Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby and Quilting - deja vu

It's been a very interesting 2 weeks.
A new job can be exciting, challenging, tiring,
and can keep you on your toes.

I feel like I've had this job before.
Granted it was 27 years ago, but it feels like it 
was only yesterday.
But now instead, I get to be the 
But I'm still trying to balance my obligations and
my desire to quilt.

I had forgotten how broken up my day was
going to be.
My little guy is not a good napper, but I have
stayed connected with this.
My I pad, obviously something
that didn't exist way back when I did this job before.

It's helped me talk to friends, listen to music,
and watch all kinds of programs.
Have you watched the first episode of
Why Quilts Matter?
Check it out if you're a member of The Quilt Show.

My music genre has been changed to 
toddler radio, the Itsey Bitsey Spider,
the ants go marching, and the wheels on the bus!
It's funny how the words are still embedded in the 
wrinkles of my brain.

When I did this job a long time ago,
I was very strict about using nap time as quilting time.
So far I've found hand work has been my quilting outlet.
Bindings has been my start and stop
kind of project.
It feel good to grab that needle during the day.
It's my Ahhhh moment.

So I have been sewing, 
learning how to use my I pad,
but mostly giving baby kisses to those sweet baby cheeks.

Until Next Time-


  1. sounds like a mixture of things you love!!

  2. Baby kisses are far better in my book----enjoy

  3. Baby San LOVES his Nana...We are so appreciative for your help and love!! ~Elizabeth

  4. Oh, that just sounds like a lot of fun!