Friday, June 15, 2018

Trimming the Tree

Last week I had a wonderful visit
with my daughter and son-in-law
in the Sunshine State 

despite the weather.

We shopped and played and

enjoyed the local bird life.

Flying time was approximately 4 hours
each direction
and amazingly you can get a lot of stitching done.

Working on a red work embroidery project,
"Trimming the Tree",
made it pretty easy dealing with only 
one floss color.

I loaded 12 needles ahead of time,
put on my sea bands,
and was able to finish the embroidery
on the two flights.

The embroidery is the fun part.


Making it into a pillow seems to 
take more time, at least for me.

I added some buttons and beads
instead of pom poms and french knots.

I made the pillow smaller than what the pattern said.
The piece of red plaid wool I wanted to use
for the scalloped top was smaller than 
what the pattern called for.

Making do!

I actually had enough red ric rac,
red buttons, 
and the kit for covering buttons.

If you haven't covered a button in a while,
you're missing out of some fun.
It's not hard and
you get a great coordinated look.
(The simple things can humor me

Despite the fact the weather
here in Colorado is extremely
hot and very dry

this delightful wintery pattern
is done and ready whenever the 
seasons change again.

I'm hoping my next flight
will go as smoothly.
My stitching is packed
along with my party dress.
Until Next Time-
Au revior


  1. What a cute pillow! Have fun on your next adventure!

  2. Oh, you're much better than me! I had a Crabapple Hill snowman pillow that I finished for this past Christmas, only it had been seven YEARS since I finished the embroidery! Enjoy Paris!

    1. I'm sorry Carolyn. Every time I try and reply to your lovely comments your email bounces back. Send me an email so I have your correct address.

  3. Lovely pillow and it has been years since I covered buttons.

  4. I am glad you finished that gorgeous pillow!! I have the pattern, for someday! was a close call with the flamingo,, glad you are unscathed!

  5. I love how you made good use of boring flying time. Threading those needles ahead of time is a brilliant idea. What a lovely cushion you made!

  6. Your pillow is gorgeous! I love covered buttons - I was just explaining what they were to one of my daughters this week :0) They are a wonderful detail along with the scalloped red wool, the rickrack and the silver beads in the star. I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  7. Your stitchery is gorgeous and it made a very nice pillow.

    Oh how I'll be living vicariously through you, my dear. Don that party dress and dance on.

    Safe travels and happy stitching!

  8. The red buttons are like icing on the cake. A pretty piece. Did working on a winter piece make you feel cooler in Florida?

  9. What a cute pillow you made out of your red work. It will remind you of the nice trip you made. And on to the next one, how exciting. Have a wonderful trip!

  10. Very cute pillow and an excellent use of your time in the air. Have fun on your next trip.

  11. Oh your pillow is so adorable--love the buttons and beads you used too. I think you made pretty good use of your time on the plane!

  12. A delightful creation, and very efficient use of your time.
    Paris is up next, huh? How exciting!

  13. That is such a pretty project and I love the buttons.
    Have a wonderful holiday, I am sure it will be superb!

  14. What a lovely pillow and a great use of your flying time! Love the covered buttons and the red ric rac trim. So sweet :) Happy travels to your next destination!

  15. Lovely result from your time on the flights. Great way to be productive.
    Your cushion embroidery is delightful. Love the covered buttons as well.
    Looks like you have some travel plans!

  16. I LOVE that photo of the flamingo and orange! too cute.
    Not as cute as your pillow - wow talk about over the top cute.!! I haven't covered button in a long time, gives it a great finishing touch.
    the star is sweet too - so many great details.
    have a Fabulous Time Dahling in Paris - oooh lala

  17. I love kitschy Florida stuff - especially flamingos - great pic!
    Cute, cute snowman pillow! It was fun seeing all the different elements (embellished embroidery, covered buttons, rickrack) that went into the finished project.
    Have a grand time in Paris!!

  18. That's a beautiful Christmas pillow - it will be so much fun to pull it out when the holidays roll around. Have a wonderful time in Paris!

  19. Nice trip, but ooh lala!! the next one will be fab! Have a great time. Cute cushion by the way.

  20. Wow you don't waste any time! It's adorable! :) It is very hot here right now where I am in PA and I'd love some snow but I suppose if I want tomatoes later on and flower seeds to grow, I can't have it :)

  21. I am amazed that you could take your stitching on the flight. They are so strict anymore. I've just never tried because I didn't want to take a chance of them taking it away from me. I'm so happy that you are getting out and traveling and having some fun. Cute photo of you with the flamingo, LOL

  22. Darling pillow. The cloth covered buttons are a decorative touch that adds interest. Wise planning to thread the needles prior to the flight. Enjoy your time in Paris ~ a beautiful city.

  23. That is one very large flamingo! Always special to visit the kids and your inflight stitching is really cute. Safe travels and have a grand time in Paree:-)

  24. What a fun project! I love all of your special finishing touches.