Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ready to Go....

With the close of the school year

my weekly Nana duties have ended

for the summer.

That opens up some time to do
some travelling! 

Of course, that requires
getting some stitching ready
to occupy flight times.

I pulled out two 
Crabapple Hill Studio patterns
to prep the embroidery.

Why not work on Christmas
and some redwork.
"Trim the Tree"

I've threaded a dozen needles, collected
the floss and thimble.
I'm ready

 to head off.

The second piece required some crayon coloring.

The areas you want to tint with crayons
first need to be filled in completely 
with a white crayon

This allows the pigment of the
crayon to fill in the weave of the fabric 
and make the color smoother.

Then have fun with the crayons.

Once the color is filled in
simply iron the piece.

The crayon melts 
giving the colored sections a soft 

"Autumn Calls"

tint of color which will be
enhanced with the embroidery. 

Looks like I'm ready.

June's going to be a busy month. 

Until Next Time-


  1. Bon voyage my friend! Enjoy the R&R! Love those big baby eyes, adorable.

  2. All I could think when reading this was Dr. Suess, 'Oh the places you'll go!'. ENJOY!!

  3. You must be going on a trip to visit the Florida daughter. You have fun projects ready for the travel. I noticed that one of the quilts in the Virginia Quilt Museum display is done with crayon. I never would have thought to do that but it looks oh so nice.

  4. Oooo that crayon coloring is so cool. I’ve seen it before but didn’t know about using white first. Happy travels - looks like you are prepared for some good times!

  5. Those are a couple of nice projects you have prepped. Enjoy your trips and safe travels!

  6. A well deserved vacation if you ask me. I wish you lot's of fun and safe travels. The redwork is perfect for traveling!
    Love the coloring you did too.

  7. your travel plans sound very exciting! You are very good with crayons - your fall scene is beautiful with such lovely shading. With embroidery it will be fabulous! I hope you enjoy your stitches and your travels :0) What an adorable grandson.

  8. Oh those sweet faces--I know you will miss them! Love your tinting! Embroidery is so great to take along when traveling and it looks like you have some wonderful places on your agenda--hope it's all wonderful!

  9. I think you have earned a well deserved break and your destinations sound enticing, enjoy.

  10. Oh what adorable grandchildren! It looks like you have some great projects to work on during your travels. Love the crayon one! Enjoy your well-deserved vacation :)

  11. My goodness . . . looks like you are ready for fun. Take lots of pictures, we want to travel with you from our computer chairs. Thanks for the crayon tips . . . I am going to try it and will be looking forward to seeing the piece you colored after it is embroidered :)
    Have a happy and safe vacation.
    Connie :)

  12. How very beautiful your work is!

  13. Sweet grandlittle images - when you return from all your adventures, they will have grown so much. Safe journeys and look forward to hearing about all the places you visit. (And oh ouch...your crayons reminded me of my own Crabapple Hill projects that have been neglected)

  14. Looks like you have some fun trips planned!! Looking forward to some good photos.
    embroidery is the perfect travel project. My friend has done the crayon and embroidery technique. Yours looks great!
    Looks like a oil painting.

  15. oh, and adorable little grands. what beautiful children

  16. Sweet grandchildren! And I thank you for the coloring tutorial. I am not much of an embroiderer, but I love the look of the crayon coloring and I did not know about the white part. Your work is always so lovely. Have a wonderful time with your daughter (well, that is what I am assuming as why would anyone want to go to FL in the summer other wise?) and in Paris!!

  17. Cute projects prepped for what looks like fun adventures ahead!!
    Your grandchildren are so cute!! That hat!!

  18. This looks very exciting. Love your embroidery preparation.
    Have a wonderful time.

  19. safe and happy travels and oh my those grandchildren photos are just adorable!! :)

  20. Have a wonderful time! You'll bring home memories and pretty projects. Can't wait to see the pics of both!

  21. Have a great vacation! I've been thinking I need to add crayons and paint and things like that to my quilting, but haven't done much of that yet. Your pumpkins look fabulous.

  22. Kyle precioso nietos.
    Disfruta de tu viaje y de tu costura.