Monday, January 23, 2012

Roseville Update

The Roseville Album Quilt continues
to be my go to project in the evenings.
I haven't gotten to far overall, but
I continue to stitch away bit by bit.

If you haven't seen the whole quilt here it is.
It is a pattern designed by Kim McLean of Australia.

Here are the last two blocks that I had worked on.

All the wiggly bumps along the stem were a challenge as
well as the tiny little flowers.
What am I say?
Each of these blocks is a challenge.

Here's the second block.

That actually makes 5 blocks done.

The circled block is the next one I've got cut out.
Here are the pieces laid out on the pattern sheet.

Unless you pin all those pieces down there's no way
you could keep track.
It gives me a good visual on how
the colors are working together and
if the block looks balanced.

I use a plastic overlay of the pattern for
placement of the applique pieces.
That way I don't mark of the background.

I love those tiny applique pins by Clover.
They're so tiny and better than sequin pins
because the heads are smooth and
prevent the thread from catching and pulling
so that you're not continually
unthreading the needle.
( which can be totally frustrating!)

Now it's down to business.
There is really something peaceful 
about sitting and appliqueing even 
if the pieces are small, very curvy and
there's a bazillion of them.

Until Next Time-


  1. I can see where all those little flowers with the curves and all the bumps would have been a challenge to stitch and take a lot of time. You did well. Your fabric choices are very good. The whole quilt looks very challenging.
    I use those Clover pins too. I sit with a sofa pillow on my lap and the pins stuck in the corner. I sometimes rest the hand holding the applique on the pillow as I work.

  2. It's looking so beautiful! An heirloom project.

  3. Wow are you ambitious! I look at those quilts and just admire the fact that someone has the desire to go to all of that work. I bow to you!

  4. Amazing!! Great blocks!
    I love those tiny pins too.

  5. I love your color choices for this quilt!
    Beautiful work