Monday, January 9, 2012

So Many Choices

Looking for inspiration?
Looking for some fun things to do?

First, I love the list that Cathy G 
over at Orange Sink included in her blog.
Look it over and see what might apply to you.

31 Ways to Stay Creative

1.    Make Lists
2.   Carry a Notebook Everywhere
3.   Try Free Writing
4.   Get Away From the Computer
5.   Quit Beating Yourself Up
6.   Take Breaks
7.    Sing in the Shower
8.   Drink Coffee/Tea
9.   Know Your Roots
10. Listen to New Music
11.  Be Open
12. Surround Yourself with Creative People
13. Get Feedback
14. Collaborate
15. Don’t Give Up
16. Practice, Practice, Practice
17.  Allow Yourself to make Mistakes
18. Go Somewhere New
19. Watch Foreign Films
20.  Count Your Blessings
21. Get Lots of Rest
22.Take Risks
23.   Break the Rules
24.   Do More of What Makes You Happy
25.Don’t Force It
26.  Read a Page of the Dictionary
27. Create a Framework
28. Stop Trying to Be Someone Else’s Perfect
29.  Got an Idea? Write it Down
30.  Clean Your Workspace
31. Finish Something

Need some new movie ideas?
Check out Susan Branch's blog,
There's enough suggestions to keep very busy.
Maybe instead of a book club, organize  some friends to
have a Silver Screen Group and watch old movies.

Want to start a new project?
Join Lori at Humble Quilts, and
join in her quilt a-long on a sweet vintage
little quilt done in double pinks, chrome yellows,
with a bit of brown, navy and red.
It should be fun.

Also Sentimental Stitches and Brenda P. of Dear Jane Fame
are starting a mystery quilt,
"It Just Takes 2."
Check out the details.  It looks like it will be
a great way to make that special red and white quilt.
The first set of blocks are done.  Now
I just have to add the red work embroidery that's
in some of the open areas.

There's so many exciting and interesting things to do.
How can I possibly choose?

I won't choose.
I'm going to do them all
plus a few more!

Until Next Time-


  1. Love the start of the red and white quit!

  2. The red and white will be just perfect with your embroidery. And I love the idea of trying to do them all -

  3. You have been award the Liebster Blogger Award by Julie at It's A Busy Life, go to my blog and read all about it!