous! What incredible scenic photos. I feel I've just been on a mini vacation savoring your post. I'll have to put this on my life list for travel. Loved the moose photo. I've always wanted to see one, but haven't yet.

  14. What a wonderful trip. It all looks amazing!!!

  15. Oh thank you for the wonderful pictures !! I traveled with you with your post !

  16. This is somewhere we've always wanted to travel; your photo journal makes that trip all the more compelling!

  17. Oh, what a wonderful trip you had, Kyle! I've ALWAYS wanted to visit Lake Louise as my grandmother so loved her visit there years and years ago. The landscape looks unbelievably beautiful and your photos are so great! I really do hope to make my way up there some year and will definitely look into doing a Tauck tour--thanks for the recommendation!

  18. These are gorgeous pictures, and look like a wonderful trip. I've been to Canada but mostly to visit relatives. I haven't been to Calgary but it does look like I need to go there!

  19. Oh, I'm so glad that you enjoyed your trip to Alberta - it looks like you had a fabulous time, including a visit with a Mountie! I've been to Banff to ski years ago but have yet to enjoy the view at Lake Louise.